Sacramento CA City Council meeting saw parents express their outrage at the recent installation of small cells in the Pocket district of Sacramento, near their home.

Aaron Dykes of Truthstream Media shares his research about EMF hazards and research from decades ago. Scientists from the US and Russia did research on health effects in the 60's and 70's that clearly showed damage to humans and recommended that governments limit the exposure. Russia set their standard high, but the US kept theirs lower. From

Verizon Co engineer and CEO tell CNBC that the 5G signals WILL go through trees and is not line of sight. They still get Gigabit speeds at 3000 feet distance, and at different heights. So why do we need small cells all over neighborhoods, near to homes? Contact local governments and tell them they need to create codes to increase setbacks to 2500 ft from homes for small cells.

Dr Devra Davis discusses the truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation at the University of Melbourne school of engineering.

Citizens speak at city council meeting against 5G deployment for safety concerns. The city hired an expert to speak, but most of his experience is in ionizing radiation (Medical X-Ray) rather than non-ionizing (4-G and 5-G) radiation. This was a closed special session meeting.

Dr. Ronald Melnick Speaks about his $30M dollar study he did on EMF's, and gives the results. Clear evidence of damage from the emf exposure. The FDA would not use his study.

Devra Davis says cell phone use is dangerous long term. CBC news says 60% of insurance underwriters refuse to cover potential claims from long term cell phone use.

A good overview of the dangers expected with 5G.

RT America interviews Dr Martin Pall Phd about the Dangers of 5G technology. His key points are that 5G differs from other electromagnetic frequencies because it pulses at a very fast rate. This pulsing causes increased damage to human cells. Also, The higher frequency cannot easily be measured by standard affordable meters. It takes special very expensive equipment for measuring. And, there are patents for safer technologies that produce the benefits that 5G is said to have.

The 5G Dragnet by James Corbett of James presents an overview of the 5G technology and points to the problems, not just health effects, but also security and privacy issues. We will not have a choice. We will "all" be irradiated, not just the 5G users.

What you need to know about the next generation of technology and the effects on mankind.
Credit to Woodward TV.

Illegal and untested 5th generation wireless technology is being rolled out across the world against most people's wishes. Thousands of small cells throughout our communities will be devastating.

Dr. Pall explains the research done through the years, and the fact that the USA has cut funding for EMF research in 1976. Other countries are doing continuous research on EMFs.

This video is rather technical, but we need Dr Palls expert analysis of this issue.

Dr Firstenberg petitioned WHO to Stop 5G rollout.

Electromagnetic Fields and the leakage of the blood-brain barrier. Dr. Leif Salford explains the research results after 20 years of study of the effects of EMFs from cell phones.

Forcing a Total Saturation 5G Future without Safety checks. Aaron Dykes of Truthstream Media has documented what the FCC and the Telecom Companies are forcing on all populations.

The Telecommunications Act of 1997 had a rule that no local governments could limit, block or impede the installation or use of wireless technology. But this was limited to receiving devices. A change was drafted to the rule allowing 5G hubs. Transceiving hubs can be placed on people,s homes to communicate with other devices or hubs.

Dr.Martin Pall Seminar on 5th generation wireless and its potential dangers. Also he states all the studies that were done on 4th generation wireless.

Dr. Goldberg explains the dangers of 5G and how devastating it will be to the population.

February 7, 2019, hearing on 5G reveals that no studies on safety were done by the telecom companies

General information about 5G and its dangers. This is an in depth report with historical references.

Scientists Warn of Health Effects of 5G Wireless Technology. DC Public Round-table Hearing.

A representative from speak on 5G Technology Dangers.

5G Danger - Radiation is coming - KPIX-5 Reports in March 2018. Pictures and interviews.


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