In May 2007, Russian guys who fought in Afghanistan went to this country to visit the battlefields and visit the graves of those killed.
They hitchhiked around Afghanistan, met with government troops and the Taliban, and were guests in Afghan homes.

Song about the Afghan war "Yarilo" by the group "The Thirteenth Constellation" (Yarilo - in ancient Slavic mythology, the heavenly God is the patron of earthly life, now this name is used as a poetic name for the Sun).

This passage is based on a true story from World War II.

On July 13, 1941, Private Dmitry Ovcharenko engaged 50 German invaders, killing 23 of them with an ax and grenades.

In July 1941, near the town of Arctic fox, a detachment of three officers and 50 enemy soldiers came across Ovcharenko’s cart and broke through to the rear. The only weapon the soldier had was a Mosin rifle, which was immediately taken away from him.
But the Germans did not pay attention to the ax lying in the cart...

Grabbing an axe, Ovcharenko cut off the officer’s head and threw three grenades at the cars standing nearby. 21 German soldiers were killed and the rest fled in panic. Ovcharenko pursued the wounded officer with an ax in his hands, caught him and also cut off his head.

Ovcharenko was nominated for the Hero of the Soviet Union award with the Order of Lenin and the Gold Star medal. The corresponding decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR was issued on November 9, 1941.

Ovcharenko went through almost the entire war, but during the liberation of Hungary he was seriously wounded and died in hospital on January 28, 1945. The Hero of the Soviet Union did not live 4 months before the Victory.


I was asked in the comments about the attack of Ukrainian troops on Sevastopol.
Here is a video of Crimean schoolchildren who took refuge in the basement during the attack on the city - and sang the anthem of Sevastopol.
And no panic.

This short film has already been made into a TV series with the same name.
And you can watch the rest of the short films on the birchpunk channel.

Issue No. 46 of the "Eralash" program.
The short film is based on a story by Giovanni Mosca.

Well, here is the reaction of my favorite Italians to this film:

And one more reaction:

True, Russian and Italian are used in these reactions, but I think the general meaning will be clear.

Issue No. 96 of the children's humorous program "Yeralash" (confusion, disorder).

Europe: - Steering wheel on the left.
Japan: - Steering wheel on the right.
Agent Mulder: - The steering wheel is somewhere nearby.

To be continued...

Some news from terrible Mordor )))
A friendly company has gathered again - Ryazan, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Cherepovets, Lugansk and Vladivostok (and this is generally the other end of the country; it’s closer for them to vacation in China or Laos). And Khasan came from Kyrgyzstan - we met him last year when I arrived in Sevastopol. It’s a pity there was no family from Belarus - but they only come in the summer. The nudist beach is nice in the fall, there are few people. In summer there are three rows of tents. The water is warm, but the wind is sometimes strong. In a few days I will make and show you the second part.
I dived with a camera, but it was unsuccessful... next time I’ll take fins with me, otherwise the image on the screen will be jerky.

Show this video to all Ukrainians.

Pykhtino station is the penultimate one on the line to Vnukovo International Airport (https://www.vnukovo.ru/en/). Now you can get from the airport to the center of Moscow in just 37 minutes.

Music - instrumental themes "Parting" and "Federal Highway" from the techno-opera "The Little Mermaid".

Very old video.
Arslan decided to check how painful Crotalus Аtrox bites. He said that this snake has long and curved teeth, the bite is very painful. In this case, no one was hurt.

Attention! Do not repeat! Deadly dangerous!

I found an interesting video with a visual display of the number of victims.

12 on the Richter scale 😃

To be continued...

To understand, a new nuclear reactor is launched in China every 35-40 days.
Each power unit is serviced by about one hundred people, ten of whom are operators.
It takes ten years from an educational institution to obtaining the status of a nuclear power unit operator.
Take into account natural decline (retirement, death, etc.) and try to count the number of operators - and at the same time evaluate the scale of economic planning.

And I say goodbye to you for two weeks - Crimea is waiting for me. Good luck to all!

That is how we live.

View from the cockpit of a fighter jet.

Very old footage of a small private collection of Ophiophagus hannah.
Unfortunately, the guy in the video has already left us ((

Do not repeat! Dangerously!

Video from the 90s. If I'm not mistaken, the course work of a student at the directing department.


While waiting for a vacancy to open at a new place of work, I went to St. Petersburg for a month (temporary work).
I got to Moscow from Ryazan by bus (three hours on the road), then took the metro to the South Gate bus station and went by bus to St. Petersburg - a night on the road.

Unfortunately, we were only able to walk around the city at night.
Some locations seem to be created for filming horror films.

The metro is very beautiful. The emblem is different from the Moscow metro, so I did not immediately learn to look for stations))) "Inertia of thinking".

Admiralteyskaya station is the deepest in Russia - it is located at a depth of 86 meters.

I also visited Tsarskoe Selo (now the city of Pushkin), where the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin once studied at this lyceum - by the way, the only black nobleman in Russia. If anyone didn’t know, his grandfather Hannibal Abram was a slave who was given to Peter the Great. He freed him, sent him to study at the Engineering School in France, and then made him an orderly and secretary.
In 1756, the former slave became the chief military engineer of the Russian army, and in 1759 he received the rank of chief general.

And now monuments to the “black” Pushkin are being destroyed in Ukraine. Where is BLM looking? )))

Since I was walking around the city at night, I decided that the song “Black Dog Petersburg” by the group “DDT” would be ideal for this slideshow.

January 2020, my last day in St. Petersburg - and the only time I was able to walk there during the day.

Strong wind. Filmed on an old phone.


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