Dogs are HILARIOUS. Man’s Best Friend finds a way to get into all sorts of shenanigans that humans wouldn’t even dream of. That’s what makes them so darn funny to watch! This compilation is full of the cutest and funniest dogs out there on the internet!

You know about Cool Cats – well, get ready for Cool Pugs! Those little bodies sure do hold a lot of attitude! These pups know how to step on the scene is style. You can catch them at the pool, at the beach, in a car, or even on a Roomba! Hope you’re ready to Pug Out!

They say that the kitchen is the place in the house to prepare food, but these jokesters see it as the prank center of the household! Appliances that we use every day, like sinks, fridges, and cabinets, become practical-joke weapons! Just hope no one is hiding in your fridge LOL!

Children laughter is the sweetest music to every parents’ ears. They are ready to do almost anything to make them smile and giggle, and this video is all about it! So, if you are a children’s person, this video is a pure gem. It shows two adorable baby girls who are having some fun with their mom. The two of them are standing in a crib together while their mom is pretending that she is coming to get them! She stands in front of them on her knees and starts to crawl toward them. When she comes very near, she raises her hands and says “I’m gonna get them!” and the girls start laughing out loud! No matter how many times she repeats the same thing, these two little angles never get bored! I bet the three of them could go on like this for the rest of the day!

Horse racing is so much fun to watch! And it’s even more exciting when you want a certain horse to win! However, we all know that horse racing is very unpredictable and the things can always go either way. This funny video shows a little boy who just didn’t know how to cope with the fact that none of his horses came first. In the beginning, you can see this little boy carefully observing the race. The suspense is real! As the horses cross the finish line, he turns to his parents to ask them who won. When he finds out that all of his horses lost, he gets really sad about it! He just can’t believe it! Who’s to blame for his defeat? His mom, of course! He turns to his mom and says that his horses lost because she laughed at him! LOL! He even makes a statement about being very angry! Dealing with a defeat is not easy, we can all agree on that! Absolutely hilarious!

Do you ever wonder if you snore while sleeping? This video can’t answer that, but it can definitely tell us one thing – this kid is a huge snorer! The sound of his snore is something else. Without the visual, you would have never guessed that this hilarious audio was from a sleeping boy!

This video of a baby who is amazed by his own feet is the most adorable baby clip I have seen this year! A super cute baby is sitting in his highchair while eating dinner and talking to his mommy. The baby kicks up his feet and he can barely see them past his tray table. This funny and super adorable baby is too new to understand that those feet are his, so he looks at them in awe… completely shocked.



Just take a look at these feisty babies! Even at such a young age these tots won’t back down from an argument. No matter who they’re arguing with these babes insist that they’re right! Our favorite clip is definitely the one with the little boy insisting he get 2 more pieces of bacon.

Prepare yourself for the funniest baby laughs EVER! Just try not to smile when you watch this compilation of the cutest, most adorable baby laughs, giggles and chuckles. The cuteness in this compilation is absolutely overwhelming! Our favorite pick has got to be the baby laughing at his older brothers’ funny glasses.

Looking for an adorable video today? If you are this video of a little girl trying to resist sleep by playing is for you! Watch as this cute baby tries her absolute best to fight sleep by trying to power through it. She bounces over and over again to keep herself awake but to no avail!

Oh, to live a life with TOO many options! This baby boy simply cannot make up his mind about which pacifier he wants. We’ve all been in scenarios where we’ve been faced with an abundance of options. This baby experiences that scenario at a young age with his multi-pacifier predicament!

This little boy is having the time of his life! It seems that this sweet boy will laugh himself silly no matter how many times Dad pulls any of his antics. A few funny noises and getting up close to this baby are all it takes for him to start laughing and Dad really takes advantage of it! If you love cute baby giggles then this video is for you!

All kids in the world have their most favorite and the most hated food. That range can be really wide, but they usually stick just to the things they like to eat, without even considering trying something new. But not a girl in this video. This adorable tot girl is ready to taste some new bites, and her reaction is just priceless! She is so cute and funny that you just have to see this video. She is sitting at the table with her dad who gives her a bite to try, but the moment she takes it, her face turns into the sourest one you’ve ever seen! LOL! She starts waving her hands saying that it’s yucky but keeps chewing it! Her dad encourages her to swallow the bite, and so she does, but the yuckiness won’t go away easily, and she has to washes it with a sip of water! LOL!

