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Of good art, beauty, it is not possible to take away or add anything. Defect or excess ruin perfection, while the mean preserves it. The best artists know this and practice it well.

Great light HAS been shown upon Plato's ideal state and it always fails.

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Ruin the middle class, ruin a good constitution.

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Quoted from The Complete Works of Aristotle: The Revised Oxford Translation edited by Jonathan Barnes and published by Princeton University Press. (Any typographical errors are mine.)

Politics at 00 — Ethics at 34:10 — First Philosophy at 1:08:19

The principles of eternal things must be always most true. For they are not merely sometimes true nor is there any cause of their being but they themselves are the causes of the being of other things.


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Even those who desire aristocratic government make a mistake not only in giving to much power to rich but in attempting to cheat the people. There comes a time when out of a false good there arises a true evil since the encroachments of the rich are more destructive to the constitution than those of the people. For when some possess much and others nothing there may arise an extreme democracy or a pure oligarchy and a tyranny can grow out of either extreme. Although a tyranny is not likely to grow out of the middle constitutions. All tyrants and the acts by which their powers are preserved can be summed up under three characteristics; they sow mistrust among the people, they take away their power, and they humble them.