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At the posting of this update, we had accomplished getting 4,000 subscribers! But, when I reopened this channels web sheet, I was sadly shown that there was a decrease in subscribers by one less subscriber, to bring the total number of subs below 4, 000!!

"Who Did It.....Who Did It???"

For all who are living above the Mason / Dixon Line, winter is coming very soon and you need to start checking your preps for winter. Draining all outdoor recreational vehicles of water in their tanks and lines to prevent cracking from freezing temperatures this coming winter. Check all generators for proper output voltages, change oils, stock up on unleaded fuel for them. Test all emergency lighting systems you own and buy back up batteries for all other hand held and portable lights.

Below is a link to New Hampshire fall foliage:


Completed our HONDA EU3000 i.e. Invert-er Generator for another season of possible residential power outages caused by cold snaps and downed tree limbs along the power grid leading to this homestead location here in southern New Hampshire along the Nashua River that is fed from the Merrimack River. Have several 5 US gallon fuel containers at the ready so no visits to the gas station when the power goes out and everyone is standing in line waiting for a pump to open up.

Please take a look at ATLAS SURVIVAL SHELTERS at https://www.youtube.com/user/atlasshelters

.....and let them know you were set there by Admiral Preparedness.


Using this temporary fresh water storage system, AQUAPODKIT, will provide up to 65 gallons of fresh water during an emergency where your fresh water may be stut off or become unusable for what ever reason. The system even comes with a hand pump.

If you would like one of you very own, please click on the link below and also help my channel .Emergency Drinking Water Storage by AquaPodKit - Made in America (65 Gallons)


The blackout has begun. I hope whomever sees this video and is in the area where your power have been cut by PG&E, I know you re prepared!!! We salute you all!!! Be safe. Stay safe and be aware of others around who may become in need of assistance if they have health issues that will be compromised during power outages.

Will you be sitting in the dark when your power supplier shuts off you electricity or when the line goes down for what ever reason?

Not here! Just finished annual maintenance on my 3000 watt 60 Hz. 120 vAC inverter generator by HONDA that I have owned since 2003. I only wish it had a time meter.
This is one durable and efficient machine!

If you are looking for one for your emergency preparedness plan, please choose one of the two below to help out my channel.

HONDA EU3000IH 3000W Super Quiet

Honda Super Quiet Gasoline Portable Generator with Inverter (EU3000IS1A 3000Watt Electric Start Inverter)
by Honda

There is a public utility out in California called Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) who will be shutting down their power grid for nearly 800,000 paying customers because they are taking a pro active measure to "prevent wildfires" during an up-coming weather event there.
The public has been given adequate time to "prepare" for the shut down. And of course there are major runs on gasoline, batteries, emergency generators etc. cleaning out most retail stores of these items. I'm calling this one, "Why Everyone Should Be A Prepper!"

This is one of my most favorite prepper secrets....Retailer price BINGO!!

IF you find yourself looking to save money on your preps, you need to start looking for ways to save money on your daily life's needs. Look at what I discovered while shopping for an item that I wanted for a side dish with my next evenings meal.....The Russet Potato....

Shopping markets in my town gave me a whole new meaning to profit margins and being frugal. I can get a fully cooked baked potato at a fraction of the cost per ounce than buying one at a grocery store and after calculating the energy cost to prepare this food item, I found it is more cost effective to purchase them at a local fast food store. By adding other complimentary ingredients to the item, I still saved more than buying those same items at the grocer.

Always Being Prepared means just that. Today, I purchased something that everyone who loves pasta would want in their possession after an SHTF event that stopped trucking dead in their tracks and left you sitting at home waiting for better times. There is nothing like the taste of freshly made pasta. In a matter of minutes, with the right ingredients, you can serve up a hot plate of pasta. Or, make a pie shell that you fill with your latest garden fruits.

If I can make my own fresh pastas, pie shells, so can you. Please subscribe if you are new to my channel. Like and share if you are a long time viewer . I thank each and every one of you for looking at my channel and staying tuned. If you are new to this channel, remember to hit that notification bell.

I am taste testing a commercial off the shelf (COTS) ready to eat side dish made by Knoor foods. Come along for this short, as I always do them, video on what I think about it for preppers pantries.

I am taste testing a commercial off the shelf (COTS) ready to eat side dish made by Knoor foods. Come along for this short, as I always do them, video on what I think about it for preppers pantries.

Today, I prepped a box of cooked canned meat on a day that will most likely be an historical one for this country. I expect the office of the presidency of the united states to be under impeachment hearings in the not too distant future. As an independent voter, I find myself gaining more reasons to prep for an uncertain future. Economic, social, or environmental, I want to be ready for what ever happens. Remember our motto. Pray for the best, but be prepared for the worst. I hope my channel has inspired you too to become prepared for an uncertain future. Good luck and God bless you all.

I have no clue why this video is not being monetized.....

No storms here in southern New Hampshire during the last days of summer 2019. Fall is in the night air but the days are still in the high 80's.

Thank you Major Surplus and Survival for placing these delicious MRE deserts on sale!! I try and grab these whenever I can so my prepper short term pantry never runs out of these delicious, decedent snacks and deserts made for the US war fighter.

When properly stored, these will last many, many years! But around here, they NEVER, EVER stay there that long!

Between camping, weekend outings and short vacations, these come along with us and save us a ton of money on spur of the moment food purchases. Never needing heating or cooling to enjoy them, these will put a smile on your face. They can be heated up and you are more than welcomed to place your favorite toppings on them to enhance their wonderful flavors.

I recently purchased two items from a local Ocean State Job Lot Store and was surprised to find out I have money I did not know I had.....

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One cannot not live without water. Do you have a ready access to it where you live? Besides what comes out of your faucets??

I do not know what causes you to be a seasoned prepper or a brand new one, but the numbers shown on this video cause me to wonder just how high it can get before a super major correction occurs. Will that correction toss this nation into financial ruin or be a small tick on the stock markets of the world..... My crystal ball is cloudy........

With the "cashless society" creeping into our daily lives, WHAT WOULD YOU DO if you had no cash and you could not access your electronic funds during a time of crisis or emergency?

Today was a prefect prepper day!!! Two items I have been looking at were reduced to almost an insane low price and I took them all!! Then, to put icing on that great prepper bargain cake, another opportunity arose to save me even more money!!!

When you use up what is inside of that bottle and go to trash it...............stop and think if you can reuse that bottle instead of setting it into the recycle bin......

I wanted to show you this item that I LOVE since it can be used over and over and over again and no need for batteries. The magnesium element allows for up to 100 hours of use before the element is depleted. It is not being sold on Amazon and I found this at our local Ocean State JOB LOT here in southern New Hampshire for $29.99.

The Executive decision was made to stop selling hand guns and ammo at all WAL-MARTS effective immediately after the corporate announcement was made earlier this week!
I got to one of my local one's and purchased the last remaining .40 caliber hand gun ammo from that store. There had been a previous run on all that was inside the case yesterday. When I got up to the counter, all the cases were empty of lesser expensive rounds. I purchase the last expensive rounds from this store. They were not reduced and were at regular prices. I expected that as I used to own a business and NEVER reduced my prices because I would stop selling certain items while they were in my store. My margins were way too small to eat those costs.
As Porky Pig would say, EB-EB-EBAA That's all folks!"

(Shhh...... do not tell anyone, but, I expect Wal-Mart to return to selling hand gun ammo in a few short years when all of the hub bub has completely died down.)


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