💭 The Saudi ambassador, Muhammad Ahmed al-Qahtani, fell and died during a speech at a conference in the Egyptian capital, Cairo. In his last words he praised president El-Sisi of Egypt and described him as "the dean of humanity".

👉 I did some search for Controversy and his name and got this:

"Setting up an unlicensed organization, 'breaking allegiance to the ruler', accusing the judiciary of allowing torture and accepting confessions made under duress, describing the Saudi Arabian authorities as a police state, inciting public opinion by accusing authorities of human rights violations, and turning"

I suspect they arranged for his death before they knew what he was going to say. Anyways, people are falling like flies...

💭 Explosion Destroys Part of Georgia Guidestones

Multiple law enforcement agencies and a bomb squad are responding to an explosion at the Georgia Guidestones.

The Guidestones, which are located along Highway 77 in Elbert County, are heavily damaged. At least one of the monoliths making up the landmark has been destroyed.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said unknown suspects detonated an explosive device around 4 a.m., destroying a large portion of the structure.

Dustin Jon-Bryant Ayers captured drone footage of the aftermath of an explosive device detonated at the Georgia Guidestones in Elbert County.
GBI’s bomb disposal unit, the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office, the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office, the Hall County Sheriff’s Office and the Elbert County Fire Department are all on the scene of the investigation.

No suspects have been identified yet in the case. Anyone with information is asked to call the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office.

The Georgia Guidestones have been called “America’s Stonehenge.”

The granite monoliths were built in 1980 after a man using the pseudonym “Robert C. Christian” approached the president of Elbert Granite Finishing Company about commissioning them. Elberton is nicknamed the “Granite Capital of the World.”

Each piece of the 20-foot monument weighs approximately 28 tons. They are engraved in 12 different languages.

Chris Kubas, the Executive Vice President of the Elberton Granite Association, said it would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to replace the Guidestones. His organization maintains and preserves the stones.

Investigators are on scene after someone heavily damaged the Georgia Guidestones in Elbert County.

According to, the writing on the Guidestones is a “10-part message espousing the conservation of mankind and future generations.”

The Elbert County Chamber of Commerce says the English translation says:

“Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature; Guide reproduction wisely, improving fitness and diversity; Unite humanity with a living new language; Rule passion, faith, tradition, and all things with tempered reason; Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts; Let all nations rule internally, resolving external disputes in a world court; Avoid petty laws and useless officials; Balance personal rights with social duties; Prize truth, beauty, love ... seeking harmony with the infinite; Be not a cancer on earth -- leave room for nature -- leave room for nature.”

The message on the Guidestones has long been a source of controversy, and this is not the first time they have been vandalized. Kandiss Taylor, a candidate who ran for Governor of Georgia this year, called for the removal of the monument claiming it is “Satanic.”

👉 In this video:

☪ Chechen parliament speaker Magomed Daudov says that first and foremost, Chechen battalions in Ukraine are fighting a Jihad to defend Islam. Daudov says that unless Putin stops them, they will keep going until they reach Berlin.

☪ The head of the Chechen parliament, Magomed Daudov also said:
“Putin is waging war with Ukraine for the sake of protecting Islam.”

☪ The leader of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, has called for a jihad against Ukraine in a recently released propaganda video. Calling on Muslims everywhere to participate.

🐷 Ukrainian soldier greases bullets with pigs fat, saying that this way Russian Muslim soldiers will not get into paradise.

☪ Chechen Russian soldiers chanting "Allahu Akbar" as they celebrate their takeover of the Luhansk region in Ukraine.

☪ Lysychansk echoes with the dance of Islam as Chechen Imams celebrate capturing of the last town in Luhansk.

👉 In this video:

☪ Chechen parliament speaker Magomed Daudov says that first and foremost, Chechen battalions in Ukraine are fighting a Jihad to defend Islam. Daudov says that unless Putin stops them, they will keep going until they reach Berlin.

☪ The head of the Chechen parliament, Magomed Daudov also said:
“Putin is waging war with Ukraine for the sake of protecting Islam.”

☪ The leader of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, has called for a jihad against Ukraine in a recently released propaganda video. Calling on Muslims everywhere to participate.

🐷 Ukrainian soldier greases bullets with pigs fat, saying that this way Russian Muslim soldiers will not get into paradise.

☪ Chechen Russian soldiers chanting "Allahu Akbar" as they
celebrate their takeover of the Luhansk region in Ukraine.

💭 Texas Border County Officially Declares ‘Invasion,’ Urges Governor to Follow

Kinney County, Texas, declared the “existence of an ‘invasion'” along the Texas border with Mexico. The declaration calls on Texas Governor Greg Abbott to also “acknowledge the existence of an invasion on our border with Mexico.” Five other counties spoke in support of Kinney County’s declaration.

