When talking with people about the true nature of this world, usually after only a few challenging questions which are so revealing to the individual that they do not actually KNOW what they thought they knew and their Cognitive Dissonance kicks-in - they'll almost always say something to the effect of, "Okay, fine, but who really cares, why does it even matter if the earth is flat and not a globe? I mean, aren't there more important things than that?"

The WHY IT MATTERS is discussed in this short video.

656565, flat earth, true reality, Dubay, fake space

The Ex Pfizer Pharmacologist scientist has finally come around and concludes that there are no such things as Respiratory Viruses such as Sars-Cov-2 (Covid-19) and the like...

72777, Dr Mike Yeadon, Virus hoax, germ theory fraud

They discuss:

-Medical school vs reality
-Keys to real health
-What bioweapons actually are
-The end of germ theory
-What causes disease
...and much more!
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IT'S HAPPENING HERE ALREADY - most are just not aware of it yet.

I stumbled across this video and it's the perfect companion video to my document, "The Impending Social Credit Human Control System":

Pay close attention to what he's saying, this is beyond serious - the main presentation begins at 2:15 and lasts until 42:00. From 42:00 on are some good Q & A.

"they" ARE DOING THIS - it's happening NOW and I don't know yet what the answer to stopping it is, but I do know that voluntarily using your device for everything, using QR codes, using online only coupons, using thumb-print and facial recognition on your devices, having these little internet connected AI microphone devices that listen to every word that you say and talks to in your homes is accelerating their implementation - AND IT'S ALL A TRAP! For years now I've done everything possible to minimize my internet profile and on all my devices, the cameras are taped-over and the audio is locked down to the best of my technical ability - phones are off until needed and then turned back off.

Watch this video and then tell me if you still think that's being paranoid.

We need to stop using these things and we need to send letters(yes, the paper ones, unless you want tracked) to these companies and to the puppet government officials letting them know that we do not consent and refuse to participate. And then pray.

This is some seriously scary stuff - this is NOT a "theory" - this is 100%, UNDENIABLE, in your literal face, FACT! It's Minority Report and The Matrix on steroids.

Source: I-Rabbi-T channel -,-5G-Control-Grid---Digital-Currency---Social-Credit-System:d

7772666, 575757, Smart City, 5G, Social Credit System

Arguably the most informative video on this topic I've seen yet - EVERYONE needs to see this - especially if you think you ever had a virus or think that you know someone who has...You're wrong and this will sort you out - or don't watch it and remain an idiot.

If you can watch this video while simultaneously using your own brain to discern the logic of it and then STILL BELIEVE that you ever had a "virus" or could "catch one" - lol - then you are insane by definition (or sadly just seriously retarded, in which case you should be institutionalized for your safety and the safety of others.).

Also, FYI, in about the last 25 minutes of this video, it covers "monkey pox" in detail - so if you haven't yet figured out that the mainstream narrative of monkey pox is complete BS, then you'll want to see that - especially since it tells you what the REAL cause of this pox (and all pox) is and how to avoid getting it. (No, it has NOTHING to do with any so-called "virus" but the actual cause will blow you away when you find out.)

Source from the fantastic work of the Spacebusters Channel:

What Roe v Wade Overturn was REALLY about:

WARNING! The Social Credit System is about to assimilate you - will you fall for it?

This is how we got into this mess:

72777, germ theory fraud, virus fraud, truth, spacebusters

I just wrote a small document detailing "The Impending Social Credit & Human Control System" which the government is already in the early stages of incrementally implementing here in the good-ole Fascist USA.
You'll want to know this, read it here:

This video is a short Report showing how they are already controlling and herding the people in China this way.


7772666, Social Credit System, Prophesy, Mark of the Beast, Revelation

To determine ANY three dimensional objects true shape, there needs to be the ability to observe the object from three 90 degree out of phase viewpoints.

Are you sure you "know" what you think you know?

TRUTH - Exploding little brains one fact at a time.

Thanks Karen B:

656565, The Moon is Not What You Think Series, flat earth, karen b, truth

I'm not a big Hagmann fan for various reasons I won't explain here but it's his guest Austin Broer that I think you all should hear out.

