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as usual, the script is in the comments, and on https://svenskadikter.com/Back so. im really proud of this one. just like neoncasts back in the days, i added music to the experience, now in lucious 4.1 sound (that is, 4 instrument channels, and one vocal). i also added plenty effects to the vocals. i was to only add some music samples at first, but then i figured, hey, i CAN make the music myself! and, i was to include tons of cheezy JPGs and text too, but really, i dont have the patience nor a good enough video editor, for that to be possible. and i was concerned about the legability of the vocals, but as i bounced it, and the sound thus was oversampled, it sounds.. pretty clear? somehow, this took a whole day to make - i read the news article mentioned, early in the morning, made the cast, then.. went to bed. well spent hours, id say. in either case, enjoy ^_^

image from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ouyrp-kjOic

selfish, materialistic, shallow, xx, intuition, heart, emotions, memory, imagination, passive-aggresiveness, lazy, fat - this will be covered, and somewhat explaining "what is a man?", as well. after all, how could you ever understand something, if you do not map out its opposite? as usual, you can read the pre-written script in the comment-section, or via https://svenskadikter.com/Woman

one last note, is that - no, im not, as as mention in the essay, an adherent of misogyni. if you check my diverse poetry, youll find hundreds of poems, describing all womens various positive features, in many many ways. since ive written so much about this topic previously, this might come out as an anti-thesis though. and, really, im born a guy, and i cant see myself from the outside in the same light. so this might, at first glance, seem overly negative. id recommend you though, to read / listen to it, several times - so your emotions settle, and you might see the true form of the matter. the majority might not go farther than defining a woman as a "bitch", sex-object, or even - "fuck"-object, or for that matter, now, as a "birth-person". but, as with everything in life, the genders intrinsic differences go deeper than this. which i try to explore here - if, still, mostly in the form of a negative analyzation.

so. well go over 3 subjects today: the fiction genre meant to scare us, what we all know of and love to love when we cant make love, and a particular error in the stock market - which recieves half of the attention.

manuscript in comments or @ https://svenskadikter.com/Sin

something that baffles me.. is that, ok, from what ive gathered now, vaccines are the worst fraud in existance. then.. we have flu vaccines. the thing is, if flus are real, and are randomly contracted from animals. theres no way in hell you can make a vaccine against them. i mean, they are seasonal.

so if you make a vaccine for one year, it will be ready to be released while everyone has gotten their natural immunity already. so the industry makes people think that theyre "guessing" by some act of god?! well, they just fucking cant. its not like they can see into the future.

i know for a fact, that the vaccine i got in 1983 made me autistic. one of my first memories is playing NES 2 years later. and then my neighbor, who i visited frequently, had both a computer and a gaming console. now, if i hadnt gotten that shit-ton of mercury injected in me, id probably been interested in other things, had other friends, had other wishes for my birthdays. enjoyed sports, nature, maybe not have had to wait 30 years to get into my first relationship.

well, maybe big pharma could see into the future. that they knew, after secret tests, that vaccines with mercury, made people more interested in electronics, computers, "gadgets", "bling". and barely engaged in anything else, at all. and so un-human, bodily sick and with such a lowered immune system, that they couldnt be around people nor animals, spend time outside, or in the woods. just sitting there, staring at a bright synthetic light. completely zombified.

i cant believe this, people in america get 80 vaccines by age of 18? how does ANYONE survive that much mercury?! i guess i have sympathy for my fellow man now. as far as i can recall, ive gotten 2 vaccines ever (the second one was for corona), and they fucked me up beyond belief. but more than a 100, over a lifetime? jesus christ.

this would explain why basically everyone is braindead these days. they have no language anymore! they use the same words over and over, or in the intellectually laden inner-city stockholm: "i know", "ive heard that", "you said that", then they look down at their screen a second later.

a few days ago, i made this jocular essay, about the rise of the troll empire, which id call the modern man. well, i almost got bit by the "stupid" virus while writing it, its addictive to be dumb. ignorance, is, after all, "bliss".

something im wondering is, when you have a smartphone that close to your body, doesnt it radiate the heavy metals in the object? especially when almost everyones screen or other parts of the phone are damaged. so modern man doesnt just get mercury, but a plethora of other heavy metals in their body. modern phones also get really hot, and this should increase the release of toxic substances.

continued in comments, see also https://svenskadikter.com/Vaccine



isaac asimov - the last question

is the brain is more complicated than the entire universe?

also see (i probably learned this number from a popular science mag in the 90's, or from an incorrect calculation)

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Wolfram|Alpha: Computational Intelligence (you can make very interesting calculations with these, even very big numbers, though a googolplex it doesnt cover)


"How many atoms are in the human brain?
The brain mass is about 1400g for an adult, say an average atomic weight of 6, assuming 77% water, 11% lipid, 8% protein. So 1400 x 6 x 10^23 / 6 = 1.4 x 10^26 atoms." - Charles Gretton



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