💭 Tragedy in Texas: 50 Migrants Found Dead Inside A Semi-Truck | በቴክሳስ ፶/50 ስደተኞች መኪና ውስጥ ሞተው ተገኙ

💭 Texas & Tegray (Ethiopia) Massacres + Tedros (TE) & The Queen | ትግራይና ቴክሳስ + ቴድሮስ & ንግሥቲቱ

👉 Continue reading/ሙሉውን ለማንበብ

💭 'I watched a girl die in front of me':
👉 Footage on Monday shows Hundreds of parade-goers — some visibly bloodied — fled a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, Chicago, after gunfire rang out along the route.
The shooter - who remains at large - is said to have opened fire from the roof of what was an Uncle Dan's outdoor outfitting store, picking off people in the crowd who at first confused the sound of gunshots to with firecrackers and fireworks. Chicago Sun Times reporter Lynn Sweet was at the parade when gunfire rang out. She has since shared photos and videos from the event which show people lying on the ground, and has described it as a 'bloodbath'. Illinois Governor JB Pritzker says he is aware of the shooting and is monitoring the 'situation'. Witnesses described a 'sickening' scene and is it feared that children are among the dead. 'I saw multiple lifeless bodies, people in a pool of blood. It is sickening,' witness Miles Zaremski told CNN. 'If this can happen here in our suburb it can happen anywhere,' he added, a reference to the quiet suburb's low-crime.
Again, children among victims.

💭 A number of police cars responded to Minneapolis South High School Thursday after an alleged food fight escalated into a melee involving 200 to 300 students.

The school posted a note on its website stating the it went on a precautionary code yellow lockdown due to "a food fight that escalated into a physical fight."

The school said Thursday night that classes are still scheduled for Friday.

Sgt. William Palmer, of the Minneapolis Police Department, said no weapons were involved in the incident. However, four people were taken to the hospital following the melee.

Those taken to the hospital were a school staff member, who was hit in the head with a bottle, and three students, who suffered injuries unrelated to the fight, the school said. It did not elaborate on what injured the three students.

Twelve people complained that they had been sprayed with mace. Police at the scene said they had to use chemical agent to get the crowd under control as they were being pelted with objects as they tried to break things up.

The main incident occurred during the school's third period lunch, around 12:45 p.m., and lasted about 15 minutes. About 20 staff members responded to the incident and followed security procedures, according to the school.

One student, Abdi Sheikh, said he saw hundreds of students fighting in what appeared to be a racial incident.

"A big riot," he said. "It was all types of races."

Sheikh said about 20 police rushed into the school shortly after.

Another student, Symone Glasker, said that an initial fight happened during the school's first lunch period. By the time the third lunch period started, all the hype from the initial fight caused tensions to boil over.

"My lunch was third lunch," Glasker said. "There was fight after fight after fight. People couldn't breathe...It was very scary."

She said the fights were over pride.

"I know it's a pride thing between Muslims and black people," she said. "They want their pride back for something. I don't know."

She also said "boys were hitting girls" and that some people were lying on the floor, with their hands over their heads, in surrender.

"They didn't know if someone was going to bring out a knife, or if someone was going to bring out a gun," Glasker said.

The fight, students say, was the result of long-simmering tensions between the 8 percent of students who are Somali Americans and the 20 percent who are African Americans.

School officials said dismissal would take place as usual and parents would not need to pick up their kids. Afternoon activities will also go on as scheduled.

Students were told to stay in their classrooms during class. The school remained on lockdown following the fight until the dismissal.

The school posted on its website, "Maintaining a safe environment for our students is a top priority. Fighting is not tolerated at school or on school property. We are committed to following the MPS discipline policy in instances of fighting."

☪ Jihadist Ilhan in Asmara, in front of St. Mary Church
☪ ጅሃዳዊት ኢልሀን በአስመራ ቅድስት ማርያም ቤተ ክርስቲያን ፊት ለፊት

Jihadist Ilhan Omar was in Asmara, Eritrea one year before The massacre at Saint Mary of Zion Church in Axum, Ethiopia. Somali + Oromo + Eritrean Ben Amir tribe Muslim Jihadist massacred over 1000 Orthodox Christians on on 28 and 29 November 2020.

