The "strong delusion" is a tool of God, it's the dividing line, it's the sheep herders staff with the hook on the end for dividing the sheep from the goats as they come through the gate into separate pens. And many a so-called "Christian" are straddling that line, most of their body, mind and soul in the world and one little toe in the church.

The strong delusion; it's not one thing, it is many many things that are intertwined together, it has many facets - knowing a few of them is helpful but the more you know of and comprehend intellectually, the less chance there is of you falling for their deceptions.

Here are a couple good rules to follow:
- If someone is famous, wealthy and has been in the spotlight for more than 5 years and is known by most, this includes Hollywood, Politics, Music, Media, Business/Industry celebs... Then the probability of them being "one of THEM"(the occultists, controllers maybe relatives of the Dynasty controlling families but with a name change) and possibly in-the-know and are knowingly complicit in their "plan", whether in a small or large way, is exceedingly high.
- Any mainstream information which is propagated by media, government, entertainment or education systems about any subject that is beyond the average persons resources, education or financial ability to easily test, verify and validate; said information, has a very high probability that they have intentionally deceived you concerning that subject. Examples: "Space", Medicine(or what really makes you sick), the true attributes of the earth we live on, "Climate Change", Voting systems, History... Just to name a few.

- There is no political solution for the deeply spiritual problems that the world faces today.
- Trump is NOT a good guy, he is NOT on our side, never was and never will be - he's a fraud, a decoy, he's an occultist, he's a specific tool with a specific job to accomplish a specific agenda.
- The Q movement and even the whole "patriot" concept is a Psyop, it's a manipulative Controlled Opposition tactical maneuver with the intent to deceive and pacify.
- Many/most of the doctors and scientists who are coming out against the government and are even in some cases exposing the truth about the fake/plandemic, the fake virus, etc. etc. Are actually occultist new-agers, even some of the ones who have a "Christian" flavor to them and yes, even some of the ones that I've put out on my channels
- It's really very insidious what they are doing and it is a massive deception which is meant to gradually bait and lure well meaning Christians into their occult activities, ideas and practices. We need to learn to extract the truth from these people without getting wrapped-up in their sorcery, but by another name - which is what many of them are into.
- One of the key signals is when they start talking about "raising your vibration" almost in the same breath that they said they believe in Jesus...
- Participating in elections is equal to providing them direct written, legal CONSENT for "them" to control you and manipulate you regardless of who actually ends up in the puppet position - voting is a fraud, a scam, an illusion to make you believe that YOU were instrumental in making something happen, which is utter BS - it's "THEIR" system and YOU have ZERO control over ANY aspect of it.
- Don't fall for this Trump "vote recount audit" ploy, they're only doing it to maintain the ILLUSION that "the people" are instrumental in selecting their own democracy - THAT'S UTTER NONSENSE!
- Their mode of operation is ORDER OUT OF CHAOS - and as it implies, they intentionally create chaos, even to the point that from a rational thinking persons point of view, that it would seem counter productive to their cause - but I assure you it is not - the more sense that it doesn't make to the masses, it's all the more confusion, fear, anxiety, hatred, violence they can illicit in everyone - they literally feed off of that fear and as long as everyone is in the state of fear, confusion and anger - THEY GOT YOU! People are the easiest to control when in those states of mind - FACT!
- Their ultimate goal, the absolute control of your "temple" - and THAT'S what this fake-demic and incessant vaccination plan is all about, killing, maiming, invalidating, causing damnation, sterilization and the absolute manipulation of your body, mind and soul.

Here we look at the origin and meaning of being knighted. In recent years people of all walks of life have been knighted. Is there perhaps a deeper meaning to this? Becoming famous comes almost always at a cost, and often reference is made to the "Rain Man". Who or what is this referring to, and can all of this be traced back to the Roman Catholic Church? After all, nothing is as it seems.

