A discussion of Cherry Pie Guy (a.k.a. Jani Lane), Bobbie Brown, artistic integrity, and big fuckin' tits.

Also, Gavin performs an impromptu rendition of "Opie Song."

Is WNEW-era Opie & Anthony Show staffer Psycho Mark really a federal agent who orchestrated the 9/11 terrorist attacks? Gavin and Anthony investigate, with assistance from O&A alumnus Garrett Andritz.

Longtime O&A listeners may recognize the names Ben Sparks and Spaz, also brought up in the discussion.

After Geno once again displays his idiocy, the Booth Boys suggest a game that is more suitable for the lovable dimwit.

With a special appearance from Erik "Erock" Nagel.

[Air Date: October 19, 2022]

Anthony and Gavin talk about a hole who drilled a hole in the ISS.

A fan calls in to kiss Anthony's butt, which leads to Ant giving his thoughts on the new Vice shock jock documentary.

And we get a glimpse of Gavin's Scottish rage.

A nig attacks Anthony during his daily commute, and Gavin's son has his bicycle stolen by a nig.

Dearest Viewer,

This upload represents my humble attempt at improving this classic, yet deeply flawed film.

Please enjoy.

Anthony and Gavin take a look at the music video that started it all.

From the Opie & Anthony Show, 11-05-2007

This upload is intended as a companion to:

Anthony offers his insight about an infamous Opie & Anthony Show moment.

Anthony talks about his relationship with the much-reviled O&A staffer Danny Ross.

The Dump host and degenerate gambler Steve Conti attempts to win $1,400 on a WNBA parlay.

Celebrating Juneteenth with a festive John Valby tune!

Lions and tigers and blacks, oh my!

Heaven is a place on earth.

A quick J-Reb discussion.

Geno attempts to appease an irate Gavin McInnes. Will he succeed?

Spoiler: no.


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