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A Current Conspiracy ACC


JDIF = Jewish Internet Defense Force (also see "Unit 8200")


1. "The art of deception: How Israel uses ‘hasbara’ to whitewash its crimes"

2. "Pro-Israel media: Bloggers Join Media War"

3. "Yesha Council"

4. "Israeli students to get $2,000 to spread state propaganda on Facebook"

5. "'Team Jorge' revelations turn spotlight on avatar market's technological and legal difficulties"

"Team Jorge" learned a lot from a previous Israeli disinformation corp. called "The Archimedes Group"





On October 10, 1990, a 15 year old Kuwait girl (who was actually the daughter of the Kuwait Ambassador to America) gave a false testimony that "Iraqi soldiers were taking babies out of incubators and leaving them on the floor to die." It was later found out that she was being coached to say these things and they never happened, but her testimony fueled the flame to get America in the first Persian Gulf War, when they invaded Iraq around 3 months later.

Similar propaganda is now happening in October 2023, with videos emerging of Hamas putting Israeli kids in cages. This will most likely give the impetus for Americans to back another invasion of the Middle East, most likely against Iran and any other country they deem as an Islamic threat to Israel in the region.



Patrick Clawson (Pro-Israel Lobbyist and Director of Research at Washington Institute of Near East Policy WINEP)
calls for FALSE FLAG, STAGED ATTACKS .... to get us into war with IRAN.

Paul Hellyer reads a message, supposedly sent by "aliens" and it sounds exactly like the message of the Elites (global warming, overpopulation, etc..). How convenient!

Paul Hellyer died on August 8, 2021 which is "8/8" (The "Out Of Time" / "End Of The World" Number which can be seen in Donnie Darko, Back To The Future, etc..)

Good time to remind people of the power of this one facility as 'El Nino' is forecast to create a lot of devastation weather soon to come. HAARP is only one of many facilities around the world.


What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and where did it come from? NLP is a psychological method that involves using body language, patterns, and expressions to gauge and influence someone in one way or the other. This influence is designed to achieve a goal, either negative or positive.

The average non woke person will watch television and movies everyday and think, that was a good movie or that was awful. However a targeted individual will look at it and say wow the writers and producers of that show or film know exactly about organized gang stalking, systematic timing, and covert harassment techniques. Once a TI enters into the force world and force programming you no longer view anything the same. To get a better understanding of how they organized gang stalk targeted individuals, one must understand the techniques used in these programs to brainwash a target. In other words how they make these ideas stick in your head for long periods of time.

Check out the movie Focus SCENE 60:00 (according to Netflix). Nicky (Will Smith) explains to Jess how Tse had been programmed to pick 55 since he arrived, with subtle, subconscious prompts throughout his day. This is the part where Will Smith explains how they were able to program this person over a 24 hr period, in order to con and manipulate them out of millions of dollars. This same technique is used online in cyber stalking a target and in public via street theater. In conjunction with the government technologies, such as remote neural monitoring will allow a never ending replay of unwanted seen events.

Adding in perpetrators (organized gang stalkers) they train, will make a targeted individuals minutes turn into hours, days into months, and months into years, with this ongoing programming. Till a target can learn it like the back of their hands. Now add Facebook and Google data collecting which is a form of targeting into the equation and you get advance technologies working together manipulating a target. This is how they keep a target going around in circles by left righting you.




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Been posting links to my videos in the comments of other videos on Bitchute. Just got a comment in response to one of my links, saying that they didn’t like content creators “pimping” or "shilling" their videos in the comment section of other people’s videos. I ain’t pimpin my shit just to get LIKES or CLOUT, etc.. it’s about spreading awareness for the info-war. I’ve had other people steal my work and not even give me credit for it on their own channels, but do I bitch and moan about it? Hell nah, because it ain’t about ME (or YOU) or what work we’ve done, it’s about spreading the information so we can win the WAR. Muthafuckin idiots like the one who left me that comment, DESERVE TO GET REKT for not taking this shit more seriously! And apparently there are many who are just like this fuckin twat nozzle.