Alanvale and The Lazy Farmer

The microphone receiver has a TS (tip/sleeve) plug and the smart phone has a TRRS (tip/ring/ring/sleeve) socket. If you can't find a TS female to TRRS male adaptor, you have to make one! Here's what to connect so you don't blow something up.

Always buy the best tool you can afford! Will you use it again?
Donald Trump says: "If you can't pay cash for it, you can't afford it. If you can afford it, do you really need it? If you really need it, can you make do without it? And look where this philosophy got him! Farmers often learn to get by.

In Australia, Farmers are obligated to control vermin on their properties. In my area there are foxes and rabbits. Some Farmers have to contend with dingoes, pigs, goats, horses, donkeys, camels, water buffalo, cane toads and of course the occasional kangaroo plague.

Site Prep: What excavation might you need? Cut and fill or cut only? Underground services such as power, water, sewerage and communications? Postholes or footing trenches and leach drain excavation. All these need to be considered before you lay a single piece of your building.

On-site theft is no where as bad in the country as in the city but if they come to steal here, they come prepared so some measures need to be taken. The main issue on Alanvale was protection from the weather for the life of the build which took me about two years.

I've backtracked the history of my local rainfall from 1885 and charted it as a graph. This spreadsheet will help you calculate the volume of your dam.

The Kit Home came with a floor kit but the stumps were "by owner" and required an engineer to sign them off. Instead of using hurdles, I used two mixer loads per stump and placed them one at a time.

This project is at our Perth property. The free floating deck is only secured to the walls on two sides. The earth is a limey sand and very firm. Top framing was added to correct the height for the shutters.

A little overview of the documents you need to collect for your Building Permit application and how I prepared them.

Farmers all appreciate the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM). It tells them when to seed, when to harvest, when to shear and lots of other vital farm work. See the first of two fronts crossing the coast and what ends up in the gauge.

An Owner Builder's Permit is not necessarily a given. You have to demonstrate competent building skills so always secure this before signing with your kit home supplier. The Permit is valid for six months and by then you need your Shire Building Permit in place.

This is a quick overview of the sort of documents to expect with your kit home but if you are an owner builder, you still have to know what you are doing or they won't licence you!

Don't jump the gun. You could make a very expensive mistake! Before you tie down your kit home supplier, there are things to have in place.

Veni Vidi Vici I came, I saw, I concreted! Bad luck about the workmanship!

Every community should have a "Shed". They're great! They build a community spirit and keep everybody from isolation. The're also great when you need a special tool for a one off job.
(something you would never use again)
I ran woodwork night classes for a couple of years where I supplied the work skills and training and people worked on their own projects.

I've fenced the salt scour area from the stock and it is recovering but I also need to manage the fire risk… so its out with the mower one last time.

Yep, I started the traditional gabion wall but it is tedious and I thought there must be a better idea. An engineered wall doesn't require all the bulk that a gabion has. They have a toe extending under the backfill so here's a hybrid idea.

When you fit the roller door watch out that it doesn't spring out and unravel. Hold onto that door before you cut the retaining strap, pull it down about a metre and fasten it with a wedge or block of wood. Now is a good time to attach the plastic lock runners.

Yes, it’s a significant birthday and Bronwyn thought I needed this. On my first run, I mowed past a very large Dugite sunbaking behind the shed. I expect he's cleaned out my mouse population.

Bronwyn spotted Mark making one on "Self Sufficient Me" (YouTube) and she had to have one so it was off to Bunnings. (Lowes in USA)

We used this trailer for many years but there were a couple of things I would have done differently.

This branch starts off factually but wanders into myths and fiction. (The Anglo Saxon Chronicles and the Norse Sagas) There may be some truth to it or perhaps wishful thinking?

Warning - Before you sheet your roof, fit your gutters! How else can you access your gutter fixings?

Videos and slides showing the full process with hints and tips.

The girts and purlins together with your bracing provide the rigid structure and you can now feel safe to commence sheeting up.


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