Tonight at 9pm CST on Dlive, our Sunday Night Feature will be PCU Starring Jeremy Piven and David Spade!

Watch with us here!

Tonight, Minneapolis disavows police, and more karens saying the N word than have ever been on the show at once .

Saturday Night Bluntstream! We have MAGA dudes vs lesbians, Mexi-Saw man, Karen vs Karen combat, Mandingo fights, the homies stole a tank, Based Dominicans and MORE!

Footage and news from the riots is all I am able to find. So lets celebrate destruction and take an emotional roller coaster ride of judgement and watch them all.

Tonight at 11cst - Lilly Singh has some encouraging words for...Herself. Houston woman catches darts with her foot, Sea Rage: A Real problem. Scooter Rage: A Hilarious problem. Friendly innocent jogger has 2 new videos of him jogging with a 60 inch TV, and jogging in his car in an ally, The revenge of Indiapimp and MORE!

It's Saturday night once again, and time for the greatest shitshow on earth, the Bluntstream!

Saturday night in Las Tejas just got a lot better, with the introduction of our new forever friend Dark Ninja, and new crazy news with crazy Kimber.


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Dark Ninja's last chance has been used up, in addition, we travel tyo South Africa, Israel, the US ghetto and more to bring you the finest in degeneracy.

Dark ninja challenged me to some sort of internet fight, but instead, a number of people just tag team on him as well. He never really answeres why he hates me so bad, but we learn that Dark Ninja is the poster boy for "asked for it".

Dark ninja is literally the only recruit to the House of Mouse in 2020. The only guy low tier enough to consider Scoobie331 a role model. It's a complete dumpster fire, but I laughed a lot.

In China, african workers are being told they cannot rent housing or enter stores, but that's not all, we have plenty of homegrown sex robot and coof cult action

The name says it all. The Bluntstream is back, the greatest show since the last one. Extra Corona.

Sunday night feature, Rock n Roll High school forever, and a very special Scoobie331 update featuring his tranny brother who hit me up recently...

Our new friend Burnside the cuck comes to play, with his disgusting fat girlfriend, Terra Synn, and all the large black men's sperm inside her.

Don't trust China. China is asshole.

Tonight, Italy's deaths double, chinese people crap on other people's lawns and more!

Day 7 of America held Hostage, the Quarantine continues.

The woman in the first video is the worst thing ever.

Drinking cow urine can stave off Coronavirus, and much more!

Coronavirus updates, waffle house fights, sanitizer hoarding and more!

Coronavirus, Pimps Slapping hoes and More!


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Welcome to Fabulous Las Tejas, home of Adonis Paul, the clown prince of late night. Join us for The Bluntstream, the only live internet cringefest that allows you to murder my staff!