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Join me for a pre-spring survey of the Acres! (And a few bonus trail camera shots, of course.) See some stuff, have some fun, and wait for spring. Talk about mushrooms, trees, animal track, and unicorns.

Not a bad haul! I ended up moving this camera after the swamp grew quiet. Footage is from Aug 27 - Oct 16, 2020.

Coyote, bobcat, bird, mouse, raccoon, mourning dove, frogs

Here are all the visitors to the Orchard in just a short period of time: August 1 - 6, 2020. It was then that I realized my love for porcupines. Awww.

Imagine my amazement at stumbling upon a rare melanistic chipmunk! Black squirrels? Sure. But black chipmunks?! Who knew?!? Hope you love this fascinating rodent as much as I did.

After the season's first snowfall (October 30) died down, I ventured into the Acres to check for any paw prints....

The previous Honey Slopes video, "This explains that mysterious dirt mound," covered through July 27, 2020. Here are the goings-on from July 29-August 6, 2020. (That's 9 days.) In case you were ever curious what those groundhogs (AKA woodchucks) and their neighbors do all day...

I regret to inform you that the Haunted Cemetery Driving Tour is cancelled this year.

You already met my adorable roommate. Now meet her new friend!

Checking back on Lumberjack Bridge this summer, I saw some familiar faces as well as a new one! This footage is from a period slightly longer than 2 weeks: July 23-August 7, 2020. Enjoy!

I tried quite a few trees on the swamp side of the Acres, to little avail... until I finally found this spot! Watch to learn just who makes the little paths through the grass and into the reedy expanse beyond. It might not be who you think. All the good footage is from August 15-20, 2020. (The bonus footage at the end is from July 4, 2020.)

P.S. Birds are cool and all, but those first few clips just weren't what I'd been hoping for.

I have seen many types of animals in the Acres that have yet to make an appearance on my trail cameras: owls, fishers (commonly but incorrectly referred to as "fishercats"), muskrats, foxes, turtles, and northern watersnakes, to name a few. There is always that hope. But here is a great little critter I was not expecting, and have never seen in the wild! Watch to see how I verify what it is.

Come with me on a journey into the Acres wilderness, as I seek definitive proof of the presence of the elusive MOOSE. Talk to a bug, a frog, and a butterfly, and witness what hardships I struggle through to bring entertaining animals to the world.

Here are the Orchard visitors from July 25-28, 2020. Mostly it's the doe and one of the porcupines taking turns, with the buck and a hummingbird popping in as well. Why shouldn't they? This place has enough delicious snacks for everyone!

Oops... did I say "one of" the porcupines????? ...Stay tuned!

Here is a curious little spot out on Honey Slopes. Technically, it's just outside of the Acres to the south. Watch and find out if anybody's inside...

Take a look into the heart of the Acres, at Birch Grave Pond! See the creatures who come here, and find out what they're up to.

(Aside from this footage captured during the first 2 weeks of July 2020, there were 200+ videos of the plants swaying in the breeze. Fortunately when I found out, I'd already moved this trail camera elsewhere on a hunch.)

Here are my first videos captured on Lumberjack Bridge, which is located up in the "Oakish Highlands" region of the Acres. Footage is from 2 days in late June 2020. (I was too curious to leave it alone for longer than 2 days.) As you can see, this spot looks like it's going to be excellent for viewing all sorts of wildlife!

My channel would not be complete without this introduction. Meet my roommate and take a tour of her personal little park.
Park Rules:
--Cutie-pies only
--You must have fun
--Snacks welcome
--ABSOLUTELY NO perfumes, oil diffusing, or smoke of any kind

This spot was no good for the trail camera. Fortunately, the false triggers treated us to a pretty array of colors and lens effects. Enjoy!

I stuck this trail camera in Hazelnut Orchard on July 21, 2020 and checked it 3 days later. I hit the jackpot! Apparently so did the buck.

The orchard is located in the North End region of the acres. Needless to say, the camera is still on that tree now. Enjoy all this awesome footage from its first few days!

Here is my first trail camera footage from Adventure Acres, captured on June 22 and 24, 2020. This particular area is known as "Princess Pine Plains," named for a plant species that proliferates here. In the background is "Slitherer's Swamp." Ooooh.


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