💭 We May Never Know The Full Truth About The Axum Massacre/ ስለ አክሱም ጭፍጨፋ ሙሉ እውነቱን ላናውቅ እንችላለን፤

💭 New Revelations፡ Somali Troops Committed Atrocities in Tigray as New Alliance Emerged, Survivors Say:

💭 New Revelations፡ Somali Troops Committed Atrocities in Tigray as New Alliance Emerged, Survivors Say:

New revelations about atrocities by Somali soldiers in Ethiopia’s Tigray war are casting a spotlight on an emerging military alliance that has reshaped the Horn of Africa, weakening Western influence in a strategically important region.

The Globe and Mail has obtained eyewitness accounts of massacres by Somali troops embedded with Eritrean forces in Tigray in the early months of the war. The new evidence raises disturbing questions about a covert military alliance between Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia that has inflicted death and destruction on the rebellious Tigray region in northern Ethiopia.

Some of the priests and monks were people he recognized. Somali soldiers, working alongside Eritrean forces who had captured the village, had targeted churches and killed the clergymen, he said.

“They slaughtered them like chickens,” he told The Globe.

💭 Pro-abortion activists play soccer with a Bible, commit acts of desecration.
The activists threw the Seattle preacher's Bible into a portable toilet outside.

Disturbing footage from Seattle shows pro-abortion activists playing soccer with a Bible before proceeding to completely desecrate and destroy the sacred book.

In the highly offensive footage posted to social media on Sunday, a group of pro-abortion activists can be seen kicking a Bible back and forth to each other as if it were a soccer ball.

Desecration of another persons Religious material is a HATE CRIME.
If this was a Quran people would be outraged. People must really hate the WORD of GOD right now.

When the man recording the footage – who goes by “The Seattle Preacher” on social media — explains to the anti-Christian protesters that it is a “hate crime” to destroy someone else’s religious texts, a voice in the background can be heard cackling with laughter.

The video proceeds to cut to the Seattle Preacher holding the now-damaged Bible, telling the protesters that they would not have treated the book with such disrespect if it were the Quran.

Immediately, one of the protesters snatches the Bible back from the man, and the next piece of footage shows the Bible sitting in human waste in the bottom of a portable toilet.

“That right there is a hate crime … That is ungodly and it is wrong,” the Seattle Preacher lamented, with his voice breaking.

The blasphemous footage sparked a large reaction on social media, with pro-lifers and Christians expressing their disgust with the anti-Christian actions of the pro-abortion activists.

“These people are truly the cancer of Earth. Everything they pretend to be against is *exactly* who they are,” reacted prominent songwriter “Five Times August.”

“One day, their souls will understand how foolish and blind they truly are,” added professional poker player turned Christian evangelist Anna Khait.

💭 Amazing! This „Toilette„ image looks exactly like the Islamic Black Stone of Mecca (The Kaaba) + The Hindu 'Shiva' temple.

😈 While Drag Queens, Pedophiles & Baby Murderers Cheer His Departure on June 30, 2022

According to the news story from he didn't do anything or threaten anyone, In fact they threatened him. What was his crime exactly ?

Seattle Street Preacher Assaulted at Pride Event, Abortion Rally; Arrested After Bible Thrown in Portable Toilet

✞ The street preacher Meinecke had the same message for the police who arrested him, saying, “Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they’re doing.” Meinecke told ChurchLeaders that Seattle is in desperate need of hearing the gospel, arguing that the city has grown increasingly wicked in recent years.

❖❖❖[Proverbs 29:16]❖❖❖
“When the wicked thrive, so does sin, but the righteous will see their downfall.”

💭 The Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector
❖❖❖ [Luke 18:9-14] ❖❖❖
“To some who were confident of their own righteousness and looked down on everyone else, Jesus told this parable: “Two men went up to the temple to pray, one a Pharisee and the other a tax collector. The Pharisee stood by himself and prayed: ‘God, I thank you that I am not like other people—robbers, evildoers, adulterers—or even like this tax collector.” I fast twice a week and give a tenth of all I get.’ “But the tax collector stood at a distance. He would not even look up to heaven, but beat his breast and said, ‘God, have mercy on me, a sinner.’ “I tell you that this man, rather than the other, went home justified before God. For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”

💭 Biblical swarms of giant Crickets are turning US farms to dust

Northern Oregon rangeland, Jordan Maley and April Aamodt are on the lookout for Mormon crickets, giant insects that can ravage crops.

“There’s one right there,” Aamodt says.
They’re not hard to spot. The insects, which can grow larger than 2 inches (5 centimeters), blot the asphalt.
Mormon crickets are not new to Oregon. Native to western North America, their name dates back to the 1800s, when they ruined the fields of Mormon settlers in Utah. But amidst drought and warming temperatures — conditions favored by the insects — outbreaks across the West have worsened.

