Action Zealandia members Hector and Zane interview Nullus of the White Art Collective. Topics include Nullus's involvement in the movement and the creativity of those in the Nationalist Movement. Also discussed is the effect of the Hungarian Revolution had on Nullus as well as the topics of American and Hungarian politics.

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Sleepers Dream (feat. Hiraeth)

Action Zealandia members Hector and Zane along with guest RightThoughts and regular contributor Kerry Bolton discuss the RCEP trade agreement and our current political system.

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Action Zealandia

Action Zealandia members Hector, Zane and Joe discuss the topics of the recent US Presidential Elections, Middle Eastern Geopolitics and the announced composition on the New Zealand Parliament

Action Zealandia


Action Zealandia members Hector and Zane along with RightThoughts discuss the recent US presidential Election. Is it their hope for Trump? Or is it just a big cope?

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Action Zealandia members Hector, Zane, Fredrick and Joe discuss the topic of cannabis and euthanasia referendums, the recent NZ general elections, expansion of the SIS and the tragic terror attacks in France.

Music Break

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Action Zealandia members Hector, Zane and Fredrick interview Andreas Johansson of the Nordic Resistance Movement and host of The Nordic Frontier. Topic discussed include the history and Ideology of the Nordic Resistance Movement, the evolution of the Nationalist scene in Sweden and the struggle nationalists face world wide

Nordic Resistance Movement

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Action Zealandia members, Hector, Zane and Fredrick, along with Kerry Bolton discuss the minor and small parties as a part of our comprehensive election rundown

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Action Zealandia members Hector, Gilbert and Zane, along with veteran Nationalist Kerry Bolton discuss the major parties in the lead up to the New Zealand general election.
Join us in part one of our election rundown.

Western Apocalypse Now - Jack Hwyte

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Action Report for September 2020

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Action Zealandia members Hector and Gilbert are joined by fellow kiwi content creator, JChannel. Topics of discussion include opinion polls of the NZ election, the leaders debate and Amy Barrett.



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Action Zealandia members Hector, Gilbert and Zane have a chat with very special guest, Kiz Kardassian. Topics of discussion include the role of women in society, femininity and masculinity, raising children and the effect of the media and the welfare state on traditional family units.

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Action Zealandia members Hector and Gilbert, along with Kerry Bolton discuss the Kyle Rittenhouse case, New Zealand's debt based financial system and Social Credit, the Anti-Lockdown protests and also have a discussion of the merits of the ideology and philosophy of Aleksandr Dugin.

The Lawful Good · Xurious

Action Zealandia Members Interview Gary Raikes, Leader of the New British Union and veteran of British Nationalism. Topic of discussion include the setup and goals of the New British Union and also discussed is Gary's experience in the Nationalist scene and his take on the rise and fall of the BNP.

Action Zealandia members Hector, Fredrick, Zane and Gilbert interview the absolute living legend of British nationalism, Mark Collett. Topics of discussion include the recent White Lives Matter campaign, Marks time in the BNP, the setting up of Patriotic Alternative and the future Nationalist activism and organization.

Action Zealandia is proud to present our movements official anthem - "All Hail Zealandia!". This is one of the first ever recordings of one of New Zealand's first national songs. The vocals to this rendition are done by artist St Friendship.

Action Zealandia members Hector, Fredrick, Zane along with guest Kerry Bolton discus the topics of the Coronavirus lockdown, Beirut explosion, unrest in Belarus and Patriotic Alternative's White Lives Matter campaign

00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:28 Coronavirus and lockdown discussion
00:03:48 Migrants coming to New Zealand
00:08:28 Discussion of Britain and the Commonwealth
00:16:08 Discussion of the Armed Forces, Navy and Fishing Rights
00:22:48 Beirut explosion
00:30:38 Belarus unrest
00:43:12 Music Break
00:45:20 George Floyd bodycam
00:50:35 The state of the New Left
00:58:28 Political parties in New Zealand
01:03:54 White Lives Matter and Patriotic Alternative
01:15:51 Upcoming Election in New Zealand
01:22:37 Outro

