Eveland Rothschilds is The Queen Of England Financial advisor . They all belong to the blue lodge of the U.K. . Alister Crowley sacrificed over 100 children in sacrificial rituals practicing trans Uguthian child sex evil magic .This is the practice of raping children and sacrificing them and draining there life force and blood force to prolong a witches own life force . Alister Crowley started the Blue lodge of the U.K. because the Masons of that time called him the beast and wanted nothing to do with his retched being because of what he boasted about and how he was never caught . The Rothschilds run and control the Blue Lodge masonic cults world wide under Masonic charters from America to Canada and Europe . Obama belongs to the Prince Hall Free Mason lodge that is the only Afro masonic lodge that is recognized by the satanic Blue lodge that is a Nazi satanic Lodge in origin . All Free Masons practice the art of serial killing now and with out getting caught .This is because they have the C.I.A. , Mi5 ,MI 666 ext protecting what they do and all paid for and funded and owned by the Queen and the Rothschilds masonic syndicate . Alister Crowley is the biggest serial killer that never got caught . Point blank fact that criminologist need to wake up to and fallow the money and trail of bodies like the trail of tears .

This is the truth about Free Masonic cults world wide . They gather women and children every full moon to rape and sacrifice them on every full moon and have ever since they have existed . This is the core of all Free masonic witch craft . It is called trans Uguthian child sex black magic . It is the act of tacking a innocent souls essence to gain more power and for longer lasting life and what is called soul eating taught to them bu soul eater demons form the Dead Zone realm or what is called limbo ( satan's and looser lucifer prison ) . The Dead zone / the C.I.A.'s Ghost network used for C.I.A. encryption ext is the tone of no life / death and it is 0.00 and used in cell phone and computer ,Tv communications for neurological spying /soft killing and remote digital demonic possession )This is the core ritualistic practice of all masonic cults . It is also used to cut off cells from 7.83 . 7.83 is Earth natural resonate frequency and we can not heal or live with out it .This is what these evil witches covet and are habitual rapist and killers and all ways have been . Now you know why they operate in secretly and take blood oaths to never divulge these secrets . This is what the C.I.A. ,NSA ,MI5 ,MI666 and all the other so called Intel agency are used to protect these elite Warlocks and witches world wide .

The Masonic Full Moon Gathering For Child Sacrificial Rituals

Bensonhurst 18 ave
Davinci Pizza

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Here’s how you can shrink your thyroid nodules naturally.
1. Eliminate dairy
2. Avoid gluten
3. Replenish selenium at least 200 mg per day
4. Take zinc at least 50 mg [Zinc Picolinate being the best]
5. Reduce high estrogen with Progesterone, sits in Wild Yams..same place Pfizer goes to and then changes the molecular structure and sells it as a drug...problem is that these geniuses with their PHDS from Harvard,MIT,Princeton do not know is ....when you do that it no longer works but there is no MONEY in selling wild yams. You can buy it in a cream and rub it on your chest everyday. Rub some on the inside of your arm
for woman
for men
6. Use turmeric, spirulina, and Boswellia
7. Take Lugols Iodine every day...smear a drop on your throat at night, on your breasts and men on your testicles and take 4,5 drops everyday in the morning in water.


posted by my source...
I am a first waver and i helped these non karmic first time ones to even get in any body here on earth...i was ascended and came back and lived 4 lifetimes .four seasons...for embodying and altering my own body by example..this lifetime i am complete and carried these souls into earth .into bodies for 20 yrs .in 2018 and 2019 i had my first non karmic children..who are in a way . my children..or learn through my overlay .or the shield they get from me before birth make it able to even BE HERE..and do their job..being living is not my being a leader or being superman or superwoman..but their energies their body and soul came here to put in a special energy to earth...they will stay only one lifetime ..

Without that shield they would have been absorbed by all shadows of the masses..
I carry these's very hard...because if there is a problem in the field of these children...i have to solve it for them....
I have been plucked out shunned..made look like i am crazy..i never was right and a nothing..this is how i grew up .but i knew better..i was awake all the way through..and i noticed one of the hardest things for me is..that i stayed loyal and nice to my worst abusers..not like victims simply cannot be..but knowing and seeing their problems .their karma and flaws...most of these wounded humans feel that if they around me..they don't like the mirrored feeling and end up leaving me..betraying me..manipulating me..put spells .and manmade so physical blocks in my life so they can enjoy how i suffer my imperfection because of's very pittyful those people .i used to have compassion for these people but their origin of those actions towards me and therefore all my what they call first to 5th wavers on earth, also suffer the debris and negative thoughts of these people..some are in and in the core..

I have been protecting these kids so they had a fair start and now in 2018 that job ended..slowly .they are all on their own now..those born in 2008 and 2009.., since i opened the portal in 2007 in New Zealand, so outsiders could get in..through the closed matrix that we were stuck in..and at first it was only the communications of the highest frequencies that could enter and some species to help spread it towards those who carried my shield or overlay.
They were updated..since i was enclosed here for 4 lifetimes and i am still recovering from that...
We do not bond very well to the old "me too' people....since we don't share the very bad deeds and reactions of them of being treated badly ..let's call it they cannot resonate with out frequencies..they have no references and me as the true gene pole one version .i had to consciously and very well through out rough had to lower myself into those vibes with those family trees who were the worst of the worst and through living that life i had to totally transform that family karma and them through being there and my actions ..that lowered me too..but at the end of each life i would always had cleansed my self so i ascend each lifetime and then go by own choice go into the next one . The dark ones found this out and we're after me all the time...this is where the massive abortion hypes or baby killings in the past come from they would find out where we would get born..through astral and cosmic configurations they knew in what type of body or star sign and true gene pool One starseeds like me would get born that was very challenging..but i made it .2018 was the end of the abusive lifetimes and needing to take care of my thousands of true pure ones..doing their own grown up things..they might be in their twenties now but are older souls than i am .over 100k yrs old if you can compare it in earth lifetimes..they are karma free remember and had to learn how to stay in that state, not compromising self..they all graduated and i am soooo tired..i was under attack for at least 40yrs..since it took all my life to prep this and not having a 3d others do .too.
5 lifetimes of prepping in the master years only...very hard .but i made it!
This i wanted to say here..because the story you hear here is a bit ..incomplete so to speak .

Have a great new life because since 2018 every human and animal of earth have their sovereignty back!!! Don't give it away again..


Trump and bluewater derangement syndrome has them doing crazy stuff
They are imploding before our eyes
Boomerang incoming....