Everyone’s a comedian, and they’re starting earlier and earlier. These kids can crack us up with the best of them, and some of them are barely potty-trained! This is how it starts: telling jokes into camera to make your parents laugh one day, headlining the next. Catch these hilarious kids now before they drop their hour specials!

Why do one thing at once when you could do two or more things at once? Makes sense, right? Some say that multitasking is the art of foregoing doing something well in favor of doing many things poorly, but we beg to differ. Get your notebooks out, because these peeps are gonna show you how it’s done!

Wedding days: they’re usually unforgettable. And that’s when everything goes right! These brides and grooms weathered some hilarious antics just to get through their special days unscathed… to varying degrees of success. Good news is, when two become one, you laugh twice as hard!

Picky eating is that childhood phrase that truly frustrates parents to no end. Luckily, it’s also amusing to watch one’s own kids squirm at the sight of otherwise acceptable food items! The lesson here to all kids: be open to trying new foods, or you just might end up on AFV.

It’s not always about what can be done, sometimes it’s about what didn’t happen. People’s aspirations usually outweigh their capabilities, so it’s always good to have a friend around to watch on in shock and awe. Some of the best moments are accompanied by questions of “Did that really just happen?” “What are they doing?” and “Did you see that?!” -- wouldn’t you agree?

Boy? Or Girl? Whenever there’s a bundle of joy on the way, these are the questions on everyone’s mind, so it’s only natural to find the most fun and creative ways to unveil the baby’s gender. What could go wrong? Well, turns out a lot of things. Good news is: it’s always hilarious!

“We’re having a baby!”—are more exciting words ever uttered?! Well, it turns out that delivering this type of news can be even more fun without words at all. People have found really creative ways to let their loved ones know there’s a bun in the oven. Here are some of our faves.

The expression “dog days” usually implies hot, humid and miserable. Whoever coined that clearly never spent any time around actual dogs! Just like their sweatier human counterparts, dogs LOVE funnin’ and sunnin’ with the best of them. So get those floaties ready for the party pooches; they’re coming in hot and going out cool!

You know what happens when it’s hot out? People find ways to cool off. And when they find ways to cool off, it opens up the opportunities for our favorite kind of hilarious mishaps: water fails! And they happen quicker than you can say “splish, splash, splat!”

Robotic vacuum cleaners: they’re one of many new exciting waves of the future. No doubt they make tidying up far less work-intensive, but did you know, as a bonus, they make for great baby-transporting devices? You didn’t?! Well, check out these tots riding in style.

How do babies deal with the summer heat? Cutely, of course. It’s no secret that babies love themselves some water play. Splishing, splashing, spraying, and ice pop-sucking their way to Cool Down City, and looking adorable every step of the way. One thing’s for sure: these tots know chill.

Standing on a boat—not the easiest thing in the world. That’s why they call them “sea legs,” not everyone has them. If you’re attempting to balance on a net whilst out to sea in rough, choppy waters, your predicament gets even more dicey, as you’ll see with this dude.

This poor kid. Agile enough to balance standing atop a sled as it coasts down a hill for the entire duration, except for at the very end. Just his luck, it was a warmer day for the winter, which meant melted snow, which, in turn, meant mud. Oof, wouldn’t want to be him right now.

Sea turtles are some of the most wondrous and beautiful creatures of our natural world. That is, if you understand them. For this young girl, feeling something brush up against her leg and not knowing what it was might have been a little traumatic. For everyone else, however, it’s pure gold!

Don’t you just love surprises? They’re the best, right? Whether you’re the one being surprised, or doing the surprising, there’s something infectious about a genuine look of shock and awe on a face that makes your heart just soar. So take a look at this video. It just might surprise you.

There are two types of people: those who love thrill rides, and those who don’t. For whatever reason, not everyone can handle them. For those of you who can, however, it’s extra amusing to watch one of the “cannots” struggle through an entire ride as their equilibrium betrays them.

Men try their best. They really do. But sometimes (most times?) they come up a bit short. The good news about this is, when they do, it’s usually hilarious to watch! Tripping, falling, bumbling, stumbling… whatever the flavor, it usually comes out aces.

Elementary school graduation is such a heartening milestone. It’s truly when a child crosses over from “young kid” to “young adult.” Ceremonies like this are usually memorable to begin with, but when there’s a pratfall? That’s truly some grade school gold!

Nobody’s perfect. Everybody needs a do-over sometimes. So why not celebrate the mishaps that lead to these second-chances? It is what makes us human, right? Sit back, buckle up, and enjoy these hilarious clips of people being people. It might make you appreciate the little wins life hands you.

Dogs are great and all, but what if your dog was… not a dog? Whoever said man’s best friend had to be a canine? Turns out, a lot of animals can do the dog thing. The right meeting of training, preparation and circumstance, and you might have yourself a non-pup doggo, like these folks!

Anyone with young kids knows balloons are really important. They are an asset, to be evenly distributed amongst siblings. So when big sister decides to have a little risqué fun with said balloons, little bro is not having it. And who could blame him? Balloons are great!

The life of a father can be rewarding, exhausting, stressful and joyous, sometimes all at once! Dads not only know how to have fun, but they know how to fail in style. So to all the dads out there, grab your baseball caps, your cargo shorts, and hold tight to your paunchy midsection, because we’re about to deliver some dad fails!

The first child is the prince, or princess, of the castle. The world is their oyster… until number two comes along. That’s right, learning to live life with a sibling when a life alone is all one has known can be tough. But once the transition is over, everyone comes out the other side happier.

Being a dad to little girls is a special duty, and honestly, not all men are cut out for it. However, when a dad is willing to entertain his daughter’s whims, even when he’s trying to nap, that is one special papa. They say beauty is pain, but some suffering is worth it.

As we age, we lose sight of some of life’s simpler pleasures. For instance, when was the last time you just ripped a bunch of supermarket circulars to shreds and just laughed your tail off? Can you even remember? Well, perhaps this joyous tot’s giggles will help remind you of a more awe-filled time in your life.


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