This is audio only - covers topics such as:
- They are coming for the guns...
- The False economy problems including the totally unnecessary fuel price gouging
- False Flag school shootings
- A very tricky gun-grab technique using the manufactured economy crash as leverage
- Chinese style Social Credit System - COMING SOON TO AMERIKA!
- The Bilderberg meeting and agenda
- The fake "virus" "pox" monkey business
- Congress is attempting to completely close down the ability to do what I'm doing right here on the internet - they don't like it when they say something and then someone with good sense see's the errors and points it out for possibly millions to see...
- Roe v Wade (he has good points on the surface but he's missing THIS:
- and much more...

7772666, Austin-Broer, Hagmann Report, Social Credit System Coming

Keep in mind as you watch this surreal yet very real exposure of what is currently happening all over the world to bring in the biblical "image to the beast" aka One World Government - and in their own words how "they" literally intend to completely control our every move (even our breathing) - and the "plan" is to have it all in place before the year 2030 (less than 8 years from now):

"And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee(the world); and the voice of the
bridegroom(Jesus) and of the bride(believers) shall be heard no more at all in thee: for the owners
of big entertainment, big media and big pharma were the great men of the earth;
for by their pharmaceuticals and propaganda were all the nations deceived."
Revelation 18:23

And for anyone who doubts that particular translation of Revelation 18:23 - it's all broken down in great detail here:

"For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled."
Revelation 17:17

And now that it's not just people like me(a regular dude pointing out the obvious) telling everyone that the prophesies tell us this will all happen (and is CURRENTLY happening), but instead it's the United Nations, the WHO, the WEF, the governments and leaders of the entire world who are telling us to our faces that they're planning to do this to us - do you believe it now?

We've covered most of this previously - how the fake health issues like "viruses" and MANDATORY VACCINES FOR EVERYONE are simply the impetus for the creation of a human control system - the "smart phones" becoming your virtual ball-n-chain - the danger of succumbing to the use of QR codes - 5G infrastructure, it's health dangers and ability to track and manipulate us - the looming China style Social Credit population control system and how all of that is merely the foundation needed for the implementation of the biblical "mark of the beast" (covered here: )

Lets understand something:
Conspiracy: Two or more individuals agreeing and planning together to do something against another.

Theory: An unproved assumption

Conspiracy Theory: An unproved assumption that two or more individuals are agreeing and planning together to do something against another.

So, when someone has a theory that two or more individuals are agreeing and planning together to do something against another - and those individuals who are theorized as being the conspiring planners come out and tell you with their own words that they are indeed planning to do that "something" against you - IS IT STILL A THEORY? Or is it simply CONSPIRACY FACT?

7772666, Image to the Beast, qrcode, Social Credit System, One World Government

The infrastructure of the NWO's "One World Government" aka the biblical "IMAGE TO THE BEAST" is nearly complete.

Discussed in this Video:
- Are we prepared for what IS happening and what is ABOUT to happen?

- World Current Events that relate directly to Biblical Prophesy which most do not realize is even happening

- FORCED Vaccination laws in China (Soon coming here...)

- Sudden mass food processing plant disasters in the US (Do you REALLY believe it's a Coincidence?)

- Climate Change hysteria abounds, and how this leads to the implementation of the "mark of the beast"

- Abortion Protests - again, DON'T BE FOOLED BY THIS - it's NOT what you think it's about - this is a TRICK!:

- NWO manufactured FAMINE

- More COVID fakedemics telegraphed to happen soon - telegraphed by all the same people who telegraphed the covid-19 fakedemic,: Gates, Fauci, Biden, CDC officials... (you really didn't think this was over did you - for those of you who still believe in fairy-tales, better dust off your masks...)

- Now that 5G is nearly in place world-wide and even ready for the 6G upgrade: This is the foundational infrastructure for Massive high-tech SURVEILLANCE techniques to be used to CONTROL the public - For example: like knowing that there is a group of people meeting together in a church during a MANDATORY fakedemic "lock-down"... (they already used some of this "phone cluster monitoring" technology to dispatch police to break-up church meetings during the 2020 lockdowns here in the USA - the Land of the ????.) - Also massive use of mini and micro surveillance drone swarms which can and will follow you ANYWHERE you can imagine going, even through dense foliage...

