Alan Howick

Alan Howick

Alan Howick


One went for fun
One went unwillingly
When the drama was done
They got along swimmingly

Recorded live, February 28th, 2017
Head Above Water © Alan Howick 2017

Part 3 of Alan Howick's "The Human Condition Trilogy"
Recorded live.
© Alan Howick 2017

Alan Howick... a Waterpik® for the mind.
A bidet for the soul.
Can you handle it?
May you be cleansed!

Dance Troupe - Ballet Zoom
Performance - Cats

Recorded live May 25th, 2017
© Alan Howick 2017

"Always looking to push the envelope, Alan Howick yet again challenges listeners with a foray into the other worldly realm of fairytale synth pop! It's not your standard infectious trance track. It's better!"

Recorded live August 1st, 2017
© Alan Howick 2017

As the sun began to say goodbye
And they prepared for the moon
A Princess kept their spirits high
With a cheeky dancing racoon

Recorded live, February 23rd, 2017.
Grace Under Fire © Alan Howick 2017


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