💭 Texas & Tegray (Ethiopia) Massacres + Tedros (TE) & The Queen | ትግራይና ቴክሳስ + ቴድሮስ & ንግሥቲቱ

💭 Ancient Grain – Gluten-free “Super Food„ – TEFF Takes Root on US Plains

❖ Teff Hotspots in the US:

☆ Texas
☆ Idaho
☆ Oregon
☆ California
☆ Nevada

☆ TExas
☆ TEgray (Tigray)
☆ TEdros (Tigray Native)
☆ TEff
☆ Anagram: OREGON = NEGRO

💭 Former Russian President Issues Chilling Warning About Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
💭 የቀድሞ የሩስያ ፕሬዝዳንት ስለ አራቱ የምጽአት ፈረሰኞች አስደንጋጭ ማስጠንቀቂያ ሰጥተዋል

💭 Teff And Ancient Grains Like Durum And Barley Found Refuge In Ethiopia For Millennia.

Can they be a secret tool in the battle against climate change?

ETHIOPIA IS ONE OF THE WORLD’S RICHEST CENTERS of major and minor crop diversity. Ethiopian farmers have grown wheat, barley, sorghum, and peas for millennia, passing seeds from one generation to the next through an informal community-based seed sharing network.

Despite this tradition of agricultural biodiversity, Ethiopia is also an arid region, one vulnerable to climate change and drought. At a time of increasing globalization, Ethiopian farmers in recent generations have discarded seeds from hundreds of traditional grains in favor of a select few non-native industrial hybrids, but after many of these modern crops failed—partially due to climate change—farmers are shifting away from “modern” crops to safeguard the future and livelihood of Ethiopian rural communities.

Beginning in 2014, an ambitious project called Seeds for Needs, created with joint support from Ethiopian farmers and researchers at Bioversity International, Mekelle University, and Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna of Pisa, began researching Ethiopia’s past to reawaken ancient grains that might provide solutions to the country’s extreme vulnerability to drought and other environmental conditions.

TIGRAY IS ONE OF NINE REGIONAL STATES of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia, a country with over 100 million people. It is a small region, with only 5.5 million people, most of whom belong to the Tigrinya ethnic group, a vital cultural and political fixture in the country’s social landscape. While the Ethiopian population is growing rapidly—the average woman has four children in her lifetime (World Bank)— its food systems cannot keep up with growing demand.

💭 The bodies of at least 46 migrants were found in the back of a hot semi-truck on Monday in San Antonio, Texas. Sixteen others, including several children, were discovered alive.

💭 White House: Biden not to blame for 50 dead migrants found in Texas 18-wheeler

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre heartily pushed back on the claim that President Joe Biden's immigration policies have resulted in a less secure southern border.
Her comments came in response to a question from reporters aboard Air Force One Tuesday morning about the dozens of dead migrants found in a tractor-trailer in South Texas late Monday night. As of Tuesday morning, nearly 50 people had been pronounced dead at the scene.

Texas Gov Blames Migrant Deaths On Biden's Open Border Policies
"These deaths are on Biden," Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) tweeted Monday night. "They are a result of his deadly open border policies. They show the deadly consequences of his refusal to enforce the law."
Jean-Pierre told reporters that the White House is "closely monitoring the absolutely horrific and heartbreaking reports out of San Antonio" and that Biden is receiving regular briefings on the tragedy.
She further pledged to continue the administration's work to disrupt "human smuggling networks" that "exploit and endanger human lives to make a profit" before defending the administration's decision to loosen pandemic-era border protections when asked about Abbott's comments.
"The fact of the matter is, the border is closed, which is in part why you see people trying to make this dangerous journey using smuggling networks," Jean-Pierre stated. "Our hearts go out to the families at this time. We are going to stay focused on the facts and making sure we hold these smugglers accountable."



💭 In Tigray, Ethiopia, for the past 600 days, children (including infants held or carried by their mothers) are Massacred & starved to death.
TE(i)gray, Ethiopia Genocide – In an out-of-sight War, a Massacre Comes to Light


It was Friday, Jan. 8, the day after Genna, the Ethiopian Orthodox Christmas. Around 2 p.m., Kidane Tesfay heard gunshots near his family’s home and thought of his two brothers, ages 17 and 20, walking outside.

💭 Switzerland Davos 2022 – World Economic Forum 22 – 26 MAY – Postponed from 17-21 Jan. 2022

If money is the root of all evil then Davos is the entire forest of evil.

💭 Geneva, Switzerland 24 May 2022
On that very same day, 24 May, in the same country of Switzerland, in the city of Geneva, the World Health Organization's (WHO) members re-elected Dr. TEdros Adhanom Ghebreyesus as Director General by a strong majority for another five years. Dr Tedros is a native of war-torn TE(i)gray region, Ethiopia, where The Powerful Ark of The Covenant is being kept.