- Chinas Social Credit System is now in the process of being implemented worldwide - happening throughout the EU as we speak AND IT WILL COME HERE(in fact it IS here, just not implemented as yet)... (This is insidious people - soon your phone will be your BALL-n-CHAIN - earth will soon be a huge PRISON COLONY - okay, I guess it already is - it'll just become MORE restrictive.)

- The Jesuit WIZARD pope officials even clearly states that China's current social control system is the prototype, the blueprint for the Vatican system to be implemented world-wide.

- Sunday legislation coming soon (essentially the mark of the beast) - "they" are not simply telegraphing it, they are outright saying it's coming soon in their public documentation and media.

7772666, mark of the beast, NWO, Social Credit System, one world government

At other times I've attempted to explain the concepts put forth in this video, but this short video explains it much better than I have.

And if you've read my recent article titled,
Where we discuss how the bible clearly warned us specifically about what is currently happening in detail - even naming the methods of deception and the spells that "they" use to enchant the masses into obedience without them having a clue it's happening to them.

72777, 7772666, covid waves, the plan, sorcery

We've talked about all these things before - this video explains how they are all related.
- 5G
- the Vaccine Weapon,
- Gene Manipulation,
- Corporate/Government Genetic Patent ownership of the Vaxxed
- FEMA Camps
- No longer under Constitution
- FEMA Law
- The coming pandemic among those who are vaxxed when they turn on the special 5G modulation signal.
- The herding of the vaxxed masses
- The Zombification of the vaxxed masses (and we think they're zombified now, we ain't seen nothing yet...)

Revelation 18:23 (Speaking of the end time tribulation just as Jesus comes back - emphasis mine)
"And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom(Jesus) and of the bride(believers in Jesus) shall be heard no more at all in thee: for the merchants(big pharma, big business...) were the great men of the earth; for by their *sorceries* were all nations deceived."

That word "sorceries" was translated from the Greek word, "pharmakeia" - where we get the words "pharmacy" and "pharmaceutical" from.
Greek/English Definition: the use of medicine, drugs or spells
Usage: magic, sorcery, enchantment

Yah reveals the truth for those who want it - and those who don't: Romans 1:28, 2 Thes 2:10-12

72777, 5G, Vaccine Weapon, gene manipulation, Zombies

Describes the progression of how REAL truth is acquired.

Please take the time to visit for more incredible content like this. Feel free to share this video. Please add this disclaimer should you choose to mirror this video. A 14 minute presentation on the "Staircase of Disbelief". A description of a personal journey of discovery, the systematic dismantling of a lifetime's worth of ideas and concepts that have been falsely planted, watered and protected by those who control the media, the education system and, ultimately, the governments of the world. Also, for an amazing compilation of related material, please visit "

7772666, Truth, Neil Kramer, Veritas Radio, Staircase

I've been warning people about the Stew Peters sensationalized Controlled Opposition Conman for quite a while, and as always, no matter how many different ways I try to tell people these things, Amandha comes along and effortlessly says it better. Yeah I'm whining, but it's a happy whine. :)

Amandha is correct, we need to take responsibility and have better Discernment.

And I'm not putting this out because I have her same belief system, I clearly do not, and she is obviously not a believer in Jesus - and I am a believer in Jesus - yet she's not wrong about the "STUPID CHRISTIANS" who are the target and almost all in a CULT; I mean this world is pushing 50,000 different denominations out there now, all split and arguing about mostly mundane topics yet nearly all of them agree on following the authoritative mandates of a dude in a wizard outfit who lives in Rome and most don't even realize it:

- The bible says the 7th day is Gods set aside holy day to rest and worship on and the wizard says, no, " my authority you must set aside sunday, the Venerable Day of the Sun..."

