AM Training Kennels

The First KNPV PH 1 Certified Mix Malinois Bred and Trained in Ireland.
We are proud to announce that AM Training Kennels have made history on the 5th of October 2019 we obtain a PH1Certification with 2 dogs Flits BRN 30789 & Karloff BRN 29317. The dogs are from our breeding program.
Official Number one in Ireland.

Vinny BRN 12267 X Angel BRN 35618
Top Quality Bloodlines / Line breeding on Duco ll #amtrainingkennels

Vinny BRN 12267 X Angel BRN 35618

Malinois pup and father

Malinois x Flits BRN 30789 in training for knpv making progress stick attack. Father Boris BRN 16086 X Jessy BRN 25704. line breeding on Duco 2.

AM Training Kennels. Duco 2 line breeding. planned
Vinny x Angel. Line breeding on Duco 2


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AM Training Kennels. 😎☝️
Location Ireland.
Breeding dogs for quality not quantity. We train our dogs for KNPV program and personal protection. Team work is dream work.There is no i in teamwork.
Imitation is the best form of flattery.
WARNING Be aware of other people in Ireland trying to copy us.