Featured Music
out for blood - st. friendship

Action Report for July 2020

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Action Zealandia Members Hector, Fredrick and Gilbert interview special guest, world renowned writer Dr Kerry Bolton. Kerry's involvement within New Zealand nationalism along wit his writing are discussed. Also discussed is the state of The Right in New Zealand and worldwide

Intro: 00:00
Kerry's Involvement in the Nationalist Scene: 00:44
The New Zealand Right and its future: 5:23
Free market shills within the Right: 10:32
Kerry's ideal financial system: 16:45
Anti-Islam and the state of civnats: 22:11
The lemming principle: 26:32
Music break: 34:17
Judith Collins and the election: 37:42
Give nothing to racism ads: 44:13
Hate speech laws: 49:34
Kerry Bolton's writing: 55:58
The Right using The Progressives moral framework: 58:00
Outro: 1:07:28

Kerry Bolton's Website

Featured Music

In an English language first, Action Zealandia members Hector, Fredrick, Gilbert and Micheal interview Francesco Dotro, the English speaking liaison for the newly formed Italian Nationalist Group, La Rete.

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:52 Overview of La Rete
00:14:55 La Reta's Grievances with Forza Nuova
00:23:54 La Reta's 8 Point Program
00:45:38 Grifter Nationalists and Online Circlejerks
00:57:12 Music Break
01:02:30 Preventing Movements becoming Civnat
01:21:01 Philosophy that Influences La Rete
01:24:19 Influence of the Mob in Italy
01:51:03 Importation of Chinese Labour into Italy

Featured Music
Armalec - Against Time [ft Alma Lahar & Hiraeth]

Featuring AZ members Hector and Fredrick and guest Chris McCabe. Topics include Chris's time in the NZ National Front, His time in Britain and a discussion of NZ history taught in schools

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:40 Chris McCabe and the NZ National Front
00:16:35 BLM Discussion and the media
00:42:30 Chris's time in the UK
00:51:22 Teaching the treaty in school, NZ history and Maori Nationalism

Chris's website

Featuring Action Zealandia members Hector, Fredrick, Mike and Gilbert
This episodes discussion of the National Party leadership change, China's Influence in New Zealand, new abortion laws and the tragic murder of young Swedish man, Tommie Lindh

Intro: 00:11
New National Party Leader: 00:38
China Discussion and General Societal Rot: 06:00
Music Break: 35:40
Abortion Law Discussion: 41:20
Tommie Lindh: 56:20

Featured Music
Amid The Ruins 1453 - What We Are

Action Zealandia believes New Zealand should be free itself from our unhealthy relationship with China.
Action Zealandia members hit targets that promote putting Chinese money before the health of our country and people.
Targets include offices of traitorous politicians, media outlets that bend the knee to the CCP and the offices of the Chinese state in New Zealand

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Featuring Action Zealandia members Hector, Fredrick and John.
Today's topics include, Coronavirus level 2, Murder Wasps, Jacinda and Winston Peters, Alexander Dugin and Corneliu Codreanu again

00:00 Intro
00:33 Recap of last episode
05:14 Coronavirus and Murder Wasps
12:50 Economy post Coronavirius
18:53 Labour Party Polling at 55% and the state on Domestic politics '
33:37 Music Break
35:38 Book Review and Disscussion
43:40 Alexander Dugin and The Forth Poltical Theory
57:34 Corneliu Codreanu Revisted

Featuring Action Zealandia members Hector, Fredrick and James

Points of discussion
00:12 Corona virus and New Zealand three weeks into lockdown
35:25 Music Break
40:50 How joining Action Zealandia has effected our individual members

Featured music:
Amalec - Palästinalied v.2

Episode 1 of Voice of Zealandia.
Featuring Action Zealand members Hector, Cicer and Mike.
This weeks points of discussion include the Corona Virus and the ensuing nationwide lock down along with the bill passed in parliament decriminalising abortion.

Featured Music
Synthicide - Tomorrow Belongs to Us - Featuring No White Guilt


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