- The God says "...don't worship me in the ways that the heathen worship their gods..."; but what does the 50,000 so-called "Christian" denominations do? As per the catholic church who;s leadership all obviously worship the other pagan gods(if you haven't figured this out by now, well...), and in turn changed Jesus birthday to coincide with pagan god Apollo on December 25, even using the pagan ritual of cutting down trees and "decking them..." which is SPECIFICALLY mentioned as NOT TO DO in the bible

- and then they take on the rituals of the pagan fertility gods Dianna & Ashteroth, aka Ashtar, aka "Easter", where to honor them they would get menstruating virgins to stain eggs with their menstrual blood; and so what did the Wizard of Rome convince billions of people to do? That's right, lets have our children do practically the same thing and trick them into thinking they're somehow doing it for Jesus. Sad.

And to top it off, one of the wizards even had the audacity to change the entire worlds calendar so that their venerated "Easter" ritual wouldn't be ruined by landing on the BIBLICAL Passover. Do your research, that's precisely what pope Gregory did and why he did it.

All this nonsense and much much more because a wizard said so; and the idiot "Christians" genuflect to the demands of a men who claim to be "god on earth" and have the "...authority to over-ride biblical commands and laws..."

Yep, THAT is called a CULT alright - so, I'm not saying I believe what she does concerning God, I don't, but she ain't wrong about the snake-oil salesman Stew Peters, Alex Jones, Del Bigtree and the like... and quite frankly, she's not wrong about most Christians being duped morons either - and you KNOW this is true whether people want to admit it or not.

72777, Amandha Vollmer, Stew Peters Fraud, Virus Scam

They don't even bother to dance around what they are doing anymore.
"Digital surveillance is now under the skin..."
Yuval noah harari is an adviser to Klaus Schwab and World Economic Forum which has used covid to implement the great reset which includes 5G under the skin tracking.

7772666, 72777, Digital Surveillance, Klaus Schwab, WEF

You are going to want to hear these guys out till the end if you want to understand what is really going on.
WHY?: Because they Explain how the Ukraine False Flag war, Planned Food Shortages, Forced Economy Crash, the old Covid scam and the coming new "Covid" scam, and the soon coming Mandatory Digital Currency(bye bye CASH, bye bye freedom...) are all related and are meant to push(trick) the USA and other Sovereign states into voluntarily accepting all of THAT, which is a compete Con-Job SETUP which will be the foundation for putting EVERYONE IN THE WORLD into the exact same SOCIAL CREDIT SYSTEM which China completely controls their 1.5 BILLION residents with.

Also, how it will all be connected to the U.N., NWO, Agenda2030, Universal Basic Income, Climate Control Agenda and how the Vatican is ultimately behind it all and will be the main beneficiary of this control structure.

The question is are you going to take the bait and FALL FOR IT ALL?
NEWS FLASH: If you are using QR codes and Digital Only Coupons - then you are already falling for part of it...

And then they show you how all of THAT is directly connected to the remaining unfulfilled biblical prophesies.

If you ever wondered HOW "they" could possibly fulfil the prophesy of causing everyone in the world to not be able to buy and sell unless they have the "mark" - then THIS video lays out "their" Blueprint to the tee.

Like I said, you're gonna want to see this.

7772666, Ukraine, Digital Currency, NWO, Food Shortage

Though all of this footage shows multiple strange anomalies, it's the last 9 minutes that really caught me by surprise. Pretty much slam-dunk proof of what most of us already thought.

IAAIAAIAA, 911, False Flag Footage, Missile

Excellent Interview!
Dr. Andrew Kaufman and filmmaker Marcy Cravat join SGT Report to discuss germ theory fraud, fake viruses and very real and potentially lethal 5G. Their new film TERRAIN premieres at later this month.

IMPORTANT! If we do not continue to educate others about the FACT that there are no such things as "contagious viruses", then "they" will just do this BS again. And believe me, IT WILL BE WORSE THE NEXT TIME - because of the lessons they learned this time; they'll simply sew-up the Legal Loopholes and next time they'll REALL tweak-up the 5G and local area poisoning to cause the desired ILLUSION - (at least that's how I'd do it if I were an evil occult NWO Wizard bent on dominating the world...)

72777, 5G, Kaufman, Fake Virus, 575757

If you already know that the Russia/Ukraine fiasco is all a planned False Flag NWO Psyop, then you'll really appreciate how the content of this video connects the dots in a way that most won't see coming.
Yet there it is...

