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00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:30 FIRST PHILOSOPHY - The First Principle of All
00:08:43 Plato is wrong on First Philosophy
00:21:32 EUDEMIAN ETHICS - The Pursuit of Happiness
00:35:05 Plato is wrong on Ethics
00:45:50 NICOMACHEAN ETHICS - The Pursuit of Happiness
00:47:47 Plato is wrong on Ethics
01:23:52 Money is justice
01:29:30 POLITICS - Perfect Union
01:53:10 Plato is wrong on Politics

Great light HAS been shown upon Plato's ideal state and it always fails.

00:14:40 Plato Counterfeits Universals
00:27:56 Plato Indoctrinates Forms
00:35:20 Excellence
00:45:39 Choice
00:53:50 Justice
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Ruin the middle class, ruin a good constitution.

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Quoted from The Complete Works of Aristotle: The Revised Oxford Translation edited by Jonathan Barnes and published by Princeton University Press. (Any typographical errors are mine.)

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Quoted from The Complete Works of Aristotle: The Revised Oxford Translation edited by Jonathan Barnes and published by Princeton University Press. (Any typographical errors are mine.)

If a good life does depend on the individual and their personal acts being of a certain character, then the supreme good would be both more common and more divine.

The only stable principle of government is equality according to merit and for every person to enjoy their own.

Politics at 00 — Ethics at 34:10 — First Philosophy at 1:08:19

The reasoning must be true and the desire right if the choice is to be good and desire must pursue what reason asserts. Such an origin of motion is human and that's why we call it action.

This is an example of The Turning of Names, to call what is what it is not. Renaming confiscation as the Common Good merely because it is expected by bad laws cannot be good any more than if such bad behavior were good when it is not prescribed by law. Thus, if a Perfect Union is sought then this must be a primary impediment.

If we say the function of humans is to be a certain kind of life, then their good turns out to be activity of soul in conformity with excellence but with regards to conformity we must add "in a complete life." For one swallow does not make a summer, nor does one day, and so one day or a small amount of time cannot make a person good and happy.

It makes no small difference whether we form habits of one kind or another from our youth. Rather, it makes a great difference, indeed, all the difference.

Whatever existence means to each group of people, whatever it is for whose sake they desire life, in that they occupy themselves with their friends.

For just as it is in the Olympic Games, it is not the most beautiful or the strongest who are crowned but those who compete. Likewise, those who act rightly win the good and noble things in life.

If intellect is divine, then in comparison to humans the life according to intellect is divine in comparison to human life. For even if the intellect be so small in bulk much more in power and worth does it surpass everything.

The principles of eternal things must be always most true. For they are not merely sometimes true nor is there any cause of their being but they themselves are the causes of the being of other things.

The first mover must itself be unmoved. As we reasoned in The Physics, an unmoved mover has no parts and is of zero magnitude.

We can say goodbye to the Forms. They are fantasy. If one must insist on believing in them, still, they are nothing to the argument but non-sense.

— a skill if it deals with how our objects of intellect come about and of understanding if it deals with what is the case, the product of having exercised this skill.

Politics at 00:00 — Ethics at 24:16 — First Philosophy at 53:11

The decrees of the multitude correspond to the edicts of the tyrant and what the flatterer is to the tyrant the demagogues are to a democracy.

When there is no middle class and the poor greatly exceed in number, troubles arise, and the state soon comes to an end.

For what ought not to be is what is false.

With a true view all the facts harmonize but with a false one they soon clash.


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Aristotle's Politics is the origin of how to form a Perfect Union, Ethics is the origin of The Pursuit of Happiness, and First Philosophy is the origin of the First Principle of All. Each of these demonstrates how Plato is wrong on politics, ethics, and nature.