- Why do they sell their souls?
- Who are they selling it to?
- What does it mean to be Knighted, why is it a big deal for those who covet that title?
- Who do you actually serve when this happens?
- You may be surprised by who some of these people are.
- There is way more that meets the eye in all this.
- It's amazing who and what is connected to all this.

NOTHING, is as it seems.

You need to hear her all the way through, she hits nearly every aspect of this fake-demic/Fake Virus deception and she is very to the point and easy to understand. The audio for the interviewer is low but Dr Vollmer sounds fine.
Dr Vollmer:
- "There is no virus."

- "It's been proven that no contagious viruses have ever been isolated and proven to be the cause of sickness or disease, NONE"

- The Germ/Virus Theory lie was an intentionally contrived deception with a BUSINESS model that was designed around it. They created a fairy-tale to trick us into believing we need THEM to provide a cure/medicine/treatment (aka Snake-Oil) which by design gives us a different sickness that we then need them to provide ANOTHER cure/medicine/treatment... that's one hellova psychopathic business plan.

- When asked why some doctors still validate the Germ/Virus Theory: "...then it's one of two things; they either have an alternate agenda like the fear of losing money or career, or they are on the side of the indoctrinators and are directed or paid to continue the fraud, OR they are simply mental midgets who don't have the intellectual capacity to properly read the research that clearly shows that the Germ/virus theory is a fraud and nobody gets sick from contagious viruses because they do not exist..."

- Of course the reason you can't find any doctor willing to present their Germ/Virus Theory BELIEF system in a debate is because they know they'd lose - I've looked at all the info on this and THEY have absolutely nothing factual , provable or scientific that supports the theory, ZERO, NADA! I wouldn't even want to attempt even as devils-advocate in a practice debate to defend their side - it's one sure way to look stupid.

- "This explains why you can find many many thousands of good doctors and scientists who are willing to have live public debates where they explain the scientific reasons that the germ/virus theory is fraudulent and viruses do not exist but there is not one doctor or scientist who believe in germ/virus theory who is willing to have this debate and present the evidence for their side."

- "even rabies is a joke, it doesn't exist - Louis Pasteur admitted that he made it up to create fear and drive people to his "medicine"..."

- "stop wearing masks, they are very dangerous to your health, they protect you from nothing but cause sickness..."

- Dr Vollmer: "you get sick because of exposure to toxins, not contagious viruses in the air or on something you get toxins from food, air, water and other toxins in the environment like weed killers and the like...your body detects these toxins in the blood which and immediately triggers a detox by creating the necessary mechanisms to expel them from your body; through the lungs, or urine and feces or through the skin...but what comes out is not contagious to others, that's a lie..."

- "Doctors are one of the top three killers of humanity"

- "Please get your children out of the public indoctrination schools..."

I hope everyone reading this is sharing with ALL the people they love and care for, I mean, what kind of selfish, scardy-cat, wuss of a person would hoard this kind of truth? (besides the evil doctors and so-called scientists like Fauci that is.)

Yet ANOTHER piece of BS that was force-fed to us as children during our state sponsored INDOCTRINATION.
Almost everything we think we know is either a lie, based on a lie, or is partly a lie.

I believe that they can do at least some of these things already, but if they can ever do all of it - WOW!

Warning, contains fake "satellite" and "globe" programming images. Apparently the people who put this video together can figure out that 5G is a military grade weapons system designed to manipulate your thoughts and emotions, but they haven't yet figured out that they don't live on a giant spinning water-rock in a near perfect vacuum which somehow doesn't suck the air off of earth because of another magic they call "gravity".