They discuss the situation in Ukraine and Russia. Many have taken sides and the media is putting out conflicting stories. Propaganda is the name of the game and it will continue to be. So how do we put all this into perspective and get our minds around it to try and see where everything is heading?

IMPORTANT Notes to know before watching:
In this video, he mentions the "King Of The North" and "King Of The South" - biblical "TYPE" terminology:

King Of The North refers to the self proclaimed "moral" religious political world power system.
Past biblical example: Babylon
Current example fitting biblical prophesy: the Vatican
King Of The South refers to the secular non religious political world power system.
Past biblical example: Egypt
Current example fitting biblical prophesy: Russia

(But don't be fooled, Russia, the USA, Ukraine, China, Canada, Britain, the EU and the rest of the puppet world leader governments are all working together with the Vatican wizard at the head, to coerce the world into the NWO "plan"(a.k.a. The biblical "Image to the Beast" one world government system))

Also, please don't let the term "False Flag" fool you, it doesn't mean that some real things aren't possibly happening, because it's likely that some are - people may die in a false flag event, and sometimes they only make it look like people died.
Pearl Harbor and 9/11 were both False Flag Events.

7772666, russia ukraine, prophesy, Propaganda, Book of Daniel 11

Title says it all - But of course we truthers have been pointing this out since March of 2020 and hundreds of published research studies have been saying it for many decades, yet all the talking head PUPPET officials on the Teee Veee BARKED a "mandate" and 95% of the population with total fear and stupidity in their eyes jumped-up and said, "YES SIR! THANK YOU SIR!, MAY I HAVE ANOTHER..."

One more thing, this the talking-head muppets on CNN are having Conniptions about someone exposing their fraud, well... :)

72777, SURGEON GENERAL, masks do not work, Covid fraud, Florida

Q+A Topics included:
- Explains why adding toxic stuffs to an alleged "virus" culture and then blending it in a blender and then calling THAT procedure "Isolated", is not just unscientific but STUPID - yet this is precisely what so-called "scientists/virologists" do and then CLAIM that they found a "virus" - I kid you not --- this is literally a tactic used to GASLIGHT large groups of people.
- Demonstrates using LOGIC how mainstream "Medical Journals" are just plain dishonest and intentionally deceptive.
- Shows the absurdity of theories like the "sodium/potassium pump" and "nerve synapse's"
- Blood pressure measurements and medications (good info here)
- Dealing with hair loss
- Interstitial cystitis
- Is there such a thing as good and bad cholesterol?
- Can animals know if you’re sick?
- Recommendations for someone who wants to become a doctor

And as Dr Cowan does so well, he has an extraordinary way of explaining something so that anyone can easily comprehend it.

Mike Stone's list for further research:

Dr. Thomas Cowan playlist:$/list/4a88b9a986ee4ab965f1fdede7e21b00b6699284

Dr. Thomas Cowan:

72777, covid myths, cowan, medical fallacy

No matter where you look, you'll NEVER find a "contagious virus"; why? Same reason you never find unicorns...
And if you ask the question, "okay, then if viruses don't exist, what is the cold and flu?"
I'm so glad you asked:

"It doesn't seem to matter how many videos, articles and even books that refute the existence of "viruses", I still get questioned with "but....what about [insert anything here]?"
I took up the challenge to make a one stop video, although I'm not holding my breath"
Dr. Sam Bailey 😶‍🌫️

Dr. Sam's channel -

1. Tobacco Mosaic “Virus”:

“Propagation in Tissue Cultures of Cytopathogenic Agents from Patients with Measles”- Enders and Peebles, 1954:
“Bovine Amniotic Fluid as Tissue Culture Medium in Cultivation of Poliomyelitis and Other Viruses” - Enders, 1952:
“The Emperor’s New Virus” - Brent Leung, 2011:
“Think About It” - Flight Of The Conchords:
“Sequence-Based Identification of Microbial Pathogens: a Reconsideration of Koch’s Postulates” - Fredricks and Relman, 1996:
“PCR Inventor: ‘It doesn’t tell you that you are sick’” - offGuardian, 5 Oct 2020:
“Faith in Quick Test Leads to Epidemic That Wasn’t” - NY Times, 2007:
Dr. Stefan Lanka interview with Joan Shenton, 17 Oct 2021:

72777, Dr Sam Bailey, virus myth, terrain

From Dancing Queen Talent show act to Ukraine Teee Veee comedic actor "president" to the alleged actual president of Ukraine - I'd normally say that you can't make this stuff up, yet apparently that is precisely what "they" did. AND PEOPLE ARE BUYING IT!

