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We are the Hathors. We are masters of sound and love from an ascended intergalactic civilization. As we once assisted in Egypt and other ancient cultures, we have returned to assist in humanity's current potential evolution. We come in love, with the sounding of a new dream reality for your Earth.
A Hathor Planetary Message
Received by Tom Kenyon
January 18, 2007, Orcas Island

Your world, as you have known it, is disintegrating, falling apart, or—transforming, depending upon your perspective. Your position in time and space, the moment of your life, is indeed stretched.

As we view the probabilities of your immediate future we would say to you to be prepared for the unexpected. The earth changes are upon you. You are in the midst of them, and as we have said previously, you can expect an increase in volatile weather patterns, earthquakes and volcanic activity. The stresses to your eco-systems are increasing. As you deal with these immediate changes at a third dimensional level, the possibility is very strong that you could lose your connection to the aspects of yourself that lie outside of time and space. And yet it is this aspect that will carry you through the turbulent times that are upon you. We cannot emphasize this enough.

You must find your spiritual center, otherwise you will be blown about like leaves in the wind; for the chaotic elements of earth transformation are on the rise, and you may expect more chaos and disruptions in all aspects of your earthly life in the coming years.

The task, then, is how to find your center. This is a journey of the soul that each of you must take, and indeed, from our perspective, your earthly life is, itself, the journey of the soul through the worlds of matter, time and space.

There are two aspects we would wish to focus upon here. One, we will call your human identity. This is the life you live—your work, your family, the culture, and this moment in history. The other aspect is transcendent to all of this. It is the interdimensional reality of your being. This aspect of yourself resides in consciousness, not matter; thus it is outside of the constraints of time and space as you experience them in your earthly life.

For many of you, your earthly life will become increasingly difficult, unless you find a pathway through yourself into the greater aspects of your being. This has nothing to do with religion. It is physics. Some of your religions hold the seeds of this knowledge, but unfortunately they are tainted and do not lead you to freedom or mastery, but rather to subservience.

One of the pressures of this time is a result of many individuals waking up. The forces that control your destiny, in terms of earthly life, are not comfortable with this, and they are doing everything they can to perpetuate unconsciousness and subservience.

So do understand, as you contemplate yourself, that there are reasons why it is so difficult to find this pathway through yourself to the greater aspect of your being, and yet it is through this passage that you will find solace, comfort and resolution through your difficult earthly experiences.

As the chaos increases you will find the old ways of solving problems incapable of resolving situations—because the fabric of your reality is changing. You can no longer anticipate future events in the ways you used to. From our perspective, it is paramount that you find a way to access the knowledge you possess that is outside of your earthly constraint of time and space.

We are focusing upon this simple task rather than the specifics of the coming earth changes for two reasons. For one, we do not wish to frighten you. Secondly, there is little you can do to avert some of these coming changes, which will affect your environment, your culture, your economics, and your political institutions. We believe it is better to focus upon what you can do rather than to dwell upon what you cannot.

Awaken from your slumber oh gods and goddesses of this earth! Step past those who would tell you that you are only and merely human. Find the chamber, the inner sanctum of your being, and experience life in a new way.

This is wonderfully poetic, but let’s get down to the brass tacks. How do you do it?

We have given inner technologies that would assist you in this in previous communications. Let us review the fundamentals so you do not need to spend your time searching through the archives.

The first has to do with sacred geometry and the second has to do with ecstatic states of being.

First, the geometry. We suggest you experiment with this; play with this, and master this very simple geometry. Carry it with you in your conscious awareness at all times so that you may create it at will, as needed, both for yourself and for those you are connected to.

It is called a Holon, and the specific one we refer to is the Octahedron, or the Holon of Balance. Imagine yourself surrounded by a pyramid of light that extends above you and a matching pyramid


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