It's almost time; you'll want to watch this all the way to the end
- Why the Catholics/Jesuits thrive in the CIA
- Jesuits control the CIA, NSA, British MI6 and Israeli Mossad, Australian ASIS, New Zealand NZSIS Canada CSIS to name just a few (aka "THE FIVE EYES"+)
- The Jesuits control the Freemasons, Scull & Bones, CFR, Bilderberg Group and all the other secret societies implanted in high places in every nation throughout the world.
- The Jesuits control world Governments, Media, Legal Systems, Social Media, Banking, Education Systems, Military, Fake Space Agencies, Industry, Entertainment and of course all the World Religions.
- The Vatican (aka Roman Catholic Church or "THE BEAST" system of Revelation) thinks to control the world via the SECRET SOCIETIES ensconced within the governments of the world - or how Revelation puts it, via "MYSTERY BABYLON"
- The one world religion is here NOW
- Who's laws do we follow? Yahweh's laws, specifically the one that says the sabbath is the seventh day or the law of the MAN who "sits in the church proclaiming he is god"(Pope claims this) who says that everyone is to WORK on the seventh day and rest on the first day?
- And the first ever Jesuit Pope sits on top of it all...
- 666 Revealed
- The enforcement of a Sunday LAW and the forbidding of keeping the seventh day sabbath IS the "mark of the beast" - it's about LAW and AUTHORITY, not microchips and vaccines (although you should realize that changing the DNA of your TEMPLE(body) is a sin that leads to damnation)

More and more in-the-know people are coming out and telling the truth about the REAL earth that we live on.
At first, like all of us, he scoffed at people who brought up "flat earth"; that is, until his adult daughter stressed that he should really look into it. And of course, any intellectually honest person who actually looks in to it will find the truth - this retired F-16 pilot is no different. Here are a few observations that sealed it for him:
- Was trained that is he always flew directly at the horizon that he would always remain level.(would never be true on a "globe" earth)
- The way the aircraft RADAR operates it can only work over a flat earth. (he explains in detail)
- Talks about the "Coriolis Effect" nonsense and how the first time he ever heard of the "Coriolis Effect" was in a flat earth video years after he was retired - "there is no such thing in the Air Force training"
- "at extreme low altitude over a lake in Iraq going 0.95 MACH, I never had to nose down to stay level and I never felt light-in-the-seat..."
- Explains how when in training, he remembers that the documentation always stated, "...over a stationary flat earth..."
- "I'm tired of all the lies, you almost can't believe anything the mainstream is telling you..."
- He even mentions "this whole UFO thing..." that has recently begun.
- I love it when he say's what we've all said at the point we realized the spinning ball was a lie, "I mean, how did I ever actually believe that stuff?"

Thank you Globebusters and Taboo Conspiracy
Taboo Conspiracy:

This is part of "THE MOON IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK" series, so pay attention, we're just getting started.
Truthers are going to just love this video; it includes:
- The retarded AcrotNot who tells you "we lost the technology to go to the moon..."
- Another NASA ActorNot in the ISS CGI Studio admits that nobody has ever left earths orbit(not that there is such a thing as an "orbit" to actually leave...) Remember, their sorcery requires that at some point they must tell the truth.
- The 21st Century ORION AcrotNot who explains how difficult it is to attempt to design a "space capsule" and suit that can withstand the "dangerous" Van Allen Radiation Belt
- What the so-called "Dangerous" Van Alen Radiation Belts allegedly are.
- The oblivious Apollo 12 ActorNot who didn't even know he went through what "they" can't seem to figure out how to get through here in the 21st Century - "Intense Radiation" doesn't seem to affect 20th century ActorNots - lol

Original On the Rob Skiba youtube channel:

No, I'm not setting a date, just trying to follow THEIR numbers that they always show us in advance.
They are Sorcerers, it's part of sorcery and witchcraft - they have to do this and it doesn't matter if it makes sense to the uninitiated.

Are people really this far gone that they cannot see this truth that is right in front of them?
This is really a no-brainer people. Seriously though, if after knowing all this, and someone then CHOOSES to get the poisonous injection, then I'd question whether they had a brain at all.