Must WATCH this all the way through.

I mean come-on people, can't you see what "they" are doing? I mean look at all the absolute buffoons in propped-up puppet leadership positions EVERYWHERE. If you can't discern that you are being punked and manipulated then please unsub this channel - you don't belong here, go hang-out with other grown-ups who still believe in Santa...

Don't forget WHY "they" have magically snapped their fingers to change the mainstream NEWS narrative from COVID and all it's deadly variants to {SNAP} WAG THE DOG WAR with Russia...
It's because we have been systematically dismantling their complete BS "contagious virus" deception scheme - GERM THEORY and VIROLOGY IS DEAD! and we've been writing it's obituary which has been rapidly gaining steam and people are quickly waking up to it - so "they" needed a distraction, and all this BIZARRE BUFFOONERY with Ukraine and Russia is it.

BTW, do you remember the fake news network called ABC that was caught faking a Syrian battle by using footage from an actual Gun Show? I do. I'm telling you:

And this includes: ABC, CBS, FOX, MSNBC, BBC, CNN, NBC, Wall street Journal, Time Mag, New yorker, Washington Times, New York Times..... etc etc etc. or ANY major media or social media - if it's on your Teeee Veeee, then it's BS - if it's from any popular online site, then it's BS. And YES, I'm saying that you can't trust ANY media anywhere - just turn the shit off and be done with it. Been over a year and a half for us, we don't have cable, or fake satellite Teee Veee and we don't even turn on the over the air channels - and WOW! the peace is amazing, TRY IT! We simply read read read (mostly the bible), then I'll skim through all the subscriptions, filtering out the approx 95% controlled opposition nonsense looking for those really exposing truth, usually the little guy with no resources but has enough sense to notice the things that aren't quite right... If you want the truth, then you'll find it - but if you just want Confirmation Bias, then you'll find that too.

From via channel.

7772666, WAG THE DOG, Russia, UKRAINE, Zelenskiy

In this video, Dr. Ardis is correct that they are murdering people in hospitals and how their first goal is to wipe-out the elderly; and he's 100% correct about who is behind it...

If you can't figure out that everything about what has happened with the fake covid fiasco over the last two years is a complete fraud designed to CONTROL, POISON or KILL you, then you spend entirely too much time watching mainstream media and social media - or you're just a complete idiot - maybe both.

And the following is not a "theory":
- The Pope is AN antichrist; one of the "many" that Jesus said we would have.
How do we know? (He sits in the temple, aka the congregation, and claims to be god on earth - Matthew 24;4-5, 1 Corinthians 3;16, 2 Thessalonians 2;4)

- The ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH is the "woman who rides the beast" in Revelation (and as you know, the RIDER of something determines it's direction...) Revelation 17;3-6

- The Roman SYSTEM of government merely put on the veneer of "Christianity", took on the ancient Babylonian occult system of manipulation and control, ensconced SECRET operatives at high levels within the governments, banks, media, religious, education and entertainment systems of every nation on earth(these operatives belong to a multitude of secret societies who are all controlled by one entity) - the biblical name for this secret system is called "Mystery Babylon"

- The majority of the Protestant Denominations and their false doctrinal teachings are the "False Prophet"

- This entire "BEAST" System is controlled by the Vatican

- It's currently in the process of making the "image to the beast", which is a One World Government System that is basically Nimrods BABYLON all over again - we now know this "image" as the NEW WORLD ORDER (NWO)

- About that "mark":

72777, 7772666, Ardis, vatican, covid fraud


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Our luciferian-freemmason-Zionist-Jesuit controlled governments have deeply LIED TO US.
*What have "they" NOT lied about?*
THEY LIED ABOUT the following:
The false flag "Lusitania" event to us get us into WWI
Result: (millions dead and Billion$$$ made...)

