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Today, let's talk about why the Witcher is such a great show - and that it follows it's theme perfectly. Destiny is everything in this TV show - and all the characters are reacting or responding to the force of destiny - From Geralt who doesn't believe in fate or destiny and wanders through the first 6 episodes of the season, only to accept fate and be there to protect Ciri from Niflheim, to Yennefer betraying her oaths to try to reverse the damage in becoming the Witch she is in the series, to Ciri recognizing her destiny to help others.

Ciri's grandparents, the King and Queen, transgressing the theme only suffer for it, her Grandpa being 'Sera'ed - blah, blah, blah, obey me, arrow to your face, and the Queen taking a swan dive from a 100-foot tower.

Excellent storytelling and definitely a worth watching hit for NetFlix.

I never really thought I would be able to find the perfect example of what the NoPhone three-point system would be all about.

Then NewGuy shows up. All because Jessica started well-meaningly but eventually becomes so frustrated and bitter by the end of it all, and the Internet responding to her characters showing the new guy as the moral compassionate person and the female as a true villain.

This is what I want NoPhone to be all about, stop fighting and be compassionate to each other - don't let the hamster wheel make you bitter when you don't see progress - maybe it's time to get off of it and enjoy life.

In 2015, when I came to realize I had a problem with pornography, NoFap was maybe 70k membership on Reddit. 4.5 years later, NoFap is 530k, a 700% increase. There is a meme that says you don't need to defend the truth, you only need to release it, NoFap is one of those big truths.

NoFap helps many people gain control over their lives, enabling them to focus on school, projects, work and their finances - allowing them to change their lives entirely. That is why it will continue to grow.

Google Trends says that porn addiction side effects have upwards of 2500% or more increase, and if it continues that way, the numbers of NoFap could easily double this year, despite what the pornographers have to say. I haven't heard on person serious about NoFap who said their lives were worse off because, but 1000s of testimonials of how much better everybody's life has become.

When you look at the traffic to alternative tech websites, Gab, Minds and BitChute, the differences between the traffic is outstanding when compared to YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, which makes one question - is there really a culture war, or is it a small minority of people on one side fighting another small minority on the other side in an ever-escalating toxic hamster wheel?

Furthermore, most of the 'thought leaders' in these movements have around 200k views on each of their videos as well, on both sides.

However, If you believed either them or the mainstream media, the fighting is the majority of people - and the evidence is showing how wrong that really is. It's likely a crisis only in the minds of the people who are always fighting each other on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Hollywood is hitting a dead end. If the only thing you can do is create even more powerful characters who can do increasing more and more fantastic things than your storytelling is about the same as any 6-year old on the playground.

So to outdo them before they have to create more and more powerful characters and higher stakes, I declare myself the Overlord who is more powerful any character and in fact, more powerful than all the characters in Hollywood combined, and Lucifer Morningstar is my bitch!

So, instead of creativity making things more and more grandiose, maybe it should be about the inward journey than the outward journey - which will be far more entertaining than what is being produced right now.

I think you know which movie I would rather support in May of 2021, but if you're new to the channel, it's John Wick, not Matrix 4.

To immortalize Jar Jar Abrams quote about Rey, "I was intrigued by an innately powerful, innately good, innately moral character," and what most critics who have seen the movie are saying right now about the way OP Rey shows how that kind of character backfires because we don't connect with them. Neo was interesting in the first movie, but after that he became boring - and the 2nd and 3rd Matrix movies did worse in the box office - so hating on OP characters is a gender-neutral thing. I have just about the same desire to watch the Rise of the Skywalker as I do for the Matrix 4 - I don't want to be bored by a character that is so innately everything that they are never challenged!

I'd rather see John Wick because he goes through shit both emotionally and physically, making his character much more interesting - just like I want to see Wandavision when it comes out on Disney+, because of all the shit Wanda has gone through - losing her family and Vision! That's a far more interesting story than invincible Neo/Captain Marvel/Rey effortlessly smashing through every obstacle without any kind of challenge!

So, let us all start gender-neutral hate on all OP characters, simply because they are boring! Do better than having the imagination of a 6-year old in their backwards Hollywood, we don't like it anymore!

If you had the distinct feeling that most of the writing for Another Life needed to be in something like Degrassi, Junior High or 90210 you're not too far off - Aaron Martin, the creator of Another Life, had his start with Degrassi: The Next Generation - and shows that he hasn't grown as a creator in 18 years since.