- "the vaccines are part of a social sterilization program for population control"
- "The thing they are calling the 'DELTA VARIANT' of Corona 'virus' is actually vaccine injury caused by TAKING the so-called injections..." (in other-words, "viruses" still don't exist, the injections of vaccines of ALL KINDS are what is making living souls sick)
- "in the UK, there's a report that 62% of those who they claim are dying of 'covid' are those who got the injection..."
- when the ex-insurance guy was asked if he was getting the injection: "oh no, definitely not, I used to work for the insurance companies, I know what happens..."
- "this is not a healthcare problem, this is all about worldwide governmental and financial re-engineering, that's why they need to get these nano particles into our system to switch to this new digital governing system..."
- it's suggested to slow down this process that we should use cash often, in fact, why not everyone have a "CASH FRIDAY" - only use cash on that day...
- the want the system to be like China's digital system where the individuals credits have an expiration date that it must be used or lost because they don't want anyone saving or building wealth which would give them control of their own lives.
- AND! the government can also choose WHAT you can spend your credits on.
- "the entire educational system including and especially universities is designed to make your child a failure; take them out of it."
- "it's vital that when you pull your children out of schools that you also throw out your TV too, the social programming is pervasive..."

Catherine Austin Fitts is an American investment banker and former public official who served as managing director of Dillon, Read & Co. and as United States Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Housing during the Presidency of George H.W. Bush.

On her website,, there are free legal forms to defend your rights, calculate the financial risks from vaccines and an app to help you to calculate the value of physical gold and silver so you can bypass the collapsing central bank fiat currency.

You need to see this!

This video is just a clip, the full video is over 2 hours long. Please click the link below for the full video.

WOW! We can't say we haven't been warned, REPEATEDLY!

The U.S. Government just released a report stating that UAPs (UFOs) are real physical objects that have been tracked for almost 20 years, using the most advanced military equipment.

But if they are real, what are they? And who is flying them?

Every question you might have and MORE are answered in this Ultimate Guide to UFOs/UAPs

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Explained!

From "End Times Productions"

The evidence has grown. It would be impossible for "stock" Boeing 767s, to be flown by guys that could barely fly a Cessna 172. The Boeing 767 would come apart at 560 MPH at sea level. Professional 767 Pilots can not replicate the flights into the Towers, let alone the Pentagon, in 757-767 flight simulators (after many attempts).

The official explanation from The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on how WTC 7 fell states that fires alone brought down this building. Now, in science, all explanations must be backed up with valid scientific observations. These observations can be readily observable facts or the results of verified and replicated experiments. If there are no supporting observations for an explanation, that explanation is based purely on faith, not science. Attempting to portray such pseudo-science as science is fraud.

The not always accurate Wikipedia defines “False Flag” as:
False flag operations are covert operations conducted by governments, corporations, or other organizations, which are designed to appear as if they are being carried out by other entities. The name is derived from the military concept of flying false colors; that is, flying the flag of a country other than one’s own. False flag operations are not limited to war and counter-insurgency operations, and have been used in peace-time; for example, during Italy’s strategy of tension.

Title says it all.

This is that rocket launch video which like the other Balloon video shows a tiny moon on the other side(across) the flat earth, where at the altitude of 73 miles high, and not only did it run into something and stop instantly - BIZARRE!, the on-board camera also caught the moon as a tiny dot - the problem with that is, that on that specific date and time of the launch, the zenith of the moon was over the exact opposite side of earth from the launch site and WOULD have been IMPOSSIBLE to ever see the moon from there IF the earth was a "globe" - but, since many of us KNOW, the earth is not a "globe" but is demonstrably flat, it then makes perfect sense that not only should we see the moon as we did, but that it would also be very small as it was...

I'd like everyone to pay special attention to the tiny moon - use your own brain, think, look at it and THINK.