Were complicit in allowing the false flag "Pearl Harbor" event to change American sentiment and get us into WWII
Result: (millions dead and Billion$$$ made...)

Covered-up what they found in the Antarctica "Operation High-jump" and the high altitude missile tests called "Operation-Fishbowl" in the late 1950's  which revealed the TRUE structure of earth.
Result: Immediately locked down Antarctica and created a military controlled NASA to control access to what is above us to keep the secret truth from us, AND, (Billions deceived, many dead and Billion$$$ made...)

About their complicity in JFK assignation
Result: (One too many dead, and you just know somebody made some $$$...)

Creating the "Gulf of Tonkin incident" to get us into the Vietnam war.
Result: (millions dead and Billion$$$ made...)

Deceived the world with the faked moon landing nonsense (who actually STILL believes that one btw, I'm curious...?)
Result: (Billions beLIEve in the mythical place called "space", several actornots ALLEGEDLY dead(but later found alive...), Billion$$$ made(NASA brings in over $20 BILLION per year)...)

Deceived us by fabricating world-wide false terrorist activity as the impetus to overthrow middle east nations for their oil and to put them on "their" world banking system (The Actual perps, CIA/MI6/Mossad...)...
Result: (millions dead and Trillions$$$ made...)

Deceived us about the "war on drugs" of which the C-I-A is the #1 producer and importer...
Result: (Hundreds of thousands dead and Hundreds of Billion$$$ made(PER YEAR)...)
Continued next comment>>>>

Lied about all the false flag school-shootings which "they" planned and perpetrated in an effort to cause social outcry for the purpose of confiscating the guns from us.
Result: (Many dead, many deceived, and it's guaranteed someone made money somehow (probably the "Crisis Actors")...)

About "their" complicity in the greatest HEIST in human history - 9/11, where over 3000 died and over 5 TRILLION$$$$ went missing that day- also missing is the evidence to even investigate it(the missile-hit the Pentagon office which was investigating the missing $2.3 TRILLION, by coincidence of course...)
Result: (Thousands dead, many deceived, and TRILLION$$$$ made...)

Lied about Weapons of Mass Destruction so they could take control of Iraq oil and put them under "their" world banking system.
Result: (Millions dead, many deceived, and TRILLION$$$$ made...)

Lied about all presidential elections, your votes NEVER chose the puppet "leaders" - they are pre-decided long before the ILLUSION of CHOICE called an "election" ever happens.
Result: (You know someone died somehow(especially concerning the Clintons), many deceived, and BILLIONS$$$$ made...)

Lied and told us that our natural human detoxification cycle(ie. "common cold" & "flu"...etc.) is caused by "invisible" santaClaus/unicorn like partials called "germs/viruses" and created a multi billion$$$ industry around that lie to provide medicine(aka snake-oil) to temporarily mask the symptoms and make us sicker...
Result: (Millions dead, many sick, new diseases, new allergies, many deceived, and who knows how many TRILLION$$$$ made since the mid 1800's when they began this SCAM...)

Lied about what the safety of fluoride and chloride in the water they provide to us which poisons many millions daily and exasperates the natural detox cycle, causes many other diseases and sometimes death(usually from pneumonia caused by the overwhelmed body immune system)
Result: (Millions dead, many sick, many deceived, and who knows how many BILLION$$$$ made since they began poisoning our water...note: fluoride is a toxic byproduct of the aluminium industry, it used to cost them millions to properly dispose of it, then some evil scientist had a bright idea, it kills plaque(no dah!  IT'S TOXIC! it kills people too.), so they sold it to the Public Water Supply Departments - so enjoy!...)

Lied about all the many fake-demics they have attempted over the recent decades, including the one witch finally stuck, "covid--19" and coming soon to a New-World-Order near you ->>>  covid21, then covid23, then....
Result: (Millions more dead, millions more sick, many more deceived, and hundreds of BILLIONS$$$$ per year made on poison-v-injections... and after this coming poison-v-injection, a few billion won't actually be human any longer...)

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