Neckties for a buck??? Why pay $30 or $20, when you can pay only about $1 instead! Don't use the $20 and $30 tie places that the men's style channels hawk. Learn how to get similar quality ties for only about a $1 -- shipping included! (NOT A SPONSORED VIDEO!)

There's something Scentbird ISN'T talking about! And here's a hint: it's acrylic! (NOT A SPONSORED VIDEO!)

My earlier video about getting Scentbird cases/sleeves for less than $2 a piece:

July 20 & 21, 2018 in Times Square. Free Tickets (no lie!), just call 757-420-2625 or go to:

I do not officially represent Joy Ministries, but I support their work in the inner cities, including reading camps for children, support for families in poverty, assistance to single mothers, and help for sex-trafficked women. They care for the people that other organizations forget about, and do it in the name of Jesus Christ.

This event is a two day time of worship, teaching, and preaching. See the link above for more information.

Are you paying retail for name brand clothing? Get real designer clothes CHEAP using BHFO! You don't need to spend $450 for a new wool Calvin Klein jacket; get it for under $40 instead. Learn this easy technique and go! (NOT A SPONSORED VIDEO!)

Are you using Scentbird? Did you know you can get more fragrance cases at 1/6th the price? Scentbird sells additional sleeves, but you can get similar sleeves for less than $2 on eBay. (NOT SPONSORED!)

Here's an example on eBay. I've used this seller, but this is NOT sponsored:

Are falling in love? Getting married? Do you know the ONE physical attribute to fall in love with? This short video will explain the one part of the body to adore on your loved one to help keep your relationship for the long haul!

This is a special episode for Memorial Day 2018 to honoring my father in WWII, and all those who fought and died in times of war defending the USA. This story illustrates how a single decision can mean life or death, and impact generations to come.

ATTENTION WRISTWATCH VLOGGERS! This is my "Step Up Your Game" challenge! It's your call to become evangelists of quality watches in an era when watches are no longer seen as a necessity, and people think cheap fashion watches represent "quality."

Special shoutouts to the Time Teller, GreatAffordableWatches, and Just One More Watch!

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Website for the app:

Website for Callcentric:

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Check out my earlier Callcentric video here:

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And, yes, I blocked out the information about who called me and where my home is located.

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It's possible to get good eyeglasses for under $10! Not from the mall, of course. And not from the expensive online store promoted by men's style YouTubers. But check out Zenni Optical, Goggles4U, and GlassesShop. This is NOT a sponsored video!

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If you've watched men's style videos, you've probably seen ads for designer or fashion watches. Retailing for $100-$200, these brands include names like The Fifth, MVMT, and Daniel Wellington. But you can find similar watches for $2-$20! Watch and find out how to save major bucks!

Here's one MVMT review after 18 months which talks about the real "quality" (or lack thereof) of Chinese watches:

How to start your own Chinese watch brand:

This channel is all about living better and saving moolah! There's plenty of good information out there, but there's also poor information and advertisements masquerading as product reviews. In this channel, I will give real information on things I've found which will help you give you alternatives to the common solutions, and save you some cash while doing it.

Men's style channels are buzzing about ratchet belts like Anson and Mission, but you can get decent quality alternatives at a fraction of the price. They are even compatible with the big name straps and buckles! If you've ever wanted to check out a ratchet belt for under $10, watch this!

There's a lot of hype on YouTube around shaving clubs (like Harry's and Dollar Shave Club) and expensive shaving creams, but I will let you in on the secret for reducing nicks & cuts, and also where to get great razors for less (and, no, it's not a sponsored video).

Everyone wants to smell nice, but sometimes body odors get in the way. I have found two ways to smell better that don't involve armies of expensive products which mask body odor. Change what's going on inside your body and the effect on the outside will be noticeable. (NOT A SPONSORED VIDEO!)

UPDATE: I have since tried the GNC Chlorophyll product and found it ineffective. I tried Nature's Way's product briefly which seemed okay, but I am sticking with Protocol as my choice for daily use.

Have your heard of these soft, but pricey, Tani underpants that the male style YouTubers have been pushing? I found something very similar at less than one-third the price: Y2Y2! (NOT A SPONSORED VIDEO!)


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Act My Age: Lessons learned by someone old enough to know better.

There's a lot of good information on YouTube about men's issues and life in general. Unfortunately, every once in a while, I see misinformation being accidentally disseminated by some younger guys who haven't yet discovered there is a better way to do things. In this channel, I will capture some of the lessons I've learned which can make life easier and cheaper to live.

BTW, there are lots of YouTubers with BitChute channels. I, however, consider myself a BitChuter with a YouTube channel. I consider BitChute to be a platform for the future, and YouTube a platform for the pasture. ;)