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Your phone is sitting there doing nothing… So you think…

Based on your phone handset and your phone number, they can get your identity. What this means; whenever you carry your phone, there is a record of your presence at that place and these are saved FOREVER.

The scary thing is, when you turn your phone off… How do you actually know it’s turned off?
We see how these same technologies are being applied to create what is called the social credit system.

If any of your activities online, your purchases, your associates, if your friends are in any way different from what the Government, or the powers that be of the moment, would like them to be:
❌You are no longer able to purchase train tickets
❌You are no longer able to board an airplane
❌You may not be able to get a passport
❌You may not be eligible for a job.

All of things are increasingly being created and programmed and decided by algorithms. And those algorithms are fuelled by precisely the innocent data that our devices are creating all of the time. Constantly, invisibly, quietly, RIGHT NOW.

What the Government call “Meta Data”, which they say they do not need a warrant to collect.

Anything you can do on that device; the government can do. They can read your email, they can collect every document, they can look at your contact book, they can turn the location services on, they can see anything that is on that phone instantly and send it back home to the mothership. They can do the same with laptops. It’s trivial to turn on a camera or microphone. Anything you can do, they can do.

The number 1 target is the iPhone

The answer you ask? You must move away from Apple, Android and Microsoft.

Time to get a DeGoogled phone and use Linux on your laptop. Both with a good VPN!

🔒 How to be secure and anonymous online:
📲 Buy DeGoogled Phones and Laptops with Linux:

The story of how everyone has a strawman created for them at birth and how it is used to collect revenue for your government.

A fun and informative animation made in the spirit of freedom.

Please spread and upload with credits intact also link back to our channel if you do. Available for download from the creators website: - Has closed since the owner sadly passed away some years ago.

We are subjected to relentless brainwashing and manipulation by the media, but what are the influence tactics that are being used?

How easy is it to manipulate what people think?

Is it possible to shape what people believe?

Could we possibly be influenced to take certain actions? 

Can our emotions intentionally be triggered or used against us?

Check out this interview with David Charalambous from the organisation Reaching People. David is an expert in NLP, the art of negotiation and tools of persuasion and he is dedicated to helping us better reach people with our messages and also understand the tools that have been used to manipulate us. In this interview we explore the core influence factors that we are subjected to in order to help us spot when we are being manipulated and also for activists with integrity to utilise some of these tools to help deliver our messages and better reach people.

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How do we get our friends and family to listen to us? How do we get away from the "Us and Them" scenario?
In this interview with David Charalambous, we dive into the tactics to employ for successfully reaching people with our truth messages.

With how divisive the current situation is being, spouses on different pages, children thinking their parents are crazy for not wanting to take a certain experimental injection... This information has never been more important.

Check it out, embody this knowledge and test it out on your friends and family.

Please share this around to help this reach a wider audience!

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⁣⁣There are so many questions surrounding the Covid-19 Vaccination - Is it safe? Will it end this pandemic? Is it effective? What is the technology used? Why are so many people sceptical? Here are some answers to the many questions people have...


Covid-19... Something just doesn't add up does it? But what is it? Why are there so many inconsistencies?

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