This compilation is all about having tons of fun! Whether it’s at an amusement park or on a jungle gym, the people in this video are having a great time – even when there are fails involved! Hey, now I want to go play on a swing set, or maybe some monkey bars!

Cats tend to get themselves into interesting situations…take this cute kitty for example. He’s somehow decided that the best thing to do would be to dive head-first into a narrow tissue box. Unsurprisingly, he gets stuck – guess he didn’t think that part through!

When you’re a kid, everything can be magical – including a fun mini train ride! This little guy looks absolutely stunned and entranced by the winding path through a pretty forest. Could anything be cuter than the look on his face? Good thing they captured this on camera!

If you have a younger sibling, do you remember the day you first met them? Maybe you were excited for the new addition – or maybe you weren’t! These kids are all meeting their siblings for the first time, and their reactions vary – but they have one thing in common, and that’s funny moments!

Remember the days of loose teeth? It always seemed to come down to the same scenario; the loose tooth so close to being out, but still stubbornly hanging on, no matter what you tried to do. Some people just wait it out, but others aren’t so content to sit around – like these guys!

The carousel is one of the mildest rides around – anyone could have a good time riding it! Well, after watching this video, I’m not so sure! This little girl is not feeling this ride – and she’s making her displeasure known! I’d hate to see how she reacts to a crazy roller coaster!

Nature is beautiful…but it can also be treacherous! Fails are hiding everywhere, just waiting to catch you off guard – so enjoy the scenery, but keep your wits about you! That’s advice all of these people definitely could have used…but at least it gave us some funny fails!

Summer sure is great – who doesn’t love hanging at the pool? Well, there is one downside to fun at the pool: the risk of the belly flop. Maybe you aren’t planning on jumping in, but if you are, be careful! You could end up like one of these epic belly floppers!

Moms are the best! They give us love and support no matter what. To celebrate that, watch this unbelievably adorable compilation of precious moments between kids and moms! I just love the sweet moments this compilation captures. Don’t be surprised if you want to call your mom after watching this!

What is this crazy squirrel doing? I’m sure he wasn’t expecting to be filmed! But luckily for us, the camera was rolling when this fuzzy little guy went nuts (pun intended). Could this be some sort of squirrel dance? Maybe he’s just really excited about something! I guess we’ll never know for sure!

You know what they say; the grass is always greener on the other side! These twin babies are sucking on pacifiers, but don't seem to be satisfied with what they've got. So why not switch things up? These twin babies end up swapping those pacifiers for the other repeatedly. I guess you could consider that sharing!

This video is proof that everybody gets excited for Christmas presents – that includes dogs! This pup has a special treat waiting for him in his stocking, and he can’t wait to get to it already! It would certainly be easier to get to it if he had human hands, but that isn’t putting a damper on this dog’s enthusiasm!

Remember when the thought of driving was exciting? As an adult, it can feel like a chore, but when you’re a kid, there’s nothing more alluring than the idea of being behind the wheel! This little guy is far too young to be driving, but hey, that’s what playing pretend is for!

Small things are adorable – it’s just a fact of life! Even the most ordinary things become 10 times cuter when they’re teeny-tiny! This compilation is dedicated to just that – all the small things! Tiny animals, tiny humans, tiny furniture – you name it! Awww!

You don’t need to read the title of this video to know that this situation is a recipe for disaster! A woman decides to try and stand on the surface of a frozen pool, and I think we all know where this is heading! She tries to put her weight on the ice, only to fall through! Yikes, that looks cold!

Huskies are ADORABLE. How can anyone resist showering a husky with endless love? If you aren’t convinced that huskies are the best, this video should make it clear why they’re such an awesome breed! These good boys and girls will steal your heart, no doubt about it!

I’m sure you’ve seen videos of parents pulling pranks on their unsuspecting kids, but in this compilation, the kids are turning the tables on the adults and pranking them! These kids sure do get creative with their practical jokes – how do they think of these things? You’re guaranteed to laugh!

This kitty is so sleepy, he can’t help but snore the day away! I don’t even think I knew that cats could snore! But one thing is for sure – this little guy is DEFINITELY snoring! Doesn’t he just make you want to take a nice cat nap? I’m tired from just watching him snooze!

Have you ever tried on a new piece of clothing or a pair of shoes and felt…awkward? If you have, you’ll definitely relate to this pup! He’s trying on some new snow socks, but it looks like he isn’t quite used to having covered paws! Poor guy! Still, I’d argue that’s a better situation than freezing paws!

Is there a better way to enjoy a hot summer day than having fun by a pool? Sounds perfect to me! And the little Dachshund dog from this video couldn't agree more! The adorable pooch even has his very own game of fetch going while he swims! Adorable!

This might be the biggest plot twist in cake-face-smashing history! If there’s anything that cake smashes have in common, it’s a great big mess – but every time the little boy in the video faceplants into the cake, there’s no sign of cake carnage anywhere! There isn’t even frosting on his face! What a shocker!

How many times have you heard that having a dog is like having a baby or a kid? Well, maybe it sounds silly, but you know what - it’s true! Just take a look at this video and see it for yourself! It shows an adorable pup who gets a little bit jealous of a new baby in his human family. This beautiful dog growls as a woman asks if he's jealous of her new baby. But when she gives this sweet baby a kiss, this funny pup starts barking! OMG, just look at him! He is as jealous as every other little kid who just got a baby brother or a sister, but he is still not ready to share anything, especially not mommy’s love and attention! LOL!

There’s nothing wrong with being afraid of heights – plenty of people share the same feelings of panic when they get too far off the ground. But I have to say, this little boy is really taking his fear to the next level! He’s stuck in a terrifying predicament…about an inch off the ground. Well, I guess it’s only fair that a little guy can be scared of a (very) little height!

There are dog people, and there are cat people, but what about cow people? If you’re surprised, don’t be – cows are absolutely ADORABLE, and this video is proof! They’re playful, sweet, and even a little mischievous! They’ve got all the makings of a favorite animal! They may not be pets in the traditional sense, but they’re still able to be awesome animal companions!

Swimming is one of the best parts of the weather warming up – who doesn’t love to go for a dip in a pool or in the ocean? Of course, with an influx of people comes an influx of FAILS! As people flock to the beach or to the pool, they’re bound to do some pretty funny and silly stuff!


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