Kittens – what could possibly be cuter? Nothing, that’s what! Enjoy maximum cuteness with these adorable clips of kittens of every color, shape, and size. And while they look precious, they’re also pretty funny too! Get ready for some awesome feline hijinks!

Babies on slides – what could possibly go wrong? Well, as everyone knows by now, little kids and gravity are not always the best of friends! Fortunately, these little guys won’t let a couple of playground mishaps get in the way of the fun! Slide on, babies, slide on!

Kids LOVE to copy whatever their moms and dads do – so if these crazy and silly dads are any indicator, these kids will grow up to be HILARIOUS. The real question is, which one is funnier: kids copying their dads, or dads copying their kids? You be the judge!

This adorable orange kitten is still new to the world, so when his owner gives him a little wave, he figures the best thing to do is to wave right back at her! It takes him a couple tries to get it right – his cute little wobbly legs aren’t much help – but eventually he succeeds at being a real copy cat!

Everyone who has or ever has a dog will tell you how amazing these creatures are! They like the best of friends we can have, if not even better! They are always there for you and never fails to make you laugh every single day! Even when they are preoccupied with something that has nothing to do with you, if you pay some attention to what they’re doing, you’ll have tons of fun just watching them! I mean, if you only take a look at this video, you’ll know what I mean! It shows an amazing German Shepherd dog who plays with a phone. This adorable pup is sitting on a bed and trying to figure out what’s that funny sound that comes from this strange little box with some buttons on it! OMG, just look at him! His reactions are so hilarious that you really don’t want to miss this one! LOL!

Sometimes, a baby just wants to eat his cookie in peace, but it seems that Dad didn’t get the memo! When Dad reaches out and asks to share, this baby makes it loud and clear that this is HIS cookie – and he’s willing to cause a scene if Dad doesn’t back down! But Dad doesn’t seem to learn his lesson the first time…

When this little tot went to the water fountain for a drink, she didn’t expect it to be so difficult! Unfortunately, she just can’t seem to get the timing down right. She’s pressing the button and opening her mouth, yet the water isn’t coming to her – what gives?! It sure is tough being little!

Puppies! Could anything be better? These rambunctious sweeties are here to brighten your day and deliver your daily dose of cuteness! Breeds of all shapes and sizes show off their playful antics in this adorable video - just TRY not to say “Aww” out loud!

There’s nothing quite like getting a massage, is there? The way masseuses and masseurs apply their practiced techniques, their hands working out our muscles and relieving all sorts of tension in our bodies, there really is no better way to relax. What could possibly make massages better, well, if they COME FROM OUR PETS, OF COURSE! That’s why we at #thatpetlife present to you our newest FUNNIEST PET COMPILATION, FUNNY PETS GETTING MASSAGES.

Every baby or a kid in this world loves listening to their mother’s singing, but the one is this video has the cutest reaction ever! He is so cute and funny that you really have to check this video out! This adorable baby boy is sitting on the floor and listens to his mom. First, she sings “That's How You Know” from Disney's Enchanted, and then the famous “Baby Beluga” song to him and his reactions are just priceless! He gets so emotional when she sings “That's How You Know” that he almost starts to cry, but as soon as she switches to “Baby Beluga” he starts to smile, but only until she starts singing the first song. OMG! Can you believe that? This sweet little boy looks the saddest soul on the planet when he’s listening to the Enchanted theme and so endlessly happy when he’s listening to a song about baby beluga! LOL!

Cats are such funny little beings! If you are a lover of all the priceless things cats do, this video will surely make you laugh out loud! We all know that cats are not the biggest fans of water. In fact, they absolutely hate getting wet. However, when kitties get thirsty, they don’t really mind getting a little wet, if that’s what it takes to satiate their thirst. And this proves that theory in the funniest way! As the clip begins, you can see a cat standing in a bathroom sink. The water from the tap is leaking directly on her head, but she doesn’t seem to be bothered with it at all! All she can think about is sipping on as much water as she can, and she really doesn’t mind getting wet! How cute is this funny kitty? Cats are so amazing! They never cease to amaze us over and over again! So hilarious!


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