💭 On May 24, 2022, 18-year-old Salvador Rolando Ramos killed nineteen (19) children and two teachers
19 + 2 = 21 = 911 Call = Sep. 11 = Ethiopian New Year's Day. According to the Ethiopian calendar Hidar 21 (November 30) = Annual feast of St. Mary of Zion (Ark of The Covenant)

TEXAS SHOOTING: How a sunny Uvalde school day ended in bloodshed

Marcela Cabralez, a local pastor, told the Washington Post that her nine-year-old granddaughter was eating her LUNCH with other students when she heard noise coming from outside, including shots and breaking glass.

Dr. Roy Guerrero, who was born and raised in Uvalde and attended Robb Elementary School as a child, was at LUNCH with his staff Tuesday when he started getting frantic texts.

☆ 19 Cops in hallway
☆ 19 Kids dead
☆ Post Covvvid-19 paaandemic

The 'Publicized' Uvalde “Shooter.”
Salvador Rolando Ramos' picture...
with filled out halo....made to look like Jesus

Salvador means SAVIOR
Ramos, in Hebrew, means "pleasing; supreme".
Ramos Surname Definition: Descendant of Ramos (palms),
a name given to one born during the religious fiesta of Palm Sunday;
one who came from Ramos (branch), in Spain.

☆ M & M – Meghan Markle & Matthew McConaughey (Uvalde Native)
The two MM star placement with the crescent of the WEF.

☆ TExas
☆ TEgray (Tigray)
☆ TEdros (Tigray Native)
☆ Davos

💭 Mysterious Vertical Red Light in Sky over Texas in US | በቴክሳስ ሰማይ ላይ ሚስጥራዊ አቀባዊ ቀይ ብርሃን
💭 June 2-5, 2022

Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee: Britain's big royal party
The queen's reign has spanned 13 American presidents and 14 British prime ministers.

Do you know that Queen Elisabeth has some Ethiopic ancestry?
You can recognize the “Ethiopian face” on the children of Prince William, and his wife Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge – specially on Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.

✞ Christians have torn down a flower monument depicting the rainbow flag in East Beirut

In a video published by “Soldiers of God” on Facebook, one individual shouts to the camera “This neighborhood has churches in it, and you dare put up the gay flag? You have the devil inside you.”

The flower flag was designed by members of the community who, according to the video, were given permission by the city’s authorities to construct the flag in solidarity with the LGBT community in Beirut.

“There will be no Satan in Achrafieh - this neighbourhood is for the soldiers of God” shouted another member of the group, who quoted verses from the Bible as they tore down the installation.

On Friday, the Lebanese Minister of Interior added his voice to recent calls from religious authorities to condemn all public activities relating to the LGBT community.

In an open letter, Bassam Mawlawi claimed that “sexual perversion” was spreading in Lebanese society in contradiction to Lebanese customs.

According to Helem, a rights group that advocates for the LGBT community, “the letter was accompanied by extensive homophobic and transphobic hate speech on conservative print media and on social media”, as well as similar statements from religious leaders.

Helem accused political and religious elites of stirring up hatred and “moral sexual panic” as a distraction from Lebanon’s economic and political problems.

“Regimes and institutions who have failed in providing justice, safety and security for their people often rely on attacking and sacrificing marginalized communities to distract the public from their failures and corruption” said Helem in a statement published on Saturday.

Activists and allies of the LGBT community in Lebanon are meeting to protest the minister’s letter on Sunday, outside the interior ministry in Beirut.

💭 Sunday June 26th 2022: Christian Preacher Hatun Tash was arrested at London's Speakers' Corner

✞ Sunday 25 July 2021: Christian preacher Hatun Tash attacked and stabbed multiple times by a man in a black Islamic robe at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park, London

☪ Met Police are slammed for failing to catch knifeman five days after he stabbed Christian preacher

👉 London's Speakers' Corner becoming 'Sharia ☪rner'

❖❖❖ [Ephesians 5:31]❖❖❖
“Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and
hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.”

💭 Justice Clarence Thomas, the Supreme Court’s longest standing justice, has suggested that the case that constitutionalized gay marriage (Obergefell v. Hodges) could be overturned in the future, as we read in Politico:

Justice Clarence Thomas argued in a concurring opinion released on Friday that the Supreme Court “should reconsider” its past rulings codifying rights to contraception access, same-sex relationships and same-sex marriage.

