A Current Conspiracy ACC

Gangstalking of Targeted Individuals / Targeted Individual is REAL!

And if a regular person can hack into your devices, then what can your GOVERNMENT do?

GANGSTALKING / T.I. (TARGETED INDIVIDUAL) PROGRAM = Why would the Shadow Government need to Collect and Store so much of our DATA? (It all goes into the SWS = Sentient World Simulation)

The Reason is because they have built a computer-generated, mirror model of the real world that includes a digital twin copy of every person on the planet. The more data they can collect from the REAL WORLD and each individual, the more accurate the world model becomes. To achieve optimal results they have used DNA nano-bots to link the signals coming from your biological neurons to your very own digital twin in the Sentient World Simulation, so that everything that occurs in the SIMULATION also occurs in the REAL WORLD and vice versa.

As more data is collected, the Simulation becomes a more accurate model of the Real World. Each person's digital twin is readable and writeable and subject to the powers of cybernetic algorithms (this is where the Gangstalking / T.I. aspect comes into play, they upload your neurological and biological EEG into the supercomputer through Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) Data, so you are now tied to supercomputers for life, with the nano inside you acting as an interface between you and the supercomputer). So since you are tethered to your 'digital twin' in the Digital Matrix, you can now become programmable via wireless mind hacking (the mind has NO FIREWALL). This includes everyone around you as well, and they can even mix and match personalities onto other personalities (even A.I. Simulated personalities). This is known as Heterodyning or Heterodyne where brains are entrained to supercomputer generated personalities and/or personalities of other people whose brain wave EEGs are stored in the Quantum Computers.

According to Dr. Robert Duncan, "FREE WILL" is a thing of the past, especially if you are unaware of the technology. This would explain why so many people are so blind, deaf and dumb to this grand agenda going on. Since everyone's brain waves are securely stored in the SWS, they can now run tons of simulations against the "Digital You" (as well as those around you in a coordinated "Cybernetic Hive-Mind") that it actually plays out in real life without you or those around you, realizing it. That's why a lot of seemingly mathematically impossible 'synchronicities' and 'coincidences' seem to play out in your everyday life. Everything is being monitored, controlled and played out in advance.

This is the NEW WORLD ORDER as Daddy Bush said in 1991, that it would no longer be a world run by the law of the jungle (randomness and chaos), but a world run via Law and Order (they'd cybernetically control every person's behavior, thought and speech). They are testing this technology out on T.I.s to see how well their technology works to Control every conceivable scenario in the world, sort of like a "SIMS" / "Civilization" Video Game. Then once the tech. is perfected, they can roll it out to the rest of the world.


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