During a debate entitled 'what should we teach our kids about gender identity?', one of the panel states that there are seven billion genders!

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In Britain, the process of indoctrinating schoolchildren " from the get-go" has become mandatory in all schools.

Izzy Montague has taken her son out of school in protest against lessons about same-sex relationships.

Fanny's Rest Stop Cafe in Wales has been told they cannot advertise their meatballs dish on Google because its name is homophobic!

A San Diego area church was vandalized over the weekend after opposing city-run drag queen story hour, where men dressed in drag read books to children at public libraries.

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Protesters repeatedly shouted “shame” at customers who were lined up to purchase food from the restaurant.

In response to yesterday’s protests, Canadian evangelical Christian leader Charles McVety said the Jesus in the City parade would make a stop outside Chick-fil-A to say a prayer for their freedom and security.

McVety said as each float passed Chick-fil-A on Yonge Street, they stopped for a moment to say a prayer.

“We are front of Chick-fil-A we are praying for freedom,” McVety told CTV News Toronto on Saturday.

“There is no reason why a business should be driven out of the city.”

“We must have equality and we must have freedom.”

“Some people don’t want Christians to have a place in a society and think we should be quiet. But no, we are not going to be quiet.”

“They tried to shut Chick-fil-A down in America and it’s risen to number three behind McDonalds and Starbucks and it’s going to do the same thing in Canada because it’s good chicken delivered with a smile.”


Chick-fil-A opened its first restaurant in Ontario Friday to dozens of hungry fried-chicken lovers, but the American company is taking some heat for its support of anti-LGBTQ groups in the United States.

About 60 demonstrators from the 519 community centre, an LGBTQ advocacy group, gathered in front of the company’s Yonge and Bloor Street location Friday morning to voice their intolerance to the chain setting up shop in Canada.

In a news release, the 519 said they are calling their campaign “Cluck Off” — a reference to the restaurant chain’s trademark chicken sandwiches.

“Chick-fil-A’s anti-LGBTQ2S agenda and politics [are] well-documented,” the group said in the release. “This is activation by Army of Lovers, an advocacy campaign of The 519, dedicated to protecting the rights of LGBTQ2S communities.”

Fans of the company’s products lined up down the street despite the protests.

Lee, who didn’t want to give CityNews his last name, said Chick-fil-A is a respectful brand with a good chicken sandwich.

“This brand has done nothing to these people,” he said. “I wanted to get a chicken sandwich and enjoy the craziness of how wrong and hypocritical these people are.”

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The Priory School on Mountfield Road in Lewes, England, says that it is not the only one introducing a gender neutral uniform policy and that everyone wearing the same uniform will instil a sense of equality among the students.

Girls who ignored the new policy and wore skirts today were banned from entering the school. Police officers were called during the protest to help prevent pupils who were involved in the demonstration gaining access to school premises.

The local MP, Maria Caulfield, has weighed in on the argument, saying that the girls should have a choice over whether to wear trousers or skirts.

Judge Richard Sinnott upheld the charges against them in nearly every case, despite opposition from both the defense and prosecution.

Prosecutors moved to dismiss many of the charges and frequently asked for no bail, but Sinnott consistently declined to do either.

"We couldn't be happier at the moment with the judge that's on the bench and the Commonwealth itself," said Larry Calderone, of the police union. "There was a movement for dismissal for some of the offenders for disorderly conduct charges. The judge that was on the bench denied that dismissal request."

Democratic congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley, members of the left-wing group of lawmakers known as “The Squad,” have sought to help those arrested make bail.

Sharing a bail fundraiser, Ocasio-Cortez wrote: “One way to support the local LGBTQ community impacted by Boston’s white supremacist parade?

“Contribute to the Bail Fund for the activists who put themselves on the line protecting the Boston community.”

The stance has led to criticism from the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association, who wrote to Pressley “to strongly protest your decision to urge your constituents to contribute to a bail fund for protesters arrested this weekend during the Straight Pride rally in downtown Boston. ”

The group’s head Michael Leary claimed: “The individuals who were arrested on Saturday were not peaceful protesters but were committing crimes of assault against Boston Police Officers.

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Members of Calgary’s LGBTQ community are protesting the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association of Canada for setting up its chaplaincy truck just one block from the city’s pride crosswalk on Stephen Avenue.

The Billy Graham Association is under fire for stating on its Canadian website that sex is, “only to be enjoyed within a marriage between a man and a woman.”

The group has parked its Rapid Response truck across the street from the Telus Convention Centre to act as an exhibitor during the 25th annual Pentecostal World Conference, running from Aug. 27 to Aug. 30.

LGBTQ member Mike Morrison invited other allies of the Pride community for a peaceful demonstration at noon Thursday in front of the Billy Graham truck.

Morrison says he’ll proudly be waving the rainbow flag.

“It’s Pride Week in Calgary and pride is absolutely meant to be a protest,” he said.

“Billy Graham is one of the most homophobic organizations in the world and they basically spend their time trying to dismantle LGBTQ rights and I just wanted to let people know that we’re here.”