The sweeping suggestion from the current court’s longest-serving justice came in a concurring opinion he authored in response to the court’s ruling revoking the constitutional right to abortion, also released on Friday.

In his concurring opinion, Thomas, an appointee of President George H.W. Bush, wrote that the justices “should reconsider all of this Court’s substantive due process precedents, including Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell” — referring to three cases having to do with Americans’ fundamental privacy, due process and equal protection rights.

Now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned, the next step would be to overturn the law of Sodom.

💭 US Supreme Court Gives States Green Light to Ban Abortion

😈 Legal Abortion in Ethiopia Has Led to The Deaths of Mothers as Well as Babies

💭 East London Nightclub Tragedy
At least 22 young people were found dead at a makeshift nightclub in a township in South Africa's southern city of East London on Sunday. Police Minister Bheki Cele was at the scene. By late morning, the police had confirmed 22 deaths, but some feared that the toll would rise. There are no obvious injuries on the bodies.

South African authorities are investigating the deaths as the cause of the deaths is still unclear. Brig. Tembinkosi Kinana, a police spokesman, said the police had received a call about 4 a.m. reporting deaths at the Enyobeni tavern.

Drinking is permitted in South African township pubs, commonly known as sheebens or taverns which are sometimes even located in family homes, where safety regulations are rarely enforced.

According to the state broadcaster SABC report, the deaths resulted from a possible stampede inside a popular tavern, but the details shared were too little to find the exact cause of death. Senior officials from the provincial government rushed to the scene, where at least six mortuary vehicles were lined up the residential street waiting to collect the bodies, an AFP correspondent reported

The bodies will be transported to state mortuaries where relatives are expected to help identify both male and female victims, said Siyanda Manana, a spokesperson for the Eastern Cape provincial health department.

At least 23 African migrants seeking to cross into Spain died in a stampede. The incident happened after thousands of migrants tried to breach Morocco's border fence with Spanish enclave of Melilla. During this, a violent two-hour skirmish broke out between migrants and border officers.

❖❖❖[Leviticus 18:21]❖❖❖
You shall not give any of your children to offer them to Molech, and so profane the name of your God: I am the LORD.

☪ March 2022
Oromo Muslims burned a Christian man from Tigray alive

☪ May 2022
Muslim students in northwest Nigerian city of Sokoto on Thursday stoned a Christian student to death and burned her corpse.
Eyewitness details brutal 'blasphemy murder' of Nigerian Christian student by a Muslim mob.

☪ 23 June 2022
Philadelphia, USA
Woman in medically induced coma after being found on fire in Kensington.

☪ 25 June 2022
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
3 children kids dead after woman tries stabbing them inside burning house.
3 dead, 2 injured after a Paulding County mother allegedly murdered three of her seven children.

Jihadists Buhari of Nigeria & Ahmed Ali of Ethiopia Met Again to Celebrate the Burning of Two Christians

😈 የዋቄዮ-አላህ አርበኞች የቤኒሻንጉልን ጂሃድ ደገሙት|ክርስቲያኗን ተማሪ በእሳት አቃጠሏት

💭 “Anti-Christian + Anti-Zion + Anti-Ethiopia Genocidal Jihad | Chrislam”

💭 The Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade in a decision on a Mississippi abortion law that would prohibit nearly all abortions after 15 weeks.

🔥 ARE WE SAFE? Potential Solar Flares Doubles in Size Overnight”
❖❖❖[Luke Chapter 21፡25-26]❖❖❖
“And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;
Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.”

A sunspot pointing toward Earth has the potential to cause solar flares, but experts told USA TODAY that this is far from unusual and that flares would have little effect on the Blue Planet.

AR3038, or Active Region 3038, has been expanding over the last week, according to Rob Steenburgh, acting director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Space Weather Forecast Office.

"That's what sunspots do," he explained. "They will, in general, grow over time. They go through stages before decaying."

According to NASA, sunspots appear darker because they are cooler than other parts of the sun's surface. Sunspots are cooler because they form where strong magnetic fields prevent heat from reaching the surface of the sun.

NASA Stated that solar flares are "a sudden explosion of energy caused by tangling, crossing, or reorganising of magnetic field lines near sunspots."

"You can think of it like the twisting of rubber bands," Steenburgh said. "If you have a couple of rubber bands twisting around on your finger, they eventually get twisted too much, and they break. The difference with magnetic fields is that they reconnect. And when they reconnect, it's in that process that a flare is generated."

The larger and more complex a sunspot becomes, the more likely solar flares are, according to Steenburgh.

