Aww, this sleepy girl is determined to finish her dinner! She’s fighting through her urge to nap and keeps chugging through her plate of pasta! No one should have to choose between sleep time and snack time – but it looks like this little one has eliminated the need to choose! LOL!

The Russian Blue cat is a cat breed that comes in colors varying from light silver to darker, slate grey. Not only are they a beautiful breed, they are funny and smart too. This compilation of blue cats will probably make you want to adopt one because they are so freakin’ adorable and entertaining. I mean seriously! The personality on some of these cats will have you cracking up! Like the beautiful grey cat, 34 seconds in, who takes her human’s money and WON’T LET IT GO! The second clip in the comp had me cracking up (:10) – two cats balance on their back legs and swat at each other. You know what we say here at That Pet Life… double the trouble, double the funnies. My favorite clip has to be the cat who steals a woman’s food right off of her plate (2:30). It is so funny because the woman can tell that the cat was about to steal her food, said something, the cat acknowledged the woman but decides to take a piece of turkey and runoff. Fearless! Check out this hilarious compilation and share your favorite clip in the comment section below!

Anyone who’s gone skiing before knows that it can be really hard! Often the secret to getting good at it is very simple – just keep trying! So when this girl almost went down one of the hardest ski slopes available and lost her balance, she was determined to crawl away from it and keep practicing! Talk about perseverance!

OMG, kids are so funny about presents! They can have super unexpected reactions to gifts – and you’ll see that in this awesome compilation of kids opening Christmas presents! Kids say the funniest stuff, and these ones are absolutely no exception! Consider this video a gift to you!

Toddlers can be so funny! They’re still new to the world, so understandably they are still learning just how to navigate the ins and outs of life – and you can see that here! While two tots check out a mirror, another walks into the wall because her toy hard hat is covering her face! I’m sure they’ll laugh about it when they’re older!

Ball pits are so cool! What kid doesn’t love jumping into the seemingly endless pool of colorful spheres that are so common at play places and gyms? In case you aren’t right next to a ball pit right now, you can re-live that thrill by watching this awesome compilation of people jumping into a whole bunch of fun!

This dog has been around long enough to catch onto the human’s secret – the magical door that hides the food! Now that he knows where to look, he just has to work out how to get inside – but that is easier said than done! Maybe he’s just giving it a test run?

This dog has a very peculiar reaction to dramatic music – as soon as he hears it, he goes straight into a case of the zoomies! Zoomies, if you don’t know, are when an animal gets the sudden urge to run as fast as possible around the room – and our experts can confirm that this is a textbook case of zoomitis! Maybe he’s inspired by the music?

Who says that cats and dogs can't be friends? In this super sweet comp, not only are there cats and dogs who are the best of friends, but also horses with kitten pals and chickens who love chasing their canine companions! You won't believe some of these adorable animal friendships!

Kids nowadays are already so tech-savvy from a young age! It can be so fun to watch them use technology – and it can also be pretty funny! These silly kids are prime examples of the funny things that can happen when kids and technology combine! Get ready to laugh!

Orange juice may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of comedy, but this cute little toddler may just change that! She is laughing up a storm about the orange juice her big sister is drinking. Her big sister just adds to the comedy by adding emphatic “YUM”s while she drinks. It’s so cute!

Squirrels are such adorable and fun creatures! No matter if there’s only one squirrel outside or a bunch of them playing together, something funny will happen for sure, only if you watch it long enough! But at the same, there are so many squirrels live around us that we almost stopped paying any attention to them! That’s why I love videos like this one! They remind us of how amazingly funny our little furry neighbors are! Just take a look at this clip, and you’ll see what I mean! It shows a cute little squirrel who is having loads of fun by herself! She is standing on a backyard hoop and plays with the net. OMG, just look at her! She is definitely one of the most adorable squirrels I’ve seen in a while! If you are a squirrel fan too, you are going to love this video too! LOL!