Also keep in mind, if you are a camera person you understand lenses and that nearly all lenses have some convexity to them. The lense in this video is not a full fish-eye lens which the indoctrinators use to fool you but it does have convexity and you can tell because when the camera angle swings upward the image drastically distorts one way and when downwards, it distorts the opposite way - but take notice when it's level and the horizon is perfectly in the middle (no angle up or down).

And like someone once said in a comment, "It is very easy to see the curvature of earth. But you have to close both eyes."

IF the moon and the sun were where "they" indoctrinated us to BELIEVE, then no matter where you observed them from, they would ALWAYS look to be the same size - yet LOOK...

There's also that one daytime amateur rocket launch from Arizona where at the altitude of 71 miles high, not only did it run into something and stop instantly, the onboard camera also caught the moon as a tiny dot - the problem with that is, that on that specific date and time of the launch, the zenith of the moon was over the exact opposite side of earth from the launch site(IF the earth was a "globe" that is) and WOULD have been IMPOSSIBLE to ever see the moon from there - but, since many of us KNOW, the earth is not a "globe" but is demonstrably flat, it then makes perfect sense that not only should we see the moon as we did, but that it would also be very small as it was...

I don't expect people to grasp this right away - I didn't, just ask the guy who was the first to ever tell me... Give it time though, use your own brain, it'll come to you... :)

If you can't get this, then you will likely fall for the coming next deception, the "ALIEN/UFO Disclosure" I assure you, "they" are NOT "aliens" from another planet but demons from this very earth.

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Funeral Directors around the world are now speaking out and are confirming what everyone has known except those who are still asleep.

- "the funeral business was very slow in Oct, Nov and Dec of 2020 but then there was a sudden spike of deaths in Jan, Feb and March when the so-called 'vaccinations' began..."
- "Nearly all the people dying had just been previously injected"
- Funeral Directors are reporting that hospitals are virtually empty and that no one is dying of covid.
- Funeral Director: "deaths in 2020 were actually lower than in 2019, there is no pandemic..."
- "It’s all a lie to deceive the public into prompting them to get the vaccine which is not in reality, a vaccine." - nor is there any "virus"
- "The government is the virus, the mainstream media is the virus, it exists in no other form..."
- Funeral Director: "even if covid existed, I'm much more frightened of the vaccine than of covid..."
- Funeral Director: "It's funny that during the entire year of 2020, I had nobody who died from what they call 'influenza', that's not normal..."
- "...this is about population reduction and control of the masses..."

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Starts at about 3:35 minutes.
People, you have no excuse for ignorance after this:
- Explains that the electron microscope images being called "viruses" are actually the RESULT of regular cellular breakdown and NOT the cause of it, just like the presence of fireman at a fire are the RESULT of a fire and NOT the cause of it.

- The really bizarre thing is, that so-called scientists will show an image of this cellular soup breakdown, point to a piece of it and say, "that little piece within all this soup of debris is the 'virus'", and THEN go on to their next step which they claim "isolates" what they pointed to, yet proceed to NEVER separate the piece of cell debris they pointed to from the soup yet call it "isolation" non-the-less. In other-words, they're the "scientists" are full-of-debris. Keep in mind, to fool others, like you and me, they CONTINUE to USE the IMAGE with the pointer to the PIECE of debris within a soup of other debris which they NEVER isolated and say, "see, we isolated THAT...".

- Dr Cowan then proceeds to use THEIR logic and methodology to prove that unicorns exist. :) Yes, this should be seen by everyone.

- Proves that the images of microscopic particles of what is being CALLED SARS-COV-2 (Corona Virus) are identical and indistinguishable from cell debris particle images taken from any given point in time past or present. It's like two high altitude images, one of the streets of New York and the other of the streets of Los Angeles, then pointing to the little specs on both images of the streets and saying, those are cars; okay, I'm with you so far, right? - There's clearly no way to identify the make or model of the cars so all you know is that they are cars; makes sense. But then a "scientist" comes along, points to one and says, that one is a 1996 Chevy Lumina - so apparently Los Angeles has a Chevy Lumina infestation... I mean hey, "scientists" are never wrong, they're the "experts".

