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Like I said on Twitter, I am starting my research and development process for the 3rd block now, which is all about character development. So I'm going over an amazing resource, linked above, to get you looking at how to make robust character arcs, like Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2 - something that will be remembered forever, instead of falling flat like Commander Shepard's story in the Mass Effect series.

Today, I go over her article looking at those two characters in particular, and why Arthur Morgan's story was 10 times the story than Commander Shepard's.

Last night, after work, I was 'welcomed' by some really fucked up twitter trends. SpiderMan may be going back to Sony, which I actually applaud.

Disney, by denying a grieving father the ability to put SpiderMan on his child's grave, is a company I can't support anyways - - so give Sony a chance to see what they can do with SpiderMan.

More hilarious is the news of The Matrix 4. Having 'trended' since last night, it sure got a lot of traction - with the top-most tweet being liked by less than 2000 people, and retweeted less than 500 times. And yet all the big 'leftist' entertainment media is hailing it as a big thing, when most people don't care!

I just wanted to put my two cents into it.

Since nobody is talking about how Red Flag laws are dangerous, I guess I have too.

1. They will drive conversations outside the eyes of social media because shooters will be able to say, hey, I shouldn't post anything that would even suggest I am angry about my life and the state of the world.
2. It will drive good people away from talking about controversial things because they will be worried about being Red Flagged.

What we need to fight for is an Internet Bill of Rights - limiting the power of social media companies from limiting our views.

1. No to Red Flag laws.
2. No to social media internet giant monopolies.
3. No to social media manipulating their algorithms for political gains.
4. No to social media banning/suspending/locking accounts they disagree with.
5. No to social media burying content.

Our right to post anything should only be limited to what is legal in our countries to post and say - no matter what it said. Our civil liberties to free speech and the ability to defend ourselves should be enshrined, and social media companies should be required to open their algorithms to public scrutiny.

We definitely live in dangerous times.

Trump is declaring war on his supporters. We were fighting hard to fight social media censorship, and many of us are gamers, so we supported him because our enemies hated him. Yesterday, he betrayed us by saying the government would be working with social media companies to 'get the mass shooters before they commit a crime', and to censor vile video games.

This will only make the problem worse, because it's the censorship and demonization of young men, who don't have good employment opportunities, that makes them want to kill themselves or the one's they blame. So instead of helping at risk youth who may grow up to become the mass shooters, he's demonizing them more and throwing gasoline on the fire.

So Trump has declared GamerGate 2.

Fuck him!

Today, some memes reminded me why I am doing this.

The free market can help you better than the government ever could, and fighting for the free market is the most important thing ever!

With everything that is happening with a new part time job, I needed to update you guys on what is happening.
I am going to start focusing just on game development on Bitchute for the next while, and I should have some tutorials using the Emerald Witch in the next 3 weeks or so.
Getting my work out there is a full time job, expect lots of interactions on Twitter - just send me a tell or a DM, and I will try to get back to you.

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Have a great day!

Google may be the butt end of lots of AI world domination jokes, but at least they gave us something amazing to create all kinds of weird and whacky stuff for our audience, giving us the ability to collaborate with each other, so I am going to use their game builder to get right into level development and having fun with it.

Can you imagine, every Thursday night, go on a twitch stream, and I setup something were we can all just have fun and do some crazy stuff with this in real time - because that is exactly what I am going to do.

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Thanks for all the patience you guys have been showing me. I am definitely trying to get back into the swing of things - so, today I have a definitive plan for how I am going to go about character development, so it is following Darrin Lile’s content, then practicing it with Kurall, and then producing tuts with the Emerald Witch - going through each part - from modelling, to UVs, to texturing, to rigging, to animating and finally shape keys and importing the character into a game engine. This will be a huge project in itself, so I am going to focus on it exclusively for a while - say until Sept/Oct.

Remember, 10,000 hours of practice means a lot of lateral learning. Work on three characters based upon tutorials - one for the tutorial itself, one for practice, and one to really perfect the process.

Hey guys, I've started to look for a part-time job.

As Jordan B. Peterson said in a lecture that I watched, every goal starts in one place and then you have to modify it once and a while. I'm going to start to look for work and also bust my ass on this channel, because this is my goal and my life's work.

I want people to have a real opportunity to learn game and media development from my channel, without having to pay for it. So I'm not going to hide things under paywalls like Patreon and Subscribe star.

If you decide to help me out on those, you should be rewarded, not punished if you don't.

I'm still going to put out 2-3 videos each week, and also have a Monday, Friday and Saturday stream on twitch -
I'll focus it on the AGP Plays type video - play a game and comment on what I think is good and what I would have done differently.