Ping pong can be lots of fun! These adorable tots are learning just how much fun it can be – look at the smiles on their faces! Too precious! Of course, some of them aren’t tall enough to play at the game tables yet – but it’s never too early to practice!

Every parent wants to be their baby’s first word – it can become a bit of a competition to see if a baby says the word “mom” or “dad” first. It seems like this baby has already gotten “dad” down perfectly – so mom tries her hardest to get the little cutie to say “mom”, too! Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned…watch to find out what happens!

You know how toddlers have a way of doing things differently than adults? Well, this toddler decided to try and play piano with her feet! Now, we are not sure if classical or jazz composers ever wrote a piece for feet, but this toddler is rocking her ABCs on the small electrical piano. But that’s not all! She gets so carried by the song, that she finally starts to bang all over the piano using both her hands. We are not sure if this counts as a talent, but we would surely want to have her energy! Trust us, you’ve never heard such a hilarious version of ABC song. We had a pretty strong reaction to this performance, but as you’ll see, a little girl’s dog stayed very indifferent. Maybe he got used to such unusual and exceptional concerts, or maybe he is just tired of listening to the awful noise of the electric piano. Either way, we are very lucky to have heard this performance, because it is the hilarious thing we’ve heard in a while! We bet you’ll love this musician - toddler, as well!

Fluffy puppies! Who doesn’t love fluffy puppies?? You have to love this amazing compilation of the fluffiest puppies anyone has ever seen – you’ll love it so much, you may just watch it again once it’s done! Which one is your favorite? If you can pick one, that is!

Aren’t hugs delightful? They are great, but sometimes, they can get awkward! These are some of the funniest awkward hugs ever caught on video – you’re guaranteed to bust out laughing when you see these crazy clips! Enjoy these funny videos – and be glad you’re not the one in an awkward situation!

Who would have thought babies could have so much sass? This is what happens when babies talk back to their parents... with some serious attitude. You have to watch this funny video compilation of babies serving some serious attitude to their parents! My favorite is the baby who refuses to share her donut with her mommy and daddy, her reaction when they ask her to share is too funny! Which clip was your favorite? Share in the comment section below!

Watching kids at Christmas is something special – they are so wrapped up in holiday magic that you can’t help but feel just as excited! And as we all know, kids say some pretty funny things – when you combine them, you get one funny video! These kids have a lot to say about Christmas – give it a listen!

Okay, so maybe this little baby didn’t QUITE get all of the words to “Old McDonald” right, but it’s too fabulous to ignore! This baby is a natural stage presence, gravitating all the attention in the room toward his incredible talent! Don’t be surprised if you see this little one on a singing competition one day!

Normally, I wouldn’t think that a baby this small was being intentionally sassy…but after seeing this video, I’m not so sure! Mom tells the little girl that she needs to be quiet, as her brothers are already asleep in bed. The baby stays quiet as mom explains why she shouldn’t make noise…and starts to yell once she’s done! What do you think?

Pugs are so cute! They have adorable, squishy faces, and perfectly round little bodies – they’re like walking stuffed animals! If you aren’t lucky enough to have one, worry not – this compilation has got you covered! This pug-tastic video is a must watch!

OMG, this little girl has invented a game, and she is having the best time playing it! While standing on a cushion, she dramatically throws herself backwards, which causes her to explode with giggles! I guess she figured out how to do a one-person trust fall!

What is it about cats and Christmas trees? Cats seem to immediately gravitate to a tree as soon as it appears. Maybe it’s the shiny baubles that adorn its branches, or maybe it’s the shimmering lights. Or maybe, cats just get really excited about Christmas? Why not all three?

Do you ever just feel like you need to sing? This cute dog can relate! He LOVES to sing to his owner, and today he’s decided to sing his absolute favorite song! He puts so much heart and soul into his performance that you just have to love it! Howl along if you know the words!


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