From people irradiating themselves to cure themselves of virus because of someone recklessly took soil samples for which there should have many protocols for, to someone who doesn't know who the father of her child is because she had a three-way during a magic space rave when they were all high on magic space speed - and I can't stress this plot point enough - even the holographic AI got laid!

What could have been an amazing storyline - 'trojan horse' probes go to different planets and promise everything, but annihilate the population of those worlds gets soiled by immature writing that reads it should be for pre-teens and teenagers.

If you believe that people who are not watching porn because they want to improve their lives are 'fascist nazis' because of everything from the Rollingstone to porn performers and producers say so then you are going to be surprised by the real reason they are probably saying this - they're losing money and they don't like that.

Not only do they lose money on ad revenue, but it also impacts their conversion rate of the people who will spend money on their premium version of their website, which shows a huge retention rate compared to the losses they had to their free website - showing people are less likely to drop the website once they are paying for it.

Work continues on the Lore book and Rule book for Tales from Trinity City, and it's coming along effectively.

The real story of Trinity City is that it's a city that cannot afford to fail mechanically or culturally, but not only is there a rush for materials to keep the city going, but factions who are within it that are fighting for the meagre scrap - so both the infrastructure and the culture is always on a verge of collapse, and if one of those were to fail, that is the end of all hope for a humanity that has been conquered by a technologically superior race!

I talk about some of the themes in the game - that you will encounter within this very complex city.

One of the most boring kinds of characters is the invincible character. Without a challenge, you can't identify with them. This is well known because the Matrix 2 and 3 did progressively worse in the box office than the first one. The first one had character growth and weakness in Neo, and the 2 and 3rd, he effortlessly went through the adventure to the final 'defeat/victory'. So it's interesting that Hollywood hasn't learned it's a lesson with both Rey and Captain Marvel, who are never challenged by what they are experiencing, creating some of the most boring drama I have ever watched.

For an extremely powerful character, everybody is best to learn from the Scarlet Witch. Yes, she's powerful, but she has deep wounds from what has been taken from her - her family through war and Ultron, and losing Vision to Thanos - leading to a tortured search to bring him back in Wandavision, a story I am much more excited about than the Rise of the Skywalker and Captain Marvel 2!

NoPhone Reddit -

Social media is just becoming more and more hyperbolic. On one side, you'd think the first world nations are the most oppressive regime the world has ever seen. On the other side, you'd think a few extremists are a threat to western democracy and liberty. When it comes down to it, neither world view is correct and can only stress you out as you 'fight' the other side for not seeing things your way - hence, why I have created the #NoPhone challenge, why pour gasoline on an ever-growing fire of toxicity when you can take a 1-week break from social media and actually start to enjoy your life!

Jon Snow has to be my favourite character out of Game of Thrones. He is the real protagonist of the story, being one of the first actors in the story, witnessing a deserter from the Nights Watch executed by his surrogate father Ned Stark to the final actor - protecting the realms of men from Daenerys.

Jon is the epitome of a static character arc, not only did he not change through the story - only having a few moments of doubt in being a Nightswatch man and the duty it included, but he ended up where he started - a knight of the nights watch.

Work on the RPG continues, and it's nearing its public unveiling.

I am probably going to make Tales from Trinity City an open-source Tabletop RPG - with everything for free, but you can also elect to help me continue the work through Patreon and other subscription services. Version 0.1 for the Basic rules are done, and I'm working on both 0.2 for the rules and 0.5 for the lore book, and I go over some of the game Lore in this update.

Have a great week guys, and remember, if social media is stressing you out, feel free to unplug for as long as you need!

In the story arc of Sansa Stark, we see a girl whose head is filled with fantasies of becoming a queen or lady to a man who will take her away from the North, and every single decision she made towards that only hurt her in the end, revealing the truth - she had to be loyal to her people - the people of the North. Once she did, she became one of the most powerful people in Westeros and secured the North's independence.

Daenerys Targaryen's story arc is a cautionary tale. Believing in her own infallibility because she's the mother of Dragons, the Unburnt, the breaker of chains came to be her undoing. She didn't believe anything she did was wrong. When she freed the Unsullied, everybody cheered, when she took the city of Meereen and crucified the masters, everybody cheered. She couldn't see past the lie of she was meant for the Iron Throne and accept the truth, she was not special, she was not anointed, and her Dragons were meant as weapons against the army of the Dead and the Night King - the very things that could have saved her life in the end as John Snow did his final act to be a shield for the realms of men by killing her.

