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Admiral Preparedness

You young pups should have no problem assembling this camp cot.

Freeze you cards when not using them. Best FRAUD Prevention!!!

Just add mayo and you are set for a quick meal!!

Most recent delivery of camping / survival/ emergency preparedness products.

Very fast un-boxing of emergency preparedness items. So fast, I forgopt to pull down my T shirt before starting the video......Getting OLD sucks people!!!

Yup! It’s me again!!

Thumbs up will keep these coming.
Thumbs down will end these.

Chem lights should be packaged with the birthday and the expected best by date...

These don't last anywhere near 12 HOURS!!!!

But, since they were free in orders placed, I won't send them back...

Quick Show and Tell of Break and Shake Chem Lights.

Test of my ability to talk and drive and not die in the process.
Sorry for the abrupt ending.
Nobody was injured.

I have NEVER witnessed this type of heroics in my entire life!!!

Geez You Tube...... What is going on there with your platform?????

Kinda need to know some data as I attempt to grow my channel!!!!!
How about a note to let me and other of your creators what is going on there since ANALYTICS is VERY IMPORTANT for a creator to have while videos are being created on your platform??? This has been going on for a very long time now. What is going on there people?????

Emergency Essentials put their 72 hour food kit on sale so I grabbed one to do a food taste and repackaging later during the summer.
Today, I un-boxed the order with a brief description of each food bag.

Another fine evening at my local home improvement warehouse where I now go when I'm out of the house. OLD TIMER WHO IS NOW A PART TIMER............

Well, now I finally qualify for SUPER CHAT. So, can you put together the lawyer bs to ensure the validity 9 times up a bulls axe you are going to be paidğŸŽ¼

MRE Dairy Shake Taste Test - Vanilla Shake

Taste testing DAK Ham that has passed the BEST BY DATE by Two years and one day.

My breakfast, lunches and snacks for the next couple of days. Great in omelettes, ham sandwiches and eaten straight out of the can.
Fantastic SHTF food for long term storage at low temperature and low humidity.

Liberal heads should start to explode in 3......2.....1......
Travel Ban Constitutional!!!

My friends at The Epicenter gave me a slice of the NEWEST addition to the MRE family!!!

Thank you guys!!

They are BACK!!!

We changed home owners insurance companies recently and have to remove saplings growing too close to the structure. The investment of $50 corrected that issue toot sweet fast!!


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