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Protests are set to resume outside schools in England against the teaching of the 'No Outsiders' curriculum, which promotes pro-LGBT ideology, to schoolchildren

BBC Victoria Derbyshire

Leaflets claiming that new mandatory "relationship education" lessons will encourage infant school age children to masturbate have been handed out in east London.

It comes in the wake of protests against pro-LGBT lessons which were part of the 'No Outsiders' program.

Other leaflets said parents would be questioned on the day of judgement if they don't challenge the lessons.

From September, these "relationship education" lessons will become compulsory.

BBC Victoria Derbyshire show

A shelter offering support services for battered women and rape victims has been vandalized twice in about two weeks, and a policy that denies services to transgender women is likely the reason why.

Hilla Kerner with the Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter says about two weeks ago, a dead rat was found nailed to the door. Tuesday morning, staff found threats and angry messages scrawled on windows.

Graffiti on the building’s windows include messages like “Kill TERFS” and “TERFS go home you are not welcome.” TERF is an acronym for “trans-exclusionary radical feminism.”

Legislation to allow transgender people to change their gender on their birth certificate without realignment surgery has passed Victoria's parliament.

The state government passed the bill through the upper house 26 votes to 14, with the Greens supporting the change and Liberal Party opposing it.

Victoria joins Tasmania, South Australia, the Northern Territory and ACT as jurisdictions to have made the move.

HONOLULU - A transgender athlete at Kamehameha Schools Maui switched from the boys to the girls volleyball team because he now identifies as a female.

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Multiple students at Martin County High School were forced to change shirts after a school administrator claimed they violated the dress code.

Now, students are upset after they say they feel like they were discriminated against.

"It started off around Thursday of last week," recalled student Lilly Vance. "They were wearing gay pride shirts to school and they all got dress coded for it."

Two of the shirts read "Lady Lesbian" and "Queen Queer."

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A court ruled that the state of Idaho must provide gender confirmation surgery to Adree Edmo, and inmate of Idaho Department of Corrections.

That means Edmo will be the first transgender inmate in the nation to receive sex reassignment surgery through a court order. The ruling could have a ripple effect in western states and potentially across the nation, as prison officials grapple with the rights of transgender inmates and their medical needs.

Idaho Gov. Brad Little (R) called the ruling “extremely disappointing” and that the state will appeal the case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Reeling under the backlash from groups opposed to “Drag Queen Story Time,” the city of Leander voted to stop renting out rooms at the library to public groups, effectively ending the controversial program.

Just before midnight, the City Council voted 5-2 on the measure, with Council members Christine Sederquist and Kathryn Pantalion-Parker opposed.

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NASA astronaut Anne McClain has been accused of committing the first crime in space by illegally accessing the bank account of her estranged wife'.

“This is an example of free speech in our country. It’s a one-way street. They want free speech but they don’t want to give us free speech,” said straight pride event organizer Don Grundmann.

Grundmann said he showed up Saturday to “defend the foundation of life.”

“They want to shut us down with violence they want to threaten us with violence that they’ll hurt us and we aren’t going to be intimidated,” he said.


A teacher in Madison is now jobless after the Catholic school she was contracted to teach at rescinded its contract after finding out she supports the LGBTQ community.

A lesbian couple wanting a child met through a website a man who was willing to be a sperm donor but also wanted to be an active participant in the child's life.

One of the women became pregnant and gave birth to a girl, and according to a written agreement between the three adults, the two women were to be declared as the girl's parents on the birth certificate while the man -- the biological father -- would carry the status of legal guardian.

But then the couple divorced, and the woman who didn't carry the child began transitioning to become a 'transgender man' and wanted the child to call her "Daddy." The Court of Appeal ruling noted the biological father was hurt by this and felt the role of father was his alone.

That is what prompted him to petition Quebec Superior Court to have the non-biological mother's name removed from the birth certificate and replaced with his. He also applied to have his paternity recognized.

Last year, Superior Court ruled in his favor. But the Quebec Court of Appeal has now overturned that decision, stating the two mothers originally on the document could remain as agreed without detracting from the role that the father could play in the youngster's life.

....Court battle over birth certificate ends with father's name left off -


from the BBC...
Born Nicholas Gareth Morgan, she played representative rugby for east Wales as a teenager.
At nearly 6ft she stands out among her team-mates, and club captain Jessica Minty-Madley recounts a time she folded an opponent "like a deckchair".

But coach Wayne Mansell notes: "I've seen Kelly struggling more than a lot of the girls with the demands our of training."

That said, Kelly, 33, accepts transgender women may have an advantage in terms of size and strength.

"I do feel guilty, but what can you do?" she says. "I don't go out to hurt anybody. I just want to play rugby."

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On the eve of Ottawa’s Pride celebrations, a man disrupted a drag queen story time event for children in the neighborhood of Bells Corner.

The host of the event was drag queen "Adrianna Exposee"

Drag queen story times are events where parents can bring their children to hear picture books read out-loud by drag queens. They are often held at local libraries and community centers.

Drag Queen Story Time Rebuke video...

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