V░i░d░e░o░g░a░m░e░s░! (キ夜為 泳翁 ヮ 閲き ベう)

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False flagging videos for hurting his feelings. That's rich coming from a guy who got famous for getting falsflagged for publishing a video that has hurt someone's feelings.

Jim is not your fwiend! The real thing will be linked here when its done.
Another version on youtube. Using the hooktube link just to be save.

A mirror as endorsed by the creator of this video himself.

Atheist culture

You know what this website needs? The intro of the 1960s Astroboy TV show!

From a Youtube channel that got nuked during the recent crackdown on everything antiglobalist.

Its real in mind! Yesterday, a wild Vatnik has put a Orthodox Study Bible into my post box and now my radio is playing nothing but hard bass. Pls send the Chinese PLA!


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