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Season 2 - Episode 10 (Series Finale): With the restoration of King Charles II, John Fletcher is brought to trial as a regicide. Tom is surprised to be honoured as a Baron by the King.

Season 2 - Episode 9: Cromwell is on his deathbed. Tom Lacey meets with his twin, Anne, to discuss her affair with Horton and finally proposes to Frances.

Episode 10 (Series Finale):

Season 2 - Episode 8: Martin Fletcher is caught brawling with the village boys and Anne is summoned to London by her husband, John, to discuss his suspicions.

Episode 9:

Season 2 - Episode 7: Sir Thomas Lacey is involved in an uprising plot to recapture Arnescote Castle. Sir Austin Fletcher stands firm.

Episode 8:

Season 2 - Episode 6: Arnescote's 'singing boy' Hugh Brandon discovers his true identity and is horrified to discover who his birth mother is.

Episode 7:

Season 2 - Episode 5: King Charles II, defeated at the Battle of Worcester, seeks sanctuary at Arnescote and is treated kindly, before attempting to escape into exile.

Episode 6:

Season 2 - Episode 4: Henry Snelling, a witch-finder, arrives at Arnescote Castle and spreads suspicion and distrust that leads to strained relations between John and Anne.

Episode 5:

Season 2 - Episode 3: The Fletchers receive Oliver Cromwell at Arnescote, unaware of the dangers involved.

Episode 4:

Season 2 - Episode 2: The trial and execution of Charles I seems to have put an end to the Royalist cause.

Episode 3:

Season 2 - Episode 1: Arnescote Castle, home to the mid-seventeenth century Lacey family, is now in the hands of Parliamentarian John Fletcher and his wife Anne.

Episode 2:

Episode 10 (Season 1 Finale): June 1647 - The Fletchers return to Arnescote as the new owners but life is not as they expected. Cousin Susan gets shocking news from Colonel Marsh. Edward has a plan to get Tom out of the Tower.

Episode 9: September 1645 - Sir Martin's funeral brings with it more family and political discord. Colonel Marsh is holding Arnescote's inhabitants hostage and the future of the castle is looking grim.

Episode 10:

Episode 8: September 1645 - Arnescote is surrounded and is under siege by the Roundheads. Sam Saltmarsh brings shame on his family by being a turncoat and Susan Protheroe is re-acquainted with Colonel Marsh.

Episode 9:

Episode 7: September 1645 - Tom is anxious about the castle's security and calls for more diligence. Anne gives birth then bids a sad farewell to Arnescote. Hugh Brandon performs a 'valiant commission' for Sir Martin.

Episode 8:

Episode 6: 1645 - Dick Skinner returns to Arnescote with tales of pillaging in Swinford. Tom goes there and brings his sister Anne home despite her angry protests. Lucinda receives advice from the King.

Episode 7:

Episode 5: June 1644 - Arnescote is commandeered by Captain Marsh, a Cavalry Officer for Cromwell's Parliament. Sir Martin feels let down by the King and cousin Susan betrays the family.

Episode 6:

Episode 4: 1643 - Lucinda is rude to the King because of her sense of justice - she then embarks on a successful adventure posing as 'Luke' Lacey and redeems herself.

Episode 5:

Episode 3: September 1642 - Anne returns to the castle to collect her belongings and has a sad parting with her father. Lord Lacey is badly wounded fighting and a cousin, Susan Protheroe, arrives seeking refuge.

Episode 4:

Episode 2: Summer 1641 - The King dramatically makes several arrests for treason in the House of Commons. While out riding Lucinda meets Prince Rupert on his way to visit Sir Martin.

Episode 3:

By the Sword Divided is a British television series produced by the BBC between 1983 and 1985.
Episode 2:

The series, created by John Hawkesworth, was a historical drama set during the mid-17th century, dealing with the impact of the English Civil War on the fictional Lacey family, made up of both Royalist and Parliamentarian supporters. It follows the family as it is torn apart by the conflicting and changing loyalties of the war, as families were during that time, and the defeat of the Royalist forces at the end of the First English Civil War. Series two covers the second and third civil wars and the eventual Restoration of the Monarchy. The last episodes see the surviving members of the family (from both sides of the divide) witness the arrival of King Charles II on a visit to the ancestral Lacey home.

The filming of the show took place at Fermyn Woods Hall, Rockingham Castle and Lilford Hall in Northamptonshire.