Thanks for supporting my channel, because this is all about you, and Belle Delphine's GamerGurl Bath Water, which this video really does have 69% more than all my previous videos - 69% more of 0 is still 0!

Here's my new logo!

Twitch Intro

I’m about to take my game development tutorials to the next level - by switching to live streaming, which I am starting tonight at 6 P.M. EST.

Tonight, I am going to live stream ending my logo, getting feedback from you, so I can create the best lessons I can make.

Hope to see you out tonight!

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As I have stated before in my original channel change, I want to create a different way than the constant back and forth bickering that is so evident on social media, because it ultimately gets us nowhere. We need to show the world our way is the right way, without anything but our voices - we need to become bastions of western european culture.

Recently, I’ve been watching some self-improvement videos, so I can deliever my videos much better - so I went to a channel called Charisma on Command. I’ve been learning some valuable lessons on a lot of things, including an ancient greek philosophy - Stoicism.

Stoicism is simply a really powerful skill to learn - inbetween emotion and action, there is space for rational thought about the actions we will take - which is what stoicism is all about. it is simply deciding to make better decisions, devoid of fear, anger, frustration pushing us into bad decisions, by strategizing. You don’t even have to do it in the moment, and go into fear setting, thinking about all the worse case scenarios, and making plans to work around it.

Are you not confident about your art - create a plan to improve. Don’t like coding - plan time to get more practice so you can understand it, etc, etc, etc. It is highly relevant to learning anything, and coming with coping strategies that will help you grow, instead of being in the same old ruts we hate.

Over the past few weeks, it has helped me move forward with this channel, so I definitely recommend learning this stuff so you can start to overcome your fears in insecurities.

Stoicism - WikiPedia -

Indie Game Advisor - great for fear setting

Tim Ferriss Ted Talk - Why you should define your fears instead of your goals

Charisma on Command - 3 mindsets that will change your life

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I’ve decided I need some more time to really get things down for the next block of lessons, and that I should focus on building characters, instead of going with architecture - so I can be 100% ready to teach what I want to impart.

As I state before at the beginning of the last block, you first take time to learn what you want to teach - following other people’s tutorials exactly, and then you experiment, using their techniques to create your own stuff, and then you create a plan to teach it to others by doing that, and then you film yourself 4-5 times doing that and you then really learn what you are teaching.

And since character development is something I am currently struggling a little bit with, I am going to tackle that first, because you should never allow anything to intimidate you - just jump off the deep end and learn to swim.

I will start posting up stuff working on Darren Lile’s character tutorials first.
Character 1
Character 2

I will post up my renders every single day on my new pocketnet account -

Joining up from this link gives you tokens, and gives me tokens as well - so it’s a win - win - win for everybody. Join up and let’s keep on building a censorship free future. It’s relatively new, less than 6 months old, and it looks really open and friendly. Lots of different incentives to do things to really help this platform get off the ground.

And don’t forget to join up to my discord - - it has all my lessons I have created nsoso far - that way you have something to work on until I have my character development tutorials ready for .

Bernie Sander is just plain wrong about the gaming industry, so I needed to educate him on how disconnected from reality he is.

The Illusions of Life -

We’re finally getting a proper launch today - time to create the next block of lessons, which should take 3-4 months to create. We’re going right into Blender with an architecture piece, how to create a room/apartment/house in Blender, then we’re going to create a character, further advancing our skills. After that, we’re going to create a simple level in Unreal and also continue our work with Codea and Xcode.

The next phase - block 4 - will be all about composition, menu systems, animation and power systems, particles and lots and lots of coding in Unreal.

After that, we learn connecting things together, so you can have more than one character in your level, and more than one area for your game in the 5th block.

The final block will be how to export your level properly for PSN, Xbox store, the App Store, Google Play, and for Steam.

This will be a multi year project, so lets go.

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I’m responding to Dave Cullen’s video about rediscovering faith -

This video had about 10 takes, because I had a hard time articulating how I was feeling about things regarding that video and the work I have been doing. The coles notes - I’m changing directions now. I can’t continue to use the tactics of the enemy, like how Zuckerberg using rage and anger to make his ‘fortune’ and expect to take the moral high road - I can either be like Christ, loving, caring and compassionate, or I can be just like the world.

That means I am changing the name of my channel and GamerGate Trolls isn’t going to be created - I can do much better than that, and intend to.

Gab Vs Twitter

Gab gets a bad rap for being ‘Alt-Right’ because they allow any kind of content on their platform, but it is perfect because their posting system keeps you up to date on comments and reposts, which allows people to keep current on your work - exactly what marketing is about - awareness.

