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Commercial food processors have been providing you with MRE'S for many decades and you might not even know it.

This disaster has been devastating!!

Get out of the danger zone before it is to late!!!

What an extended recession will do to one person.
It darn near killed me TWICE!!
Happy Days Are Here Again!

I hope that you are doing well today. And much better than you were from 2009 - 20015.


Small protest at our nations capital.
(I support freedom of speech as long as it remains peaceful!)

These children have been indoctrinated into the Democratic Socialist Party and drink their kool-aid on a daily basis. What a waste.

The first ever combined TV and wireless telephone EMS broadcast in America was just conducted. Did you get the message?

Farewell JoJo!!!
My little buddy had to be put down due to old age. He will be missed.

Time to gather up essentials for this winters camping trips. Disasters happen anytime and we need to be ready to experience how to deal with them during all of the four seasons.

Some items always forgotten while stocking up on SHTF goods.


$0.69 for a friggen POTATO!!!!

Just a little stroll around my friendly Dollar Tree looking at Halloween there,

There was an over pressurization of a major natural gas lines south of New Hampshire causing well over 70 incidents that over whelmed the local fire departments. Several homes burnt to the ground as no fire fighters were able to get to those homes.

Please pray for no loss of life during this disaster!

After a long wait! Here it is!!

Brief review of SAMS CLUB .30 & .50 Ammo Cans. ~ $14.98

Trying to keep my videos under ten minutes.

Home Depot International is offering a rebate on all gallons and 5 gallon paints sold by this franchise business. I refilled the paint mixer with the most tints since I started working there back in May!!

I jut clocked out and was thinking, "Hey, you need to see what we have to offer for Halloween 2018!!!

Septembers's INSTANT SAVINGS are up and running saving buyers CASH MONEY!!!

Let's see what I picked up on this unscheduled visit.......

If you are looking forward to Halloween, you local home improvement center is getting ready....

You young pups should have no problem assembling this camp cot.

Freeze you cards when not using them. Best FRAUD Prevention!!!

Just add mayo and you are set for a quick meal!!


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