The lawsuit, filed late Friday, also claims the officer, John Burgraff, was retaliated against for identifying himself as gay and did not receive a position in the public information office because of a possible future lawsuit.

The allegations date back to December 2017 during a Youth Policing Advisory Committee meeting for teens between the ages of 14-18.

Burgraff, Lt. Phil Russell and other LMPD were among the attendees.

Burgraff alleges that he introduced himself as LMPD’s LGBTQ Community Liaison, a title given to him by LMPD Chief Steve Conrad in 2015.

The next day, the lawsuit states, Russell asked Sgt. Corey Robinson to “counsel” Burgraff for introducing himself at the meeting as openly gay.

The lawsuit claims Russell believed Burgraff’s remarks were not appropriate for a youth event. The lawsuit also states that Russell indicated Burgraff was looking at a young male “lustfully” during the meeting.

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A woman has been blocked from becoming a president at one of England's biggest Christian organizations because she is in a same-sex marriage.

Hannah Brock Womack was nominated as one of the six presidents of Churches Together in England (CTE).

But to her "sadness and frustration and shock" she was told she could not continue in the position.

CTE said its members included churches which have a "traditional understanding of Christian marriage".

The organisation, which is led by six presidents who represent a range of Christian denominations, coordinates the work of different churches in England.

Ms Brock Womack, from Sheffield, was nominated by the Quakers in Britain.

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Predominantly Muslim parents have been banned permanently from outside a Birmingham primary school which saw weeks of noisy demonstrations, a judge has ruled.

The ban, handed down at the High Court in Birmingham on Tuesday, includes an exclusion zone surrounding Anderton Park Primary School.

But lead protesters Shakeel Afsar and Amir Ahmed immediately vowed that protests at the edge of the exclusion zone would resume all the same, and that they were considering an appeal.

A UK university canceled a talk by a feminist Rachel Ara after she was accused of being transphobic.

The Rev. Anna Blaedel was the subject of three separate complaints in three years, starting when the minister publicly came out as queer at the 2016 Iowa Annual Conference.

“I am a self-avowed practicing homosexual,” Blaedel said in floor remarks. “Or, in my language, I am out, queer, partnered clergy.”

The first complaint against Blaedel, in 2016, was dismissed by Iowa's former resident bishop. A second complaint was filed after Blaedel officiated a close friend's same-sex wedding. A third complaint again charged Blaedel with "being a self-avowed practicing homosexual," in violation of the denomination's rule book, called the Book of Discipline.

Blaedel, who identifies as queer and uses the pronouns they and them, expressed frustration and disappointment in a letter published in full by the Gazette on Wednesday.

A group of Oregon high school students organized by the school’s Gay-Straight Alliance club walked out of school last week in protest of the presence of a Chick-fil-A food truck at the school’s football games.

The integrity of female sport will be undermined if transwomen compete at the highest level, according to broadcaster and writer Catherine McGregor.

Ms McGregor, who is a transgender woman, told Sky News male-born people have an unfair advantage when it comes to competing against their cisgender female opponents. She said while she supports trans women playing in community sport, she does not when it comes to the professional arena.

Tim Vince of the Brexit Party vs Julia George on BBC’s Sunday Politics South East.

Tennis Australia will recognize but not celebrate the 50th anniversary of Margaret Court’s grand slam year, as the sport’s governing body seeks to contain the latest crisis surrounding its all-time greatest player.

Court is planning to attend the tournament after publicly calling on Tennis Australia to honor her anniversary at next year’s Australian Open in the same way it lauded Rod Laver’s 1969 grand slam during this year’s tournament.

Tennis Australia will formally recognize her rare achievement in winning all four major singles titles in a calendar year.

However, there will be no celebration of Court.

The icy relationship between Tennis Australia and Court is a product of her vocal opposition to homosexuality and gay marriage, which this year prompted her career rival, Billie Jean King, to call for her name to stripped from the Margaret Court Arena at Melbourne Park.

The former tennis champion Margaret Court has claimed “tennis is full of lesbians” following a row over remarks she made previously about gay marriage. She added that transgender children were the work of “the devil”.

Court’s earlier comments opposing same-sex marriage sparked furious debate about whether the show court named in her honor at Melbourne Park should be changed. However, she said that attempts to remove her name from it were “bullying”.

In an interview with Vision Christian Radio, Court claimed that a “gay lobby” was trying to “get [into] the minds of children” through Australia’s Safe Schools anti-bullying program.

“Tennis is full of lesbians. Even when I was playing there were only a couple there but those couple that led took young ones into parties,” Court said. “And what you get at the top is often what you’ll get right through that sport.”

She added: “We’re there to help them overcome. We’re not against the people.”

Martina Navratilova and Billie Jean King have called for her name to be stripped from the venue at Melbourne Park, comments which Court said were disappoi..

The family brought the claim for discrimination on the basis of gender identity, for teaching NB and her class there are no such things as girls or boys.

The teacher showed the class a YouTube video entitled, “He, She, and They?!? – Gender: Queer Kid Stuff #2”. The video contained a number of statements about gender identity, and asserted that “some people aren’t boys or girls” and that those who do not feel like a ‘she’ or a ‘he’ might not have a gender. In order to determine who is a girl or a boy – or neither, the video says, all you have to do is ask someone their pronouns.

