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Introduction to Aristotle in One Take:

"Welcome! I'm Aristotle!

Therefore, this won't be a presentation about me or on any of my works, like a book report or a documentary. Instead, what follows these introductory remarks will be a presentation by me directly from three of my most popular lectures; First Philosophy (what is mistakenly called Metaphysics), Ethics, and Politics. If you were to listen to these in their entirety, there is over 40 hours of material. So I have consolidated them into 75 minutes.

I've taken what are some of the most relevant passages which all work to underscore the essence of each lecture. We can think of First Philosophy as the SCIENCE OF WISDOM, Ethics as the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, and Politics as the forming of a PERFECT UNION. You may have heard of these phrases, but long before the preamble to the US Constitution or the Declaration of Independence, I've been lecturing about these principles for over 2,300 years. As they are true today as they were then, they will be as true thousands of years from now because they are principles.

Although I originated these works in my native language of Greek, after a few centuries they were lost from my homeland and made their way into the Middle East where they were transcribed into Arabic. Several centuries later, they made their way back into Europe and were transcribed into Latin. However, it was not until about the mid 19th century that what remained of all of my works were translated into German. A couple of decades later they all began to be translated into English.

Isn't amazing, then, that these principles which were the subject of lectures at my school, The Lyceum, over 2,000 years ago have only been available to the multitude in the common language of English for just over 100 years? Although scholars arrange these works inductively, I am going to present them to you deductively. We'll start with POLITICS. We'll end on FIRST PHILOSOPHY. ETHICS is right in the middle.

Here we go!"

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