C. Alex Young, associate director for science in NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center's Heliophysics Science Division, said in an email that the sunspot has doubled in size every day for the past three days and is now about 2.5 times the size of Earth.

he also added that the sunspot is producing small solar flares but "does not have the complexity for the largest flares." There is a 30% chance the sunspot will produce medium-sized flares and a 10% chance it will create large flares

Solar flares have different levels, The smallest are A-class flares, followed by B, C, M and X at the highest strength. Within each letter, the class is a finer scale using numbers, and the higher numbers denote more intensity.

C flares are too weak to have an effect on Earth; however, more powerful M flares may disrupt radio communication at Earth's poles. At their worst, X flares can disrupt satellites, communication systems, and power grids, resulting in power shortages and outages.
👉 Courtesy: NASA

💭 British journalist told to 'go back to your country' by Republican firebrand Marjorie Taylor Greene in clash about American gun laws is a Washington correspondent for a major UK network who has won awards for her 9/11 coverage.

☆ Marjorie Taylor Green, 48, told a British journalist to 'go back to your country' in a heated debate over tighter gun laws
☆ The journalist questioned that schoolchildren are afraid of going to class and that mass shootings don't happen in the UK when Greene snapped at her
☆ 'You have mass stabbings, lady. You have all kinds of murder and you've got laws against that,' Greene snapped at her before telling her to go back the UK
☆ She also claimed 'We like our [guns] here,' despite a recent poll suggesting the majority of voters actually support tighter gun laws
☆ According to a Morning Consult/Politico poll, 65 percent of voters support gun reform after the Uvalde, Texas, massacre
☆ The journalist has since been identified as Siobhan Kennedy, who works as a Washington correspondent for Channel 4 - one of the UK's most prominent news stations.
☆ Greene, a leading figure in the GOP, was one of several to speak at the assembly - which was held a day after the US Senate took steps to pass a federal gun safety law following the mass shooting at Robb Elementary in Texas, last month.

🔥 Ritually Sacrificed People

💭 Prince Charles and Camilla pay tribute to Rwandan genocide victims: Prince Charles, the future king, 73, was joined by Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, in the Rwandan capital where they met survivors and perpetrators of the mass genocide and paid homage to the victims by laying a wreath of white roses that included a card signed.

💭 Another Genocide is happening in Ethiopia right now – and no one is Stopping it. Oromo Hutus are massacring systematically and vilifying Tigrayans, Amharas & other non Oromos – á la “give a dog a bad name and hang him”

🔥 በሥርዓት የተሰዉ ሰዎች

አሁን በኢትዮጵያ ማንም ሊያስቆመው ያልቻለው ሌላ የዘር ማጥፋት ወንጀል እየተፈጸመ ነው። ኦሮሞ ሁቱዎች ተጋሩን፣ አማራን እና ሌሎች ኦሮሞ ያልሆኑትን ኢትዮጵያውያንን በዘዴ እያታለሉ፣ እያንቋሸሹና የጥላቻ ስም እየሰጡ በመጨፍጨፍ ላይ ናቸው። “ለአንድ ውሻ መጥፎ ስም አውጥተህ አንጠልጥለው/ ስቀለው።” እያሉ።

10% ብቻ የሚሆኑት የሩዋንዳ ቱትሲዎች፣ 85% የሚሆኑትን "ሁቱዎችን" በሕዝብ ደረጃ ነበር የወንጀሏቸው፤ ያው ለሰላሳ ዓመታት ያህል በራሳቸው በመተማመንና በከፈሉት መስዋዕት ልክ ሩዋንዳን እየገዟት ነው። ገና ሽህ ዓመት ይገዟታል!

እነ አቶ ጌታቸው፤ “እኛ የማንንም ግዛት አንፈልግም!” እያሉ የጽዮናውያንን እርስት ለገዳዮቹ ኦሮሞዎች ለምለም የሆነውን የእነ ንጉሠ ነገሥታት ኢዛና፣ አጽበሐ፣ ዳዊት፣ ዮሐንስን ኢትዮጵያን አሳልፈው ሲሰጡ ሳይ ደሜ በጣም ይፈላል። እስኪ በሦስት ወራት ብቻ ስንት ደም የገበሩትን ቱትሲዎችን እንመለከት፤ እንኳን ለሺህ ዓመታት ደማቸውን፣ መቅኒያቸውንና ላባቸውን እየገበሩ ያቀኗት ጽዮናውያን ዝም ብለው በኬሚካል የተበከለችዋን የዶሮ አጽም የምትመስለዋን የምንሊክን “ትግራይን” ብቻ አቅፈው ሊኖሩ።

ጽዮናውያንም ከቱትሲዎች ተምረውና በራሳቸው ተማምነው በአግባቡ ኦሮሞን በሕዝብ ደረጃ እንደ ሁቱዎች ካልወንጀሉና ኦሮሞዎችም በዚህ ከቀጥሉበት ኢትዮጵያን እየቆራረሱ ለቱርክና ለአረብ ሸጠው በሚያካብቱት ኃብት ከሃያ ዓመታት በኋላ ጽዮናውያን የንኩሌር ወይንም ኬሚካል ቦምብ ሰለባ መሆናቸው አይቀሬ ነው። እነዚህ 😈 አውሬዎች ከምናውቀው በላይ በጣም ጨካኞች አረመኔዎች ናቸው! እመኑኝ ወገኖቼ፤ ያየሁትን አይቻለሁ!

