After CRPS

After CRPS

After CRPS


Update: What the future holds, for now...

The next chapter in my journey living with active CRPS... Nothing speaks louder to my healing, without Western medicine, than a presentation of "Show & Tell". Well, here I am to share that with you!

The continuing saga of life after reaching maximum medical improvement in the hands of Western medicine and how I achieved the improbable, improvement.

A video journal chronicling my journey to a better quality of life than I was being offered where I share what I've learned has helped me living with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

CRPS My Path to Less Pain (STEP 1)

Nothing beats "winging it" … This is the beginning of a video journal to track where I go from here, starting with where I've been.

December 31, 2018, and I'm struggling with pain today. Try as she will to get me distracted, my little mindfulness partner that she is.

Walk with me through the Powderhorn National Forest of Colorado. Let's have a little heart to heart on how I discovered the path back to a functional life despite what western medicine offered and how I turned the prognosis of continued deterioration around regaining my independence in everyday life. (Sept. 2018)


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Follow the life struggles of an individual hell-bent on continuing to defy the prognosis given by western medicine.