Kids are great, but you can’t deny that they can also be very, very messy! Somehow, no matter what they’re doing, kids have the incredible ability to create one heck of a mess! I guess you could blame it on the creativity of young kids – to them, anything can be tons of fun, and messes and fun go hand in hand!

Think toys don’t hold grudges? Think again! These videos prove that toys can fight back – and that usually leads to some pretty crazy and funny results! Whether it’s getting bounced by a ball or dumped by a hoverboard, there are endless ways to go from playing with toys to being played by a toy!

If your daily commute is a struggle, you’ll probably relate to this compilation of commuter fails! And it isn’t limited to one type of transportation – no matter what you use to go places, there is always the possibility for things to go awry! The good news is, you’re nice and stationary right now – you don’t have to worry about these mishaps happening to you!

This person has an unusual ways to make the time pass while at the beach! The woman is feeding seagulls in the weirdest way imaginable! She must be the ultimate seagull whisperer! She puts individual snacks in her mouth and seagulls pick up those snacks and eat them directly out of her mouth! Crazy!

The life of a toddler is, in fact, full of challenges! This toddler boy and a toddler girl are sitting on the floor and watching TV. The little girl moves and reveals her little brother has fallen asleep while still sitting up! Each time he starts falling down, he wakes up and continues watching TV! He was so sleepy that he couldn’t even make it through the cartoon he was watching. Sweet dreams, little one!

This little guy may not like eating peas, but he definitely enjoys playing with them! This adorable baby boy is having loads of fun with his dinner – by putting the peas on his head! Maybe he's confused about how to eat them?

These clips have me doubled over from all the laughing! I can barely get a moment before the next clip has me cracking up. These are our favorite clips from throughout the week, and they’re all real winners – I have no idea if anyone can make it through this without laughing even once!

When you’re little, anything can potentially be confusing! So when this little girl is faced with a slide for her kiddie pool, what should be a straightforward situation becomes a bit complicated! She knows she has to get on the slide, but from there the procedure gets a little mixed up – just wait until you see what happens!

Dogs are simply the cutest, and they can brighten up our day easily – even when they're getting into trouble! Take this adorable dog for example. This German Shepherd was going through the trash, and there is no way he can hide what he has done! That's because he has a trash lid stuck around his neck, so his human parents know what he has been up to!

This kid wanted a cheeseburger for lunch but he got a hamburger instead! The cheese makes a big difference, so he's naturally upset. You can tell that he really feels like he's been swindled out of his tasty cheeseburger! Poor kid!

One of the best parts of Summer is the ability to have tons of fun in the water! You aren’t limited to swimming – there are endless ways to enjoy the water. Of course, more time spent around water inevitably means more water fails! Get in the mood for Summer fun by watching this compilation!

It’s good to try new things! Unfortunately, the downside of trying something new is that the first time around, you aren’t quite sure what you’re doing! This can lead to some pretty funny situations – like the predicament this man is having with his canoe! Watch to find out how this venture goes terribly wrong!

Pranks can be pretty funny – as long as you aren’t the one getting pranked! Luckily you won’t have to worry about that when you watch this epic prank compilation – all you need to do is sit back and laugh! Fair warning though – if someone you know is a prankster, don’t let them get ideas from this video!

Woah, this little guy is a real cowboy, but his steed isn’t a horse – it’s a vacuum! The Wild West and household chores normally don’t go together, but somehow this kid has made the mash up work! I guess instead of herding cattle, he lassos dust bunnies! Either way, it’s a job that needs to be done by someone!

Once you start watching this video, you’re going to be laughing non-stop! Not only are the fails on camera hilarious, but the laughter of the other people in the clip will definitely be contagious! After all, how can you resist laughing when someone else is cracking up too? I know I can’t!

This is bananas – literally! This adorable baby boy is trying bananas for the very first time, and he’s got some opinions on this new snack! At first, he barely gets it in his mouth – it seems like he’s not too eager to try something new! But when he finally does taste it, he decides that bananas aren’t really his thing. Oh well!

Remember when you dealt with loose teeth? It was always so exciting to wait for it to fall out, but when it’s just barely hanging on, sometimes you’re ready to get it over with ASAP! This leads to some very creative solutions being used – just look at this kid, who managed to get that stubborn tooth out by shooting a toy crossbow! Now that’s some clever thinking!

If you’ve ever had a cat, you know that they do more than just meow – they also chirp and click sometimes! Don’t worry, your cat isn’t broken! When my cat sees a bird outside of a window, she does the same thing! It’s downright adorable. If you don’t have a cat to chirp in your life, these two chirpers should do the job!

Could there be anything cuter than the relationship between baby and dad? Don’t get me wrong, babies with their moms are adorable, but there’s something particularly sweet about dads having bonding time with baby. Odds are, this marks just the beginning of many (mis)adventures to come!

Fences are present to keep things in order, but that doesn’t account for the people around them! If this compilation proves anything, it’s that fences are DEFINITELY not fail-proof! If you’re on the fence about watching a funny video, we hope this gives you the extra push to press “play”!

These kids may be little, but that isn’t keeping them from showing who’s really in charge in their household! Hey, can you blame them? They know what they want and they know when they want it, so in their eyes, there’s no reason not to demand it! Fingers crossed that they won’t always be this bossy!

Woah! Those are some impressive moves for such a small kiddo! However, it does appear she had a little bit of help…like borrowing her dad’s body and hands! All she really has to do is sit on his shoulders and look adorable – and pretty cool, too! What a great team they make!

There’s a neat trick two people can do with a sweatshirt – if they do it properly, that is! These two teen girls were looking to do just that, but as it turns out, it isn’t quite as easy as it seems! Fortunately for us, they decided to film their preparations, which is where things end up going awry – LOL!

This toddler has just discovered his new favorite thing – a massage chair! He isn’t sure how this crazy contraption works, exactly, but what he does know is that it is sooo relaxing to lounge in! Good luck trying to get him to leave his cozy spot – it doesn’t sound like he plans on leaving any time soon!

Uh oh, the owners of this dog had better keep an eye on him – it appears he’s learned how to circumvent the gate that’s supposed to keep him and his doggy friend out! You have to admit, that is pretty impressive…but it’s still bad news for his humans! Guess they’ll have to work a little harder to outsmart this pup!


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