1- Find inconsistencies
2 - Show that the smallest makes no sense (DNA/Evolution is a HOAX)
3 - Show that the furthest makes no sense (stars are luminaries)
4 - Show that the history makes no sense (The provable history begins around 1830)
5 - Show that the avatars were not created incrementally (no Darwin evolution)
6 - Find the plot of the game (the rich player has everything, the slaves have nothing)
7 - Physical reality should not change (the Mandela Effect changes reality)

And today the man made disaster goes to
Stay calm while we kill you all

Gone with the Fire (I mean Directed Energy Weapon)
Canada is heavily targeted now
I live in Canada in a forest area
Good luck to all of you
And remember: The government is the enemy and all their collaborators

♨️ Yves White ♨️ · 2022-11-19
☀️ You can clearly see the SUN MOVING across a FLAT PLANE and disappears into the HORIZON. This is from one of the TALLEST BUILDINGS in the WORLD!! When you know the TRUTH it is even more BEAUTIFUL and SPECTACULAR to watch 👀. WAKE UP!!🐑


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