Except for the MCU seriously dropping the ball on the 3rd plot point - don't tell us that Hulk and Bruce integrated through therapy, show us, the storyline from the Incredible Hulk to End Game was a fantastic positive character arc showing Bruce Banner truly afraid of the power he wielded, either seeking to control the Hulk or to destroy him, to come to terms with that by embracing the truth, they were stronger together than apart.

There is a fundamental problem with Professor Hulk, and it is the way that Marvel Cinematic Studios told his story. Instead of having a 3rd plot point, where the Hulk and Bruce have a huge confrontation after Infinity Wars because Bruce feels the universe could have been saved had Hulk worked with him - and that brings them into unity, in End Game, we're just told they integrated. I don't know how many times I heard, show, don't tell, but Marvel needs that lesson it seems.

Not having that 3rd plot point where Bruce and the Hulk integrate into the truth both needed to accept, they are better together gave almost everybody a wtf moment because we all innately know we need those plot points to show that character growth.

Next week, I will go into the Hulk's character growth throughout the Marvel movies - starting with the real introduction to the Hulk, with Edward Norton's Hulk - because it does bring the initial introduction to the MCU Hulk.

Version 0.1 rule is almost done. I explain the different sections that I have worked on so far, and I'm almost done for this week - with the Stats section all done now. Next week, I should have the entire rule book done, version 0.1 - which I am releasing to get as much feedback as I possibly can before I start working on the fully fleshed out rule book for version 0.5.

Thanks for all the support and have a great day!

I've finally finished what I want with the power sets in the game, using all kinds of different ideas from comics, movies and cartoons. I'll start on the skill sets and attributes and I should have them all done by the end of this week or by the end of next week. After I get everything done, I will be releasing the 0.1 version of the rules for everybody here to comment on, so I can improve upon them, which will be version 0.5.

With my work on character arcs done, it's time to really start working towards my main goals - meaning phase 2 is here.

1. Work on my TableTop RPG for my superhero game world.
2. Work on my novel to tell the story.
3. Work with others to help them with their themes, plots and character development.

Expect some more stuff coming in the next few weeks.

This is the final episode of the character arc series. Despite the fact, playing with the way of the closed fist means you get your revenge of Master Li, after he kills you, and gaining the power of the Water Dragon, you lose your friends in your lust for power, and the world itself will be in much worse condition as you continue the plans to use the Lotus Assassins to continue to dominate the empire.

Playing as the way of the closed fist in the 2nd act, seeking revenge on Death's Hand, the Emporer and the Lotus assassins bring more chaos into the game, as you exploit as many people as possible to gain power over the land. First, destroying a dam that helped the city you crash-landed in so you can make a deal with a greedy and corrupt merchant, and then assaulting the heaven's themselves by killing the fox spirit and then the mother, and then angering Gao the Greater more by insulting his son. Once you get past that midpoint, you can inflict even more damage on the empire through choosing all kinds of negative things to gain power in the city - seeking revenge instead of balance, until you get to the palace itself.

We're almost at the end of our character and story arc series, which will bring an end to the 3rd block of lessons. We start with the first act of Jade Empire to look at how to create a successful negative character arc. Jade Empire all about finding a balance for yourself and the world, that is the universal truth and theme of the game, or you can embrace the lie - go with the philosophy of the way of the closed fist and seek power and exploit others, even at the beginning of the game - letting you see a hint of the destruction you can cause in the future.

In the final episode for static character arcs, let's look at the final Mass Effect. Starting with the third plot point, where the Reapers are coming on mass in Earth, seeing dozens of ships fill the sky, and the hearing room explode as they attack the building, Shepard starts off racing for their life with Admiral Anderson, and then reluctantly leaving Earth to find a solution to the Reaper Menace. Continuing their work in the 2nd game, the alliances and friendships Shepard has created continues to unify the Galaxy, which is the major theme of the story - united we stand, divided we fall - which wasn't even a thing in the ending.

The second act would start with Shepard's escape from the Citadel in the first game, desperately trying to get to Ilos to save the galaxy from the Reapers. This is the first time he faces real antagonism from the council races. After that, he dies at the beginning of the second game and plays the reaction game, doing missions for Cereburus, until he gets all the info he needs to continue by invading the Collector Ship - the midpoint of the story and mass effect 2. After that, Shepard goes on a proactive stance, helping his crew resolve their personal struggles to get their head into the game because the Reapers are coming no matter what, and one group needs to be ready - which leads to even greater changes in Mass Effect 3 once the Reapers arrive in the galaxy.


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