Cast & Characters (Regular Cast):
Lucy Aston – Lucinda Lacey/Ferrar
Timothy Bentinck – Sir Thomas (Tom) Lacey
Simon Butteriss – Hugh Brandon
Judy Buxton – Susan Protheroe/Winter
Jeremy Clyde – HM King Charles I
Rosalie Crutchley – Goodwife Margaret
Rob Edwards – John Fletcher
Peter Guinness – Dick Skinner
Janet Lees Price – Emma Bowen/Skinner
Andrew McCulloch – Captain/Colonel Leckie
Andrew MacLachlan – Nathaniel Cropper
Sharon Maughan – Anne Lacey/Fletcher
Bert Parnaby – Sir Austin Fletcher
Edward Peel – Walter Jackman
Eileen Way – Minty

Season 1 only:
Ben Aris – Edmund Waller
Tim Brierley – Lord Edward Ferrar
Mark Burns – Captain Charles Pike
Simon Dutton – Will Saltmarsh
Julian Glover – Sir Martin Lacey
Charles Kay – Sir Henry Parkin
Frank Mills – Matthew Saltmarsh
Michael Parkhouse – Sam Saltmarsh
Malcolm Stoddard – Captain/Colonel Hannibal Marsh
Jerome Willis – John Pym

Episode 1: There is great excitement surrounding the arrival of John Fletcher at Arnescote Castle. His father and Lord Lacey have a heated discussion about the wedding dowry.

A 2014 France TV History Documentary hosted by Stéphane Bern. Audio in French with English subtitles.

Agnès Sorel was 20 years old when she met Charles VII. She was the first official mistress of a king of France, in 1444. She was distinguished by her youth and her great beauty. A charm that even her fiercest enemies, like Pope Pius II, recognized in her. Her excess of jewelry, her extravagant outfits and her taste for the arts created scandal at the same time as they brought light into the old palaces of the kingdom. Both free and pious, Agnès transformed King Charles VII, 18 years her senior, and played a major political role at his side, in a kingdom tormented by the Hundred Years' War.

A 2014 France TV History Documentary hosted by Stéphane Bern. Audio in French with English subtitles.

Louis IX, also called Saint Louis, is the only king to have been canonized in 1297, only twenty-seven years after his death. In this Secrets of History episode, Stéphane Bern follows in the footsteps of Louis IX. Guided by an unshakeable faith, attentive to his people, Saint-Louis profoundly modified the judicial institutions of the kingdom, thus forging a reputation as a just king.

Luciano Canfora racconta Giulio Ceare.

Luciano Canfora è uno storico del mondo antico e filologo italiano, professore emerito di filologia greca e latina presso l’Università di Bari. Profondo conoscitore della cultura classica e autore di importanti studi sulla storia antica e su quella contemporanea. Membro dell’Institute for the classical tradition di Boston, della Fondazione Istituto Gramsci di Roma, e del comitato scientifico dell’Istituto della Enciclopedia Treccani, dirige la rivista Quaderni di storia e la collana La città antica e collabora con il «Corriere della Sera» e altre testate. I suoi numerosissimi studi, tradotti in varie lingue, sono caratterizzati da un approccio multidisciplinare e un ampio ambito di ricerca.

Autore di molti best seller, i suoi libri sono stati anche tradotti in diverse lingue. Tra le sue pubblicazioni: Europa gigante incatenato (Dedalo, 2020), La democrazia dei signori (Laterza, 2022), Lezioni di filologia classica (il Mulino, 2023), Sovranità limitata (Laterza, 2023), La democrazia. Storia di un’ideologia (Laterza, 2023).

Tra le sue pubblicazioni per Laterza, più volte ristampate e molte delle quali tradotte nelle principali lingue: Storia della letteratura greca; Giulio Cesare. Il dittatore democratico; Prima lezione di storia greca; La democrazia. Storia di un’ideologia;L’occhio di Zeus;Il papiro di Artemidoro; La natura del potere;I l mondo di Atene; Intervista sul potere (a cura di A. Carioti); La crisi dell’utopia. Aristofane contro Platone; Augusto figlio di Dio; Tucidide. La menzogna, la colpa, l’esilio; Cleofonte deve morire;La scopa di don Abbondio. Il moto violento della storia;Il sovversivo. Concetto Marchesi e il comunismo italiano; Fermare l’odio; La metamorfosi; Il tesoro degli Ebrei. Roma e Gerusalemme; Catilina. Una rivoluzione mancata; Sovranità limitata.

A 2016 GEDEON Programmes Documentary directed by Marc Jampolsky. Audio in English.

The best-known and most impressive castle in the Loire valley, Chambord has remained an enigma to generations of researchers. Who was the architect? What significance did King Francois I, who commissioned Chambord, want the castle to have? And what role did his friend and “king’s architect” Leonardo da Vinci play? Conceived by a young monarch who loved hunting and chivalry, this “dream in stone” is still a puzzle to researchers 500 years later, especially since no preliminary designs have ever been found. Why did the King embark on this epic project in the heart of the marshlands in 1519?

A 2021 Storyhouse Production hosted by Florence Kasumba, as part of Cold Case Geschichte series.

Two boys are waiting in the Tower of London for their big day of celebration. The older boy is just 12 years old in the summer of 1483 and is to be crowned King of England. But suddenly doubts arise among the nobles about the succession to the throne and his uncle receives the crown. After the coronation, the two young heirs to the throne disappear from the face of the earth. Have they been kidnapped or murdered? The new King Richard III remains silent on the matter. But the doubts about his accession to the throne remain. In the 17th century, bones are found during building work, confirming the old suspicion against Richard III as a child murderer.

What happened to the two boys in the Tower? A cold case from the age of the knights in England, in which numerous new clues have been found in recent years.


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