Colin Liddell joins Luke Ford to chat about the recent Buffalo spree shooter, fears of demographic change, our lack of elites and leadership, the problems surrounding Nick Fuentes, the merits and demerits of nationalism, and the growth of hyperreality.

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A revealing quote by Mike Enoch from a podcast he did in 2018 with fellow Jew Isaac Cohen. Everything Enoch says about "others" immediately rebounds on himself and describes Enoch and all the other sub- and quasi-Whites acting out their identity crises by going full 1488. Fun trivia fact: Enoch is an anagram of Cohen.
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Nick has been in serious denial for too long and it's increasingly playing havoc with his sense of who he is, what he wants to do, and the movement he has built up. Everything in America First is now rapidly circling round the all-important CQ (the Closet Question) rather like water going down a plug hole. Really, if Little Nicky could just get past the butt sex part, maybe he could chill and refocus on doing something positive with his life. But then again who on the Christian Right wants to follow an out-and-out gay kid that's just had his cherry popped?

Affirmative Right Editor Colin Liddell focuses on the recent council elections in the UK and the vote for the Northern Ireland Assembly to explain how British politics works.
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In the latest Report From Tiger Mountain, Richard Wolstencroft reflects on liberty and how our leaders and the media want us to support liberty for Ukraine when we have lost a lot of liberty at home.

The recent conflict in the Ukraine shows that the Russian military has serious shortcomings. But is this really anything new? Anyone familiar with the history of the Russian military in previous conflicts would have had serious doubts about its performance in the Ukraine even before the conflict started.

Affirmative Right Chief Editor Colin Liddell joins Luke Ford to discuss Russian President Vladimir Putin's daring attempt to rearrange the "geopolitical furniture" of Europe by invading the Ukraine. Is he a "Second Hitler" or is he just doing this in response to "provocations" by the West and fear of NATO expansion? Can Putin's high risk gamble succeed or has he already lost the war?

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Colin Liddell joins Radio Free America host Halsey English to safely walk through the minefield of retarded takes and hysterical exaggerations that the recent Russo-Ukrainian war has created.


Radio Free America:

00:00 Why predict the future?
01:13 Marxist futurology
01:40 Conservative futurology
02:07 The rise of Identitarianism
03:12 The roots of Globalism
05:47 Its temporary benefits and destructive consequences
07:06 Can the West be saved by its political system?
09:22 The resilience of states
10:24 Identitarian revolution in America?
11:21 Identitarian revolution in Europe?
12:26 How Globalism stifles Identitarianism
13:38 Argentinization vs. Brazilification
15:19 The elasticity and expansion of "Whiteness"
16:59 The example of Argentina

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Mjolnir at the Movies podcast from 2017 discussing "The Last Jedi."

Richard Spencer F-bombs a bemused Nick Fuentes, accusing him of being "wicked and hollow," "a child molester," "a Mexican peasant."

Also inquires whether Nick's parents do cheap cleaning jobs for rich WASPs like himself.

Luke Ford considers the irony of Richard Spencer calling nationalism a "shit magnet."
Originally recorded 19th February 2021
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Affirmative Right Chief Editor Colin Liddell explains how Boris Johnson has used "racism" -- or at least an aversion to "race cucking" -- to firewall his position as Prime Minister from possible leadership challenges. This is despite his increasing unpopularity following a stream of revelations about parties in government offices during the Covid lock down. The tall poppy syndrome is alive and doing very well in multicultural Britain.

J. Philippe Rushton explaining calmly, logically, and irrefutably that there are substantial hereditary differences in intelligence and many other characteristics between the races.


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