Twitter may block you for ‘wrong think’, but it is a great resource to learn all aspects of game development - how to work with different engines, different softwares, how to draw and so much more.

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At the time, flash games were very popular, so it is not surprising that Mika Mobile would choose a simple and elegant art style that reminded people of those flash games that were popular at the turn of the 2010s. Battle Heart had great animations, timed perfectly that you really believed those were attacks, and the simple storytelling with describing the areas was perfect.

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BattleHeart 1, with it’s simple controls, and simple programming is definitely something a group new to game development could create with some practice and patience.

With simple character customization, to simple exploration, everything worked well enough to make a very popular game. has some amazing features that would really kill facebook, but their restrictions on the system limits and punishes their user base, reducing it’s viability of a facebook replacement!

Battleheart, the birth of the series, was a good game. It was very fun because it was easy to pickup, some basic configuration, and lots of class mashups to create amazing stuff. Still, it’s very linear storytelling, and improper algorithms putting some characters at disadvantages took away from the greatness of this game.

Help my work -

I’ve got a lot to cover with my current state of building GamerGate Trolls. I’m nearing the end of concept phase - I only need to look at the areas and create the three storylines within them, and define all the bosses in that level and how to defeat them - most of which is done.

In this update - I discuss what GamerGate Trolls is, a parody RPG about the Internet. I talk about the skill trees that will be available in the game, having choice between two different characters with differing stories at the beginning, with a variety of different classes available to them, due to their personal histories.

I also introduce the story. You will have 3 different endings, and each is dependent on what you decide in each of the areas you go to - so you have the opportunity to play the game multiple times for a different experience each time.

I also introduce the Deplorables - Trolly and Trollette have 5 companions, all based upon political correctness and Internet culture.

Thanks for supporting my work on this most excellent game!

Don’t get me wrong, I love BitChute, and the sheer amount of growth I’ve experienced since I started to use this platform. Almost 16k views is impressive. But there are huge rooms for improvement. Processing servers can be over clogged when there is a huge media controversy, and ISPs, Governments and websites will try to block your content.

And then there is the self-inflicted - pay us and you get more playlists and longer playlists, with more channels.

My advice - drop that, and use the rotating banner at the front page as the $5/m reward, $10/m your channel listed as a similar channel, and $20/m you can choose recommended videos to appear on a recommended video list - that I’d pay for, and I’m sure there would be many other successful content creators who would agree.

On the other hand, YouTube’s issues with algorithms and obscurity can be solved with the very social media platforms that block BitChute. And I show you how to find new content on YouTube using their filters, though they should be immediately available for anybody. Heck, Porn hub lets you filter instantly with new, top and trending vids on the fly, but YouTube doesn’t.

And having unlimited playlists with unlimited videos in them absolutely free of charge negates BitChute’s offer.

Overall, BitChute could overtake them with the pay for visibility measures, instead of playlists - which could make them a worthy competitor.

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Today, we start to look at gameplay footage in the eyes of a game developer, looking how how variables for a variety of different things creates gameplay experience.

Whether it is an experience system using a variable for XP to achieve levels, where you modify your character to create the character you want, or questing lines with their own local variables for the quests progressing as you achieve objectives, gaming mechanics are important and we need to see them when we are playing the game.

Reddit - - this is brand new - expect good things from this starting in May.
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Hi, I am your friendly neighbourhood Game Developer. I am using this channel to create a large database of Game Dev resources - tutorials of all kinds of subjects - Blender, Coding, Art, SwiftPlaygrounds, Codea, Principles of Animation and Game Design.

I’ve created two blocks of lessons so far - The first block assumes you are a complete noob to game design - and shows you how to create a concept for a video game - by drawing characters, learning coding concepts and learning how to create a game design manual. This will allow you to fully flesh out an idea for your game as a starting point.

Block two looks at how to create components - Blender is used as a 3d asset creator, I show you how to use blender to model and do simple animations. I also look a variety of different coding programs out there, Virtual Coder, SwiftPlaygrounds and Codea to really get down into the nitty gritty of making things through coding. And I also teach the principles of animation - the 12 standards that Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston described being used by Disney to create the gold standard for animation since the 1930s - extremely important for people to know and understand - that series will help you really help you work on your art style throughout the work.

I am planning on a 3rd block, starting in June - where I will get right into 3d character creation and development, working with the Unreal engine and how to create architecture projects in Blender, with a high focus on object modelling - which should take us to September. I will do these as a bunch of projects - one at a time - Character development first (I’m learning how to deliver these better as time goes on).

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