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Scientism is a religion. The international System of Units are regarded as sacred because for most people they are above scientific inquiry and therefore cannot be proven or disproven.

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What does the Bible say about hell? Is hell biblical? Do you want to know the truth about hell? Many people claim that Hell is the absence of God, but that is not what the Bible says.

If you look up the word Sheol in many Bible translations, you will find that it's often translated as “hell”, however, the modern concept of “hell” does not line up with the Biblical descriptions of Sheol.

The word Sheol occurs sixty-five times in the Hebrew Bible. The King James Bible translates thirty-one of those occurrences as ‘hell’; another thirty-one as ‘grave’, and three occurrences as ‘pit’.

The word “hell” is used approximately fifty-four times in most Bibles, and is translated from several different words including "Sheol," "Hades," "Gehenna," and "Tartarus". All of these words have different meanings and usage in the Scriptures, and their collective translation as "hell" has caused major confusion about death.

The word Hell was derived from the Old English word "helle," and is related to the Old Norse goddess named "Hel". In its original use and etymology, the word Hell literally means "to cover, or conceal," and may have simply referred to the ground covering over the dead person. However, in many pagan cultures, it was believed that Hell (or Hades) was the underworld, and was ruled by the god of the dead.

The more popular modern version of this concept refers to a place of fiery torment, and is understood by many to be the home of Satan and his demons. It's believed that the unrighteous dead go immediately to hell to be tortured in flames for eternity. Many people also believe that Satan and his demons are in charge of actively torturing those damned souls. However, in spite of the fact that none of these ideas can be traced back to the Bible, they remain the popular mainstream view of hell today.

The Bible never says that Satan is in charge of Hell or even that he is currently living there, in fact, the Bible says that Satan will be cast into the lake of fire after the thousand year reign of the Messiah.

The idea that Satan oversees Hell is rooted in the Greek belief in Hades as the god of the underworld. When people say that Satan is in charge of Hell, they are rehearsing pagan mythology, and confessing Satan to be the god of the underworld, and participating in a modern “Christianized” version of the pantheon.

The Bible says that Satan will be bound in the bottomless pit during the thousand year reign of the Messiah, and that he will be released for a short time to deceive the nations before being cast into the lake of fire. The Bible also speaks of fallen angels who were imprisoned in Tartarus to be held for judgment.

The idea that Satan is the god of the underworld comes from various pagan religions including Ancient Egyptian, Babylonian, Greek, Persian, Roman, Germanic, and Celtic mythology, and is completely unbiblical.

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