- Coins new phrase, "Centers for Deceit and Corruption" (CDC)

- Exposes that everything about "SARS-COV-2 Corona Virus" originates from an image which is a fraud.

- Answers some interesting questions

- What's now going on is a battle between two different paradigms of biology(this is important):
1) The long standing and current eugenicists view of biology is that DNA controls who we are and what we do, that we are mere victims of it, and that we are made of cells, molecules(DNA) and atoms(note: the atom THEORY is an ancient belief connected to the Kabbalah which is essentially occult sorcery - aka Opposing God)
2) And the other competing view is that DNA in itself does nothing, but that the chromosomes within are actually antenna which collects electromagnetic energy from thoughts, feelings, sight, sound, sun moon, other frequencies, essentially input from the overall environment(including water, air, chemicals...) we live in, which causes a specific expression(shape & makeup) of the DNA which effects our physical conditions; IE. Wellness or Disease. (liken this to sound frequencies on fine sand which creates different patterns depending on the frequencies)

- They want to inject us with specific kinds of toxins which de-tune our bodies from what God intended them to be tuned to. Their goal is to tune us into their system of control via electromagnetic waves(using the new 5G and soon 6 & 7G) Eph 2:2 "Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience" (Satan is "the prince of the power of the air")

- Since we've confirmed that there is no SARS-COV-2 "virus", then there can be no SARS-COV-2 "spike protein", therefore, if there is the presence of A "spike protein" in someone, and it is basically impossible to have an airborne spike protein because it's very unstable outside of a controlled environment, ie. body or lab; THEN, it must have been INSERTED into the body very quickly from a controlled condition, IE. a "testing swab", or previous "vaccine" injection (probably from one of the NUMEROUS vaccine injections that the mindless sheeple haphazardly have put in them, like the "flu" shot for example.) Don't be angry at me, I love the sheeple, why do you think I spend soooo freakin much time trying to show them the truth?

- There is evidence to show that 5G frequencies do cause symptoms which are attributed to Covid-19

- Where did they get the model for the corona virus originally? Answer: "They made it up."

- Changing the environment, changes how your DNA is expressed. Environment = Thoughts, feelings, emotions, food, water, air, electromagnetic frequencies...

- Talks about the "blood-brain barrier", or the lack of any evidence that such a thing even exists.

One last thing, If you received the "injection" or know someone who has; that doesn't necessarily mean that you're doomed; turn towards Jesus, ask for forgiveness of ALL you

A brilliant presentation by Dr Tom Cowan and Dr Andrew Kaufman of Dr Stephan Lanka's Latest Research which definitively proves that so-called "Contagious Viruses" and specifically (Covid-19) does not exist.

If there is no such thing as SARS-COV-2 THEN:
- There is no known structure such as a "spike protein".
- There is no known genetic sequence.
- Then there can be no genetic variants or mutations.
- Then there's no way to develop a test for something that is NEVER there.
- And therefore, there is no way to demonstrate a cause for a disease.
- The "pandemic" was a lie, based on another lie, based on the known false "Germ/Virus Theory"
- Bottom line, it's all BS!

Undeniable, Irrefutable Logic - SARS-COV-2 (Covid-19) NEVER EXISTED, everyone has been gaslighted into BELIEVING a lie - AGAIN!

Also in this video,
- Dr Cowan exposes the very crafty "virus" validation psyop called "Pathogenic Priming"; which is the story being circulated that the "vaccinated" may experience an over reaction when the vaccinated person encounters the actual SARS-COV-2(covid-19) "virus", (which we now know as scientific fact doesn't even exist), and that this "over reaction" could possibly cause terrible sickness or death. What this is, is the controllers of this world who pulled this fake-demic fiasco, are desperately attempting to put the genie back in the bottle using this twisted little DAMAGE CONTROL tactic, because the TRUTH about "Germ/Virus Theory"(the escaped genie) being a fraud is spreading very rapidly.

