Here at AFV, we endorse the practice of pumpkin-smashing ONLY in the cases that it’s YOUR pumpkin. If you’re sneaking onto a neighbor’s porch to smash their prized Jack-o-Lantern— NOT cool! But if you own it and consent to its destruction, by all means smash away. Those gourds never saw it coming.

Poof, alakazam, vamoose— whatever your word of choice for it, we got your ghosting right here! From disappearing people to disappearing dignity, everything is vanishing right before your eyes. It may not be fun for those involved, but great news: YOU are not them!

Happy Halloween! We’re counting down the Top 25 Costumes, as well as those who might have been spooked by them. From ghouls to goblins to ghosts and even some recognizable characters in between, this spooktacular All Hallow’s Eve celebraish is not one to be missed!

Which holiday is king? The night of the spirits when scares are at their most heightened? Or the gift-giving extravaganza that powers us through the year’s end? Here at AFV, we love both so much there’s just no way we could possibly decide! What’s your favorite?

What can we say? This title speaks for itself. Sometimes the fails are wet and wild. Sometimes they’re dry and wild. Sometimes they’re a weird middle ground that encompasses all these things. Will you get off our backs already? Watch the darn compilation!

You folks are in for a real treat, in that we here at AFV have tricked you. This video has very little to do with Halloween, but everything to do with tricking and treating (yo’self and others). We’re not saying there’s no relation to the macabre here, but that title is a little untrustworthy…

You’re walking along, minding your own business, when suddenly, the floor is engulfed with burning hot magma! Where do you go? What do you do? What CAN you do? Play along, of course! Watch as this childhood imaginary game is given a fresh spin. Because I can’t feel the floor when I’m with you, and I lava it.

“Who’s to blame, really?” – words spoken by us all, at some point. The nature of the world is that accidental occurrences are something we all live with. Are they unpleasant? Sometimes. But luckily, they’re also, for the most part, pretty darn funny. Enjoy these accident-prone folks doing their thing!

You know that feeling, the one when you realize the weekend is almost over? Here at AFV we tried to bottle that feeling up into this collection of the best scares we could remember to cut together. Could we have tried harder? Perhaps. But we were dealing with a really rough case of Sunday Scaries, so lay off us!

Enough of the indoors, let’s fail outside for a bit! These folks tackled the elements and Mother Nature head on… and came up short. No matter, they left behind hilarious footage of their boneheaded blunders for all to enjoy! We’re serving it hot and ready for you to lap up, let the laughs begin!

There’s an old joke that women live longer than men because they don’t marry women. This dated attempt at humor isn’t funny for many reasons, but especially because it’s simply not true. Men, by and large, tend to do more stupid stuff. Don’t believe us? Then watch.

It’s that time of year again: the leaves turn shades of orange and red, apples and pumpkins are everywhere, seasonally spiced coffee/pastries/everything begins appearing, and most importantly, SPOOKY SCARES ABOUND! Join us as we serve up the best costumed pranks. But remember, you have to say Trick or Treat…

These people are… interesting. At least that’s one way to put it. We’re not sure what we just saw, and you probably won’t be either. Confusion, laughter, an uncomfortable feeling we don’t have a name for-- we went through ALL the emotions. How will you react?

From soccer fields to kickball diamonds to chorus lines, these feet have gone rogue! Whether it’s kicking a ball or direct foot-to-groin contact, the only people not laughing are the embarrassed victims. And lucky for you, you’re not one of them (we think).

Get those spotlights ready and pull back those curtains, because it’s show time! These folks are more than willing to put on a grand display showcasing their unique (and sometimes useless) talents and abilities. Give them the time of day and you’re sure to be amused. C’mon, they worked so hard!

We dare you… no, we double-dare you-- heck, we TRIPLE-dare you not to laugh at these hilarious fails, pranks, face-plants and scares! These hilarious clips are bound to warm even the coldest hearts amongst us. So take the challenge already. Are you up for it?

Do you dance to the beat of your own drum? Or even someone else’s entirely who people generally haven’t heard of yet? Good for you, then! Go against the grain, carve your own path, and take pride in these fellow travelers of yours along the weird and windy road less traveled.

Everyone knows those people who can’t seem to keep it together. At the figurative drop of a hat, they literally full-on L O S E it. Chill out, Chicken Littles-- the sky, falling she is not. Hey, why are you saying I’m yelling? I’m not yelling. No, YOU keep it together!

Moms and Dads are truly real-life superheroes. Without them, who knows what kind of horrific injuries kids would subject themselves to? For anyone who’s a parent, they know just how many close calls happen during those formative years. Luckily, if no one gets hurt, we can laugh at them all we want.

It’s not One Hallow’s Eve or Some Hallow’s Eve, the dang thing is ALL Hallow’s Eve! Sheesh, you really stink at this, don’t you? I bet you’re not even aware AFV is dishing out the spookiest scares, the creepiest pranks, and fails that’ll send you to the bone yard. Oh, you are, are you? Well then, I guess you’re not so bad at this after all…

The Happiest Place On Earth (TM) can be the Screamiest, the Scariest, and the Oh-No-iest Place On Earth (TM) … and sometimes all at once! Join these folks for a theme park misadventure you won’t soon forget. Guaranteed laughs when you enter the Magical World of AFV.

We are bringing you the Top Fails, and we didn’t pack just 10, no. We didn’t pack only 20. We are coming in en fuego with TWENTY-FIVE of the Top Fails of recent vintage! These people may have failed at their objectives in that moment, but they succeeded in making YOU laugh. Isn’t that more important?

A lot of the times, you can totally predict what’s about to happen. But sometimes… man, you just did not see that COMING! These fails have more twists and turns than a white-water rafting trip. See if your expectations get upended— think we can surprise you?

Ever been tubin’? Not like Jeffrey Toobin, the distinguished author and legal analyst, we mean like tubin’ in a tube. Let us let you in on a little secret: it’s pretty fun. Another secret: it presents A LOT of opportunities for hilarious wipe-outs, face-plants and splash landings!

Ever do something you instantly regret? Something so dumb that you just wish you could rewind time and have a do-over? Well, here’s a chance to take solace in the misfortune of these fine folks, who would really, truly like to have every last one of these one’s back.


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