Milo on the Kill Stream December 2019, threatening to dump more dirt on everybody. Order your popcorn now.

The Jewish lobby has now succeeded in making ordinary Leftists into "anti-Semites" along with everybody else.

Colin Liddell reads his 2013 essay "Alternative Vertical" with visuals supplied by our ape-like ancestors and a large mysterious monolith embodying the aspirational character our civilisation has partly lost.
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Presidential candidate Andrew Yang squirts cream into the mouths of kneeling fanboys, who kneel before him in a scene eerily evocative of certain kinds of degrading porn movies. Is Yang dogwhistling the gay vote?

The incident happened during the "festivities" at the opening of his Manchester office. Towards the end, Yang's handler realises how bad this looks for other voters, and moves to stop him.

Andy Nowicki and Tim Kelly of the Our Interesting Times podcast discuss the "Reptilian nature" of the ruling class and Andy's book "Conspiracy, Compliance, Control & Defiance: a primer on what is, and what is to be done." Among the topics touched on are 9-11, David Icke, Jeffrey Epstein, the Franklin child prostitution scandal, the sociopathic vs. the malevolent personality, Jewish power, political corruption, homosexual blackmail, secret societies, the scandals of the Catholic Church, pederasty, and the nature of evil.

Originally published in November 2016.

After years of shadowbanning, the Facebook page of Affirmative Right was recently shut down - not temporarily banned but totally and irrevocably disabled - by the social media monopoly for unspecified reasons.

This also included other pages, like Trad News and No More Brother Wars, and the personal accounts several people involved with Affirmative Right.

Editors Andy Nowicki and Colin Liddell discuss why the polite, civil, and well-informed content that our Facebook page presented might be the most terrifying thing there is, both for Leftist Big Tech and the shady organisations that prod them from the rear and for elements of the retard or shill right.

Is there no end to the evil that is Richard Spencer? From his unhealthy love of hamburgers to his sick interest in Bond movies and wife-beating, Spencer is rightly seen as a modern day monster, leering at the World from behind his psychopathic and narcissistic smile. What then are we to make of this recently uncovered footage of Spencer attempting to corrupt the innocent minds of schoolgirls in what he horrifyingly describes as "the anime island of Japan"? I mean those girls can't be more than six years old at the most!

Following the Unite the Right march at Charlottesville, Richard Spencer has a sudden urge to channel his secret hero. Alas it is a secret no more.

Affirmative Right Chief Editor Colin Liddell responds to Morgoth's video, "The Subversive Messaging of ET," which claims that Speilberg's iconic 1983 movie was pro-immigration propaganda. Liddell instead points out that this is unlikely as the alien actually goes home, and instead argues that the movie is an expression of pedophiliac fear and desire at the time of "Moral Majority" America in the 1980s.

The Subversive Messaging of ET:

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As RamZPaul has a nasty habit of removing his videos I have decided to upload it here purely for reference and archival purposes.

RamZPaul has often and quite rightly blamed Richard Spencer for hanging out with "Nazis" like Andrew Anglin and Mike Enoch. But how does he explain this - a very convivial meeting with old school Nazi Harold Covington.

Affirmative Right chief editor Colin Liddell comments on the recent recording allegedly of Richard Spencer ranting against Jews and other groups in the aftermath of the Charlottesville debacle. Does the tape finally "prove" that Spencer is a wignat Neo-Nazi nutjob or is the truth even sadder than that?

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For many years Richard Spencer kept his retarded Nazi sympathies well out of sight, but in 2017, in a desperate attempt to seize control of an Alt-Right increasingly dominated by Nazi-signalling shills and useful idiots, he went full Nazi. The evidence is slowly coming out. This excerpt of Spencer in Hitler mode was recorded shortly after Charlottesville.

Film maker and Affirmative Right contributor Richard Wolstencroft joins Andy Nowicki and Colin Liddell to discuss "Joker," the film that everyone is talking about.

Why has this story, ostensibly that of an "incel loser" clown, struck such a deep chord? Is it the ambiguity of the "unreliable narrator" forcing us to create our own compelling Rorschach pictures of what we see, or is it because we really are living in Clown World?

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From this article: ELECTILE DYSFUNCTION ( )

The perfect expression of the establishment's desire to get the apolitical to be political (if just for a few minutes) is this short film, apparently created by the Danish government. It uses an interesting mix of pornography and humour to try and make voting "cool" again.

The video seems to be aimed at hipster types, who, while being "politically correct" enough not to support the rising nationalist surge, feel no particular motivation to vote for the old zombie mainstream parties either. The filmmakers seem to have decided, however, that there is a chance of getting them to vote and shore up the old zombie parties if they watch a cartoon that tickles their hipster irony bone. Cue "Voteman" – a moustachioed superstud motivated by a combination of psychosis and trivialities ("the amount of cinnamon allowed in his cinnamon buns" 0:42) to force everyone to vote.

Perhaps the key scene in the cartoon is when he randomly throws unconscious non-voters into the voting booths to "vote" (1:06). Nothing is more revealing of the state of zombie democracy of the West than this: the status quo attempting to stay alive by desperately appealing for the votes of an unconscious majority who have no idea what they are voting for and no real motivation to vote for it.

Sick and tired of middle class crusties ruining their day with stupid "morally signalling" protests, angry London commuters fight back.

Not sure how reliable this is, as questions exist regarding Jason Kessler himself, but anyway it is a generally convincing performance and is backed up, to some extent, by documentary evidence. More here:

Banned on YouTube, these two 2014 videos by Andy Nowicki, who was then the assistant editor of Alternative Right at the time, are reposted here

After famous English actor and comedian John Cleese came out and stated that "London is no longer an English city," the backlash prompted many videos offering proof that he was right. In this episode of The Report From Tiger Mountain we are examining Melbourne, Australia's "multi-cultural" hub and deciding whether it is still in fact, an Australian city.

The transformation of the female booty from a passive organ of procreation into an active organ of degeneracy continues.

Affirmative Right regular Richard Wolstencroft joins Andy and Colin to discuss the perverse purpose of Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire recently indicted on fresh charges of pimping underage girls to the rich, powerful, and famous.

Who is Epstein and where does his mysterious fortune come from? Was he just a pedo with his own private jet and Caribbean island, or was he running something much more sinister?

Available as downloadable audio here:

AC/DC bust out the bagpipes in tribute to the band's Scottish contingent.

People often ask this question... Let Richard answer it for himself

Conspiracy theories have become a kind bugbear for a hysterical establishment bent on controlling the public discourse. While some conspiracy theories are clearly absurd—and a bit of fun—others are serious working hypotheses attempting to make sense of an often baffling world. The attempt to dismiss them and ban them on social media reflects a nascent tyrannical tendency in our ruling elites. Film maker and Affirmative Right contributor Richard Wolstencroft stands on the grassy knoll and asks why people get so upset about a bit of informed or uninformed conjecture.


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