On another occasion, JB drew a gender spectrum on the board and asked each student to identify where they fit on the spectrum. NB indicated that she was on the furthest end of the spectrum marked “girl.” JB then told the class that “girls are not real, and boys are not real.” This was extremely upsetting to NB.

NB went home and told her parents, repeatedly asking why her identity as a girl was “not real.” She stated that she was not sure if she wanted to be a mommy when she grew up, and asked if she could “go to the doctor” about this issue. NB also expressed feeling that she “had to do something” about the fact that she is a girl. This followed a lesson by JB on the concepts of gender spectrum and sex changes.

Neither the school nor JB obtained parental consent to teach this young child that her sense of self as a girl was a fiction. JB’s conduct undermined their daughter’s foundational concept of identity, and also contradicted biological reality, the application alleges.

Despite the family’s expression of concern, school officials refused to take any steps to correct the impact of these lessons on NB. Ultimately the family opted to move her to a different school, which made NB happy that she would no longer have a teacher who said that “girls are not real.” Even after moving to the new school, NB continued to be upset by her experience in JB’s class, and grappled with the concept ..

A community activist accused of pepper-spraying children and getting into a physical fight with a teenager says she is the victim.

Cecilia Melvin is the mother of the children, a 15-year-old and 7-year-old.
She said she and her children were pepper-sprayed by Dena Stanley.

Stanley turned "herself" in to police Friday and wants charges -- more than a dozen of them, including felonies -- dropped.

"We are hopeful that the Beaver County district attorney will immediately dismiss these charges against her," said Reed.

Stanley says "she'll" give more details on "her" side of the story at a later time.

People in the community started a social media site to raise money for "her" legal fees.

A state representative in Georgia has proposed a law that would make it a felony for medical professionals to assist in changing a minor’s gender either through surgery or medication.

Rep. Ginny Ehrhart (R-Marietta) announced on Wednesday in a press release that she intends to introduce “The Vulnerable Child Protection Act” in the 2020 legislative section.

If passed, the act would make it a felony for doctors to perform certain medical procedures on children, such as “sterilization, mastectomy, vasectomy, castration and other forms of genital mutilation.” It would also make it a felony to prescribe “puberty-blocking drugs,” and “cross-sex hormone therapy.”

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The latest ad in the race for governor targeting Andy Beshear features a male actor portraying a transgender athlete beating female athletes in a foot race.

The ad shows a handful of teenage girl athletes running in a race then losing to the male actor portraying a transgender female.

The ad on behalf of incumbent Matt Bevin proclaims that Beshear, the Democrat candidate for governor and current attorney general, is "too extreme for Kentucky."

The 2019 Kentucky gubernatorial election will take place on November 5 to choose the Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky. Three slates will be on the ballot. Incumbent Republican Matt Bevin is running for reelection. The Democratic nominee is Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear.

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The Kentucky Supreme Court on Thursday ruled in favor of a Lexington business that refused to print a T-shirt for the city's pride festival in 2012.

Hands On Originals, a T-shirt printing business in Lexington, refused to print the shirt because one of the owners, Blaine Adamson, said the message conflicted with his religious beliefs.

The Kentucky Supreme Court ruled that the Lexington Human Rights Commission, which filed the complaint, lacked "statutory standing" to bring the suit.

A concurring Justice David C. Buckingham went further, saying the HRC "went beyond its charge of preventing discrimination in public accommodation and instead attempted to compel Hands On to engage in expression with which it disagreed."

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Diane Roberts, who thinks he is a she, claims he says was bullied and ridiculed, harassed and fired for being transgender.

Roberts and the ACLU have filed a lawsuit against Arkansas-based company ABF Freight, claiming he was discriminated against and wrongly fired.

An ABF spokesperson responded to the lawsuit saying, ‘The claims are wholly without merit, and we intend to vigorously defend the company against these accusations. Because the matter is in litigation we are unable to offer any other comment,” says Kathy Fieweger.

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A Canadian library has been criticised for refusing to cancel an event hosting a feminist with controversial views on transgender rights.

Hundreds of protesters gathered outside a branch of the Toronto Public Library as writer Meghan Murphy gave a talk inside.

Campaigners have called Murphy anti-transgender, which she denies.

Ms Murphy says she wants to ensure the safety of women in places like female prisons, women's refuges and changing rooms.

In Canada, she has spoken against a bill that amended Canada's rights act to prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender expression and identity over concerns it could undermine women's rights by eroding their "safe spaces".

"Under current trans activist doctrine we're not allowed to exclude a man from a woman's space if he says that he's female and I find that quite dangerous and troubling,"

She says she believes the transgender activist movement is "regressive and sexist" and ignores women and girls.

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Two drag performers in Toronto, Fay and Fluffy who have held drag storytimes since 2016, have cut ties with the Toronto Public Library after the organization hosted an event featuring controversial speaker Meghan Murphy who has said she does not recognize transgender people.

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The feminine hygiene brand 'Always' has removed the female gender symbol from its packaging after pressure from the transgender lobby.
Transgender activists argued that "Not all people who menstruate identify as women, and not all women menstruate",

Australia's peak body representing psychologists believes children aged under 16 should be allowed to undergo irreversible transgender surgery, even if their parents disagree. In an unpublished law reform submission, the Australian Psychological Association also dismissed mandatory counseling before surgery as an "unnecessary burden".

After male cyclist Rachel McKinnon set a world record in winning the women's track cycling world championship, several current and former female cyclists are coming out to defend their sport from a takeover by men who think they are women.


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