When these kids say they’ve got themselves into a sticky situation, they aren’t joking around – these might be some of the stickiest situations to be captured on film! As innocent as things like stickers, gum, or slime might be on their own, once it gets into someone’s hair or on someone’s face, then we have an issue! Uh oh!

Oh boy, it looks like this adorable pup is perplexed by the water in her kiddie pool! It looks like she’s trying to bite the surface of the water, but she isn’t having much success – for understandable reasons! As long as she’s having a good time, there’s no reason for her to stop!

It looks like yet another dad has been chosen to undergo a fabulous makeover – well, maybe not so fabulous to them! This dad patiently sits while his young daughters put some pretty purple eyeshadow on his eyelids. His kids pose with him for a final look; looks like he got a serious dose of style!

Those neat hoverboards are so futuristic, it isn’t a surprise that some people just don’t know where to begin with them! This woman is taking her time to learn – she’s even got a helmet on, just in case something goes wrong! Fortunately, all that really happens is that she starts going in circles – LOL!

Sometimes babies just want to have a good, warm snuggle, and that’s exactly what they do in this adorable compilation! And no one is off-limits – cats, dogs, siblings, and even a book are pulled into snuggle time with these tired babies. Don’t they look so cozy?

Curious about the latest trends in hairstyles? If you ask these kids and pets, they’ll say that the hottest look this season is the static setup! This hair-raising look is effortless and looks super unique – you might even say that it will shock people! Watch how these little fashionistas work the look!

Okay, I already knew that sheep were super cute, but did you know that they’re pretty funny too? If you need proof, this video will definitely show you how sheep can be silly, delightful, and even naughty sometimes! And who can resist those fluffy lambs? I know I can’t!

These two dogs can’t stop bickering over the same spot on the couch. The bigger dog, who doesn’t have a space on the couch, seems pretty upset that the little pug is hogging the whole thing! If you ask me, it looks like there’s room for both of them to get comfy – sharing is caring, guys!

You have to see this adorable video of a girl going out of her way to make her baby brother laugh! Siblings laughing together is such a wonderful thing. And they caught it on video! Now everyone can enjoy the precious relationship between this brother and sister. Awww!

It’s pretty common for siblings to bicker, but when those siblings are a cat and a dog, the level of petty fighting goes all the way up! A small orange cat is not happy about the brown and white dog running laps around the living room, and he makes his displeasure known to everyone!

This cute dog clearly has something to say, but what he’s talking about isn’t exactly clear – especially since he can only whine and bark to let his owners know! And what a funny whine he has! Have you ever heard a dog that sounded like this? I know I haven’t!

I'm mad! These angry kids are here, and they're making some seriously angry faces. Look, a kid knows what a kid wants. When they are not happy...they are NOT happy. In fact, they're grumpy! And trust us when we say that a kid will be the very first person to tell you they are not happy! I'm speaking from personal experience, of course! When I skip my lunch, I'm very hangry... Sometimes when a kid is grumpy you can't help but laugh, so today we're giving you a compilation of some hilarious angry kid reactions. Like the one at 2:45 is literally the face I make when I'm trying my best to keep my cool! LOL! Or when they run out of snacks in the break room. I make the same face for both.

Feeling a little cramped up or stiff? You know what you might need? A big old stretch! Ah, that feels better already, doesn’t it? Now that you’re warmed up, why not watch this great compilation of adorable pets stretching out? Don’t be surprised if you feel the need to stretch again during the video – they make it look so enticing!

Oh no, here come some baby drama queens and kings! These kiddos are fooling everyone with their fake tears – or maybe they aren’t! Either way, they’re definitely cute, even if they are a little too dramatic. Then again, why not spice things up with a little acting?

There are so many great types of videos out there, from videos that melt your heart to videos that make you laugh out loud. So we figured, why not bring some of the best types together in one spot? These fishing clips really cover the bases – some are adorable, others are awesome, and of course we have our classic fails as well! This compilation is definitely a must-see!

You may have seen dad makeovers before, but be prepared for a whole new experience – dad AND little brother makeovers! This girl has transformed the look of not one, but TWO of her beloved family members. Who wouldn’t be proud? This girl has got some style!

I love you baby! I love you dog! There's nothing like being told that you are loved, and we want every single one of you to know that you are very, very loved! In today's video, we are spreading the love far and wide. We are giving you a babies vs dogs compilation to answer the age old question: who is cuter saying, "I love you?" These babies are pretty adorable saying I love you, but I'm just impressed that these dogs can speak! This is cuteness overload if you ask me!

OMG, how is this tiny baby already so expressive? Just look at her cute little face – her shocked faces are just too much for me to handle! I could watch this adorable video all day long, and I’m sure you’ll feel the same! If you need a cute fix, you have to see this video!

We are definitely glad this clip was captured in slow motion; it makes it way cooler! A dad acts like a sled ramp for one of his kids, but decides he’s done being sledded on – but not before his other kids begin to slide right toward him! Luckily, he pulls off one heck of a dodge, and all in slow motion! Crisis averted!

LOL, I guess this kid just really wanted to dance with someone…even a framed picture! This boy is so silly, I can’t even believe it. Of course, picture frames aren’t really made for dancing – so the clip ends with an inevitable crash of the picture meeting the ground! It was fun while it lasted!

Have you ever been so tired that you fell asleep right in the middle of doing something, only to suddenly wake up and start doing the previous thing like you never slept at all? If you said yes, you’ll find this tired baby so relatable. His closed eyes say “nap time”, but his sudden wake ups and bouncing says he still thinks it’s playtime! How cute!

Okay, this clip is too funny – these siblings are taking advantage of their baby brother’s balance troubles to make some hilarious jokes! It’s perfectly understandable that a baby would have some trouble sitting up on a bed, so there’s no harm done – just some LOL worthy moments! Although maybe we should ignore the little push at the end…

Aw, this dog and his owner are so in sync with one another, they even get sleepy and take naps at the same time! The person behind the camera switches between a sleeping lady and a sleeping dog; they’re even both snoring peacefully! They do say that dogs can resemble their owners, LOL!

Sisters share a special bond – there’s no one who makes you laugh more (or get into trouble more) than a sister. Sure, they can be annoying sometimes, but when it comes down to it, sisters love each other through thick and thin. Best friends for life!

This sweet baby girl has just learned how to blow a raspberry, and even better, she’s captured doing it in slow motion! Babies are already adorable in normal speed, but when things get slowed down, they get even cuter! This video will definitely bring a smile to your face!


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