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Be PREPARED - Main stream has finally started seeing what the general public needs to do in order to be prepared for any disaster placed in front of them.

Yup! I opened my pie hole again.

Wireless energy... Billions of years old!!

Well...Are they????

Has anyone blamed Trump yet???

No pun intended here folks.

This debt is out of this world high!!!

Even though the US economy is booming, look at the Federal Spending!!!!

These foods will be taste tested here soon! Please stand by....
And I still cannot remember to set the display correctly yet!!


Get ready. Get set. Let it snow!

Veterans Day 2018

Walk about at our local Dollar Tree for Fall, 2018

Brief walk around the Christmas decorations at my local Dollar Tree store and what I am going to put up on my front door this year.


Rumors are beginning to circulate about the USD being dropped as the IMF Reserve Currency by years end.

Have you been hearing this rumor too???

Long Term Storage Failure.

A couple cans of condensed milk burst during the last couple weeks causing bugs to be attracted to the spoilage.

Best guess is the weight of the cans above the failed ones caused the leakage.

Commercial food processors have been providing you with MRE'S for many decades and you might not even know it.

This disaster has been devastating!!

Get out of the danger zone before it is to late!!!

What an extended recession will do to one person.
It darn near killed me TWICE!!
Happy Days Are Here Again!

I hope that you are doing well today. And much better than you were from 2009 - 20015.


Small protest at our nations capital.
(I support freedom of speech as long as it remains peaceful!)

These children have been indoctrinated into the Democratic Socialist Party and drink their kool-aid on a daily basis. What a waste.

The first ever combined TV and wireless telephone EMS broadcast in America was just conducted. Did you get the message?

Farewell JoJo!!!
My little buddy had to be put down due to old age. He will be missed.

Time to gather up essentials for this winters camping trips. Disasters happen anytime and we need to be ready to experience how to deal with them during all of the four seasons.

Some items always forgotten while stocking up on SHTF goods.


$0.69 for a friggen POTATO!!!!


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Here we show different aspects to becoming prepared for any emergency that may come your way. Share this information with your friends and family so we may grow.