- It appears that the Anti-Vax community has been infiltrated and is being run and or influenced by controlled opposition with the intent of continually validating the "Germ/Virus Theory" by coming-up with stories like "Pathogenic Priming", and then Gatekeeping any information which clearly shows that "Germ/Virus Theory" is false; all under the cloak and guise of ANTI-VAX... Lenin would have been proud.

- Dr Kaufman talks about the "In Silico Genome" (meaning IN SILICON, meaning IN a Computer SIMULATION - silicon being one of the main elements that computers are made of - aka, Silicon Computer Chips) In other words, when they SAY that they sequenced Covid-19 In Silico, it simply means that THEY MADE IT UP! Dr Kaufman does a great job of explaining this for non doctor people - like me.

- Covers: What Is a mRNA "Vaccine"?

- Covers: The far-fetched, non scientific, unsubstantiated rumors about "Shedding" (or that vaccinated people are causing well, non vaccinated people to get covid-19 by being near them - yes, I rolled my eyes too :)

- Dr Kaufman reveals how that in so-called scientific publications which make claims that a virus was "isolated"; how they need to conceal relevant information and have to essentially trick the reader into believing that they did something according to procedure, but then you find out after carefully reading ALL relevant documentation(the stuff they hid), that the reality is that they did nothing of the sort and it is merely crafty word-play to convince the reader.

- In regards to whether "Covid-19" was an engineered bio-weapon, the answer was: There is no such thing as a contagious "virus", therefore it's another false ploy to validate the failed theory. But it turns out that the actual "Engineered Bio-weapon" is indeed the so-called "vaccine"; and not because it's a "virus", it isn't, but because of it's TOXIC nature and it's potential ability to modify the human genome; making someone possibly no longer human, but "trans-human", which happens to be one of the "elites" goals by the year 2030.

Everyone, please, STOP using the brain that the government gave you and start using the one God gave you.

In this video, the behind-the-scenes activities of the Antichrist power are revealed - how he places himself in the temple of God claiming to be God with power even over the Almighty, claiming to have the capacity to alter even the precepts of Christ. The implication of these changes whereby the whole world is to be led astray is made plain. Once again, the Bible and the Bible alone are used as sources to expose his activities.

This topic has puzzled numerous expositors. How does Islam fit into the picture of global conflict? Is this a political, religious, or religio-political conflict? What is its origin and what are its goals? How does it impact on ecumenism and on the doctrine of salvation in Christ? Find out in this informative video. A clear line is drawn through history, showing that the reality is more startling than the theory.

Revolutions, Tyrants & Wars need finance and support in order to succeed. Who is behind the major conflagrations which have plagued mankind particularly during the last centuries. Are sinister forces working behind the scenes to achieve their Hegelian synthesis and to bring about a new order of things? Some highlights discussed are the revolutions of the previous century, culminating in the rise of the USA, the Kennedy assassination, and the setting up of the new world order.

PART 2 - Our battle is not against flesh and blood. Spiritual forces would wish to rob man of the only source of inspiration outlining the road to salvation. In the Battle of the Bibles hard evidence is provided for how the enemy has worked behind the scenes to create the stage for the final attack on the Word of God itself. The history and affiliations of those who have dared to reshape God's Word to suit their occult philosophy is clearly exposed.


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Our luciferian-freemmason-Zionist-Jesuit controlled governments have deeply LIED TO US.
*What have "they" NOT lied about?*
THEY LIED ABOUT the following:
The false flag "Lusitania" event to us get us into WWI
Result: (millions dead and Billion$$$ made...)

Were complicit in allowing the false flag "Pearl Harbor" event to change American sentiment and get us into WWII
Result: (millions dead and Billion$$$ made...)

