Teams--what a great idea. A group of people working towards the same goal. But what happens when suddenly that team turns against itself? The result is hilarity!

Those moments when everything starts great--only to turn into a giant UH-OH! These videos feature an assortment of goofs and they'll each have you saying uh-oh!

There's room for fails everywhere. Whether it's during some crazy stunt or just walking up to the door, fails will find you!

Look around! There are LOLs everywhere! Maybe it's a dog spinning so fast he's a blur, or a weird goat, or beach sand castle traps, the world is full of funnies!

Friends are the best! They're who you call when you want to have fun! But sometimes friends can be the source of your biggest fail--which is still funny, just maybe not for you. This compilation is full of friendship gone awry!

We reached into the vault and got some true classics out for you right here. This compilation is here to prove that one thing never changes in America: the headshaking, hilarious fails!

Kids reactions to bugs: unpredictable. It can be a kiss or a scream or fascination. But it's all cute and funny at the same time!

Tampolines. Wow. They are just recipes for disaster. That doesn't mean they are hilarious though!

There are good days and bad days. And then there are REALLY bad days. Days when bears get into your car or squirrels flip out on your porch kind of days. And yes, this compilation has a bunch of the REALLY bad days!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sure, but we can all agree when it goes wrong! Feast your eyes on some truly hideous beauty fails--you'll cringe as you laugh!

Ok, gravity is a LAW. And when people go up against the law, the odds are not in their favor. But it's still funny to watch their inevitable fail!

Oh kids. The way they put words together makes you wonder on what planet they were born. Try to decipher the humor here--it may be hard to hear over your chuckles!

Everybody does embarrassing things. It's relatable. But that doesn't make it any less hilarious! See kids, adults, squirrels, dogs, cats, even bugs get in the game of relatable. You'll relate so hard it'll hurt!

There are few things more heartwarming than seeing siblings in their early days of bonding. It's so cute! Enjoy this series and remember the days BEFORE your sibling turned evil!

Some situations get out of control and you fail, it just happens. You can try to save face and pretend you MEANT to fail, but we all know the truth!

These kids have a lot to say. And they really get into it. But can you UNDERSTAND them? Watch and try--you may not get it, but you'll get tickled!

The thing about pranks is they come when you least expect it. And sometimes they come from the person you least expect. Watch and be warned about pranks here--or maybe take notes for your next epic prank!

There's a collection of whoopsies and wows in this compilation. From dads trying a little to hard to Kobe-worthy shots to shameful dogs, you'll be giggling from start to finish.

You can try but it's almost impossible not to LOL at the fails in this series! But go ahead--challenge yourself to keep a straight face!

We expect kids to fail. After all, they're just starting out. But adults and yes, animals, fail too! Watch this gut-busting collection to get your fill of fails, rated G for all ages!

Sometimes the weather works with us and sometimes the weather works against us. Witness weather gone hilariously wrong in this compilation!

Did we REALLY think it was a good idea to give kids cars? Who signed off on that? Probably someone who wanted a chuckle! It's true, seeing these little ones tackle their vehicles is guaranteed to make you grin!

Milk, mud, tissues, tape: no matter what it is, the kids in this compilation make a mess out of it. Watch and be grateful you're not the one who has to clean up!

Get ready, this compilation will make you say "awwwww." Too cute for words--and, wait for it, there are even kittens! Almost TOO cute!

Ah, those times when people attempt an incredible stunt and end up with an incredible fail. Start watching these videos for the fails and stay for the alligator!


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