Addiction Recovery

Here I discuss what I have found to be the most important tool in the fight against unwanted behavior. You've got to connect with others, reveal your secrets to others, and build a community of support where you can be known by others and accepted for who you are.

My Story, My Drug, My Recovery! This is the story of how I got addicted to sexual acting out and the general stages of recovery from unwanted behaviors, whether sexual or otherwise.

Welcome to my channel. Here I'll be discussing the problem I had with addiction and the tools that I learned that have helped me recover. There is hope, there is a way out. Recovery is possible. Healing is possible!

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This is the story of my addiction, my struggle with unwanted behavior, and the amazing things I've learned that have helped me to gain control of my behavior and begin living the life I always wanted. Discussions of sexual addition, porn, and the tools and techniques that have helped to walk away from these bad habits.