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Christine shows you our first property renovation in Bulgaria. We sold out house in the UK and spent almost £65,000 on the house and cars etc.

I share a few photos, one of a bear that I met when walking through a Bulgarian town.

Towards the end I detail a small holding that I have for sale in Bulgaria quickly followed by my favourite song of 2003

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Another comment left by Mr Simon Griffiths

A recording was made in my property by a supporter. Gunshots can be heard, in between the shots there appears to be screaming

Another comment left by Mr Griffiths

The link:

As Mr Griffiths drives through a built up residential area he films himself driving with his focus on a helicopter above him.

After the comment of Mr Simon Griffiths........

#peopletrafficking #saveourchildren #ammanford #mystery

An Ammanford man seems to be taunting me.
A news article arrears on Wales Online and I share a letter that I sent to the reporter so you can see what was not reported.
Two comments made by someone who interviewed me and two of the original recordings that were described as "Women and children crying and screaming"


The letter sent to Lucy Owen

A link to both Documentaries

A link to the Wales Online article

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#peoplet#peopletrafficking #saveourchildren #ammanford #mysteryrafficking #saveourchildren #ammanford #mystery


I received a message from Mr Griffiths on social media that to me seems to be taunting me.

In the message he refers to my property that is known as the Three Boars Guest house (but was last used as bedsits) and he said this

3 Boars (then a thumbs up) Thanks

So I thought I would make both parts of the Ammanford Mystery a single video and put them up one more time.

Mr Griffiths has left comments my social media during 2018. 2019, 2020 and again in 2021. His comments have been described by others as "suspicious indeed" and he was asked if he was trying to "muddy the waters"

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Alan and Christine Tait
#peopletrafficking #mystery #alantait #ammanford

As our property is put up for sale he here a quick review of what happened and a bit of an insight into what corruption really is. The 187 page Police file that details the 'SECRET' police operation can be easily found by searching for the phrase operation Tiberius PDF

The property listing can be seen at

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This channel shows what I Alan Tait have discovered in Ammanford since 2018. Alan Tait Ammanford is a channel dedicated to finding justice for all those people that I and others have recorded, screaming and crying in an underground chamber.

This includes recordings of human screaming including children's.

Noises that have been independently described as "human trafficking" and "abuse".

Although there are no residential properties near us, we recorded a Lady, clearly in distress saying "why Gareth, why? The babies died", in another a young child was heard saying they wanted to get dressed as a car pulled up and a door could be heard opening.

Several of our videos detail Police records of incidents and explain why they could not have happened the way described.

We obtained subject access reports that showed no official record of Police officers visiting us.

In 2019 a Police inspector said that I had been seen by a mental health unit in Ammanford, a subject access report proved the inspector to be wrong and Dyfed-Powys Police apologized.

What is going on ? If you can help, please do.