Covered-up what they found in the Antarctica "Operation High-jump" and the high altitude missile tests called "Operation-Fishbowl" in the late 1950's  which revealed the TRUE structure of earth.
Result: Immediately locked down Antarctica and created a military controlled NASA to control access to what is above us to keep the secret truth from us, AND, (Billions deceived, many dead and Billion$$$ made...)

About their complicity in JFK assignation
Result: (One too many dead, and you just know somebody made some $$$...)

Creating the "Gulf of Tonkin incident" to get us into the Vietnam war.
Result: (millions dead and Billion$$$ made...)

Deceived the world with the faked moon landing nonsense (who actually STILL believes that one btw, I'm curious...?)
Result: (Billions beLIEve in the mythical place called "space", several actornots ALLEGEDLY dead(but later found alive...), Billion$$$ made(NASA brings in over $20 BILLION per year)...)

Deceived us by fabricating world-wide false terrorist activity as the impetus to overthrow middle east nations for their oil and to put them on "their" world banking system (The Actual perps, CIA/MI6/Mossad...)...
Result: (millions dead and Trillions$$$ made...)

Deceived us about the "war on drugs" of which the C-I-A is the #1 producer and importer...
Result: (Hundreds of thousands dead and Hundreds of Billion$$$ made(PER YEAR)...)
Continued next comment>>>>

Lied about all the false flag school-shootings which "they" planned and perpetrated in an effort to cause social outcry for the purpose of confiscating the guns from us.
Result: (Many dead, many deceived, and it's guaranteed someone made money somehow (probably the "Crisis Actors")...)

About "their" complicity in the greatest HEIST in human history - 9/11, where over 3000 died and over 5 TRILLION$$$$ went missing that day- also missing is the evidence to even investigate it(the missile-hit the Pentagon office which was investigating the missing $2.3 TRILLION, by coincidence of course...)
Result: (Thousands dead, many deceived, and TRILLION$$$$ made...)

Lied about Weapons of Mass Destruction so they could take control of Iraq oil and put them under "their" world banking system.
Result: (Millions dead, many deceived, and TRILLION$$$$ made...)

Lied about all presidential elections, your votes NEVER chose the puppet "leaders" - they are pre-decided long before the ILLUSION of CHOICE called an "election" ever happens.
Result: (You know someone died somehow(especially concerning the Clintons), many deceived, and BILLIONS$$$$ made...)

Lied and told us that our natural human detoxification cycle(ie. "common cold" & "flu"...etc.) is caused by "invisible" santaClaus/unicorn like partials called "germs/viruses" and created a multi billion$$$ industry around that lie to provide medicine(aka snake-oil) to temporarily mask the symptoms and make us sicker...
Result: (Millions dead, many sick, new diseases, new allergies, many deceived, and who knows how many TRILLION$$$$ made since the mid 1800's when they began this SCAM...)

Lied about what the safety of fluoride and chloride in the water they provide to us which poisons many millions daily and exasperates the natural detox cycle, causes many other diseases and sometimes death(usually from pneumonia caused by the overwhelmed body immune system)
Result: (Millions dead, many sick, many deceived, and who knows how many BILLION$$$$ made since they began poisoning our water...note: fluoride is a toxic byproduct of the aluminium industry, it used to cost them millions to properly dispose of it, then some evil scientist had a bright idea, it kills plaque(no dah!  IT'S TOXIC! it kills people too.), so they sold it to the Public Water Supply Departments - so enjoy!...)

Lied about all the many fake-demics they have attempted over the recent decades, including the one witch finally stuck, "covid--19" and coming soon to a New-World-Order near you ->>>  covid21, then covid23, then....
Result: (Millions more dead, millions more sick, many more deceived, and hundreds of BILLIONS$$$$ per year made on poison-v-injections... and after this coming poison-v-injection, a few billion won't actually be human any longer...)

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