Affirmative Right chief editor Colin Liddell remembers an incident from December 2020 which may explain why "America First" leader Nick Fuentes has been banned from flying.

Huff Post gloating about White genocide.

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On this episode of the Report From Tiger Mountain, film maker Richard Wolstencroft continues his discussion on the "Forever Pandemic" with musician and free thinker David Thrussell.

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Whatever happened to global warming? The winter of 2020-21 has been one of the coldest on record and spring has been slow in coming in many parts of the World. Affirmative Right chief editor Colin Liddell discusses the connection between the Covid and Global Cooling and the enormous threat this poses to people in the Northern part of the World.

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Back in 2016 the Alt-Right was still a potent movement with a wide and growing appeal, as testified by this presentation by RamZPaul at the American Renaissance conference.

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On this episode of the Report From Tiger Mountain, Richard Wolstencroft discusses the Forever Pandemic with musician and "free thinker" David Thrussell.

Colin Liddell proposes an antidote to the R-word that underpins the power of our global elites.

Vintage content from Dec 2019
Skillfully navigating the UK's Orwellian thought crime laws, British Vlogger On the Offensive gives a masterclass on how to rationally, calmly, and fairly critique the insane multicultural state and all its absurdities.

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Video version of Colin Liddell's article "Is Counter-Currents Becoming a Secret "Gay Nazi" Club in Order to Survive?"

Colin Liddell reads his short essay "Antiextraneity" published at Affirmative Right:
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Colin Liddell and Millennial Woes in Glasgow in 2016 discussing morality. Originally published on Woe's YouTube channel at the time, but later deleted for unknown reasons.

Andy on getting the usual runaround from "ThemTube"

Andy's "ThemTube" channel:

Andy Nowicki comments on the anti-White Left's tendency to see almost anything as "racism" and "White Supremacy," even an apolitical sporting legend who just happens to look nice "while being White."

Much speculation has surrounded the destruction of World Trade Centre 7, one of the buildings on 9/11 that was not hit by any "terrorist hijacked" aircraft. This interview with WTC owner Larry Silverstein suggests that there was a deliberate decision to blow up the building "for reasons."

A report from Canadian Television on a Trad News story about Black-on-White violence and "racial replacement" in Edmonton.

Note that they don't tackle the allegations in the story. They merely call it "fake news" and cite some bogus police report that is mainly interested in ignoring the inter-racial aspects of the crime wave.

The story in question can be read here:

Excerpt from the 2012 Vanguard Podcast. Colin Liddell, Andy Nowicki, and Richard Spencer discuss Xmas films.


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