💭 The Russian editor-in-chief of the independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta has auctioned off his Nobel Peace Prize medal for $103.5m (98 Million Euro).

Dmitry Muratov told the BBC all the money from the sale would go to help refugees from the war in Ukraine.

Muratov was co-awarded the peace prize in 2021 for defending freedom of expression in Russia.

Heritage Auctions, which conducted the sale, has not revealed who the winning bidder was.

💭 The Norwegian Nobel Committee Trying to Save Its Face from Utter Disgrace – from Many of its Debacles in Ethiopia?

The Nobel Peace Prize = License for Genocide?
The Nobel Peace Laureate PM A. Ahmed The Black Adolf Hitler.

It's a Shame that a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate is a War Criminal.
When the Prime Minister of the fascist Oromo regime, Abiy Ahmed won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019 for a pact of war, he was the toast of the town. Today, he is among the world’s most dangerous men, a Nobel embarrassment

Will this evil man try to sell his Nobel Peace Prize now? Who's going to buy from a war criminal? His Edomite & Ishmaelite babysitters? Obama? Erdogan? Mohammed bin Zayed?

The Nobel Peace Prize is Now a Mark of Shame.

💭 Search and rescue operations are underway after a powerful earthquake struck eastern Afghanistan, killing at least 1,000 people. Around 1,500 more have been injured as the tremors were felt across the border in Pakistan.

😢 መጽናናቱን ለተጎጂዎቹ! Condolences to family and friends!

❖❖❖[የሉቃስ ወንጌል ምዕራፍ ፳፩፥፳፭፡፳፮]❖❖❖
"በፀሐይና በጨረቃም በከዋክብትም ምልክት ይሆናል፤ በምድር ላይም
አሕዛብ ከባሕሩና ከሞገዱም ድምፅ የተነሣ እያመነቱ ይጨነቃሉ፤ ሰዎችም ከፍርሃትና በዓለም የሚመጣበትን ከመጠበቅ የተነሣ ይደክማሉ፤ የሰማያት ኃይላት ይናወጣሉና።"

❖❖❖[Luke Chapter 21፡25-26]❖❖❖
“And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;
Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.”


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Dr. Malone Says Federal Government is “Lawless” and Actively “Violating the Nuremberg Code”

“Our government is out of control on this [Covid response] and they are lawless. They completely disregard bioethics. They completely disregard the federal common rule. These mandates of an experimental vaccine are explicitly illegal. They are explicitly inconsistent with the Nuremberg code. They are explicitly inconsistent with the Bellmont Report. They are flat-out illegal and they don’t care.
Hopefully, we are going to stop them before they take our kids.”

It’s no wonder Twitter PERMANENTLY banned him in a shameless attempt to get ahead of this interview.

First up, Dr. Malone breaks down the federal government’s cash-for-Covid “death benefits” for hospitals, which incentivizes healthcare providers to artificially inflate the infection and death count.
Unbelievably, hospitals can receive as much as a $30,000 bonus for placing a patient on a ventilator, and they are eligible to receive even more cash if the patient is declared dead with the virus, regardless of if it contributed to their death or not.
In short, the healthier the patients get – the less bonus money they receive. Seems a little backward, no?
“The numbers are quite large. There is something like a $3,000 basically death benefit to a hospital if it [a patient admission] can be claimed to be Covid.
There is a financial incentive to call somebody covid positive. The hospitals receive a bonus from the government – I think it’s like $3,000 – if someone is hospitalized and able to be declared Covid positive.
They also receive a bonus – I think the total is something like $30,000 incentive – if somebody gets put on the vent [ventilator].
Then they get a bonus if somebody is declared dead with Covid.
The CDC made the determination that they were going to make a core assumption – if [someone is] PCR positive, and [they] die, that is death due to Covid.
So, the extreme example just to show the absurdity: if the patient comes in with a bullet hole to the head and they do a nose swab and they come up PCR positive, they’re determined to have died from Covid.”