An honor and a privilege to take part in this year's event. Can't wait to do it again in 2019 at the 5th Annual Ruck 'N' Run!

These beautiful girls and their weans need some good feeding up. I plan on taking some hay and alfalfa up to them before winter sets in and get them good and healthy before it gets cold. Good times being with them.

This is what happens when one of my weirder personalities gets a chance to post something on YouTube. Hey, work with what you've got.

Here we see three things: 1.) What a 5.56 mm round can do when it ricochets back at the shooter, 2.) What an incredibly lucky bastard I am, and 3.) What an incredible little bitch I sound like when I almost shoot myself in the eye. Your typical redneck in his natural environment. Odin help us all...

This is just me trying out a new comp/muzzle brake from Yankee Hill Machine Co. As opposed to the A2 birdcage mil-spec flash hider the weapon came with stock, this Phantom Comp/Muzzle Brake is the bomb. My follow-up shots are faster, more accurate, and reduce recoil very noticeable. This is the best $38 I've spent on my weapon. Kudos to Yankee Hill, and American-Made company. Keep it up, guys, you're doing things right.

Well, all I'm saying is...come on. Really, just come on...

Well, it's been Spring here in Kentucky for three days, so of course...a fucking blizzard. Why not?

I'm beginning to feel like a fucking weatherman...

A year later, and Kentucky's weather is still down with a bad case of the schizophrenia. It was 62 degrees the day before this, and before sunset on this day, it got up to 59. I love my Commonwealth...sigh...

Annnnd, THIS is why I would never cut it in the Army. I'm old, cranky, and I hate being cold.

I was unable to make it to the official Ruck "N' Run, due to me finding out about too late. So although I didn't manage to take part in the official event, I decided that I would honor Veteran's Day, and all my brothers that have served by doing it anyway, right here at home. This is just my travel vlog of that event. We all need to honor those that served or are serving. This is just my way of doing it. (As an aside, as soon as I made it through the door and got my kit off, I immediately anesthetized my knee, wrapped it up, and but the brace on it as tight as it would go. My back...well, it just told me to get bent and left for warmer climes. I am currently writing this about 12 hours after I did the ruck hike, and I'm doing so with a heating pad, jacked-up knee, destroyed back...and you know what? I wouldn't trade one bit of it. What I am feeling is a moon-cast shadow of the pain my brothers have endured. So I revel in this pain. I accomplished my goal, and a little pain is a small price to pay. And I'm a complete pussy, so there's that.)

A musical tribute to my grandmother, without whom I would have been nothing more than a degenerate. Breast cancer took her from us in 2012, and my baby sister Nicky in 2014, and in 2017, we still don't have a cure. Fix this.

Don't act like I'm the only one to have these...

Colin Grant Adams performing at the Scottish Highland Games 2017 in Glasgow, Kentucky. A ceilidhe for all.

The band Clan na Gael at the Scottish Highland Games 2017 in Glasgow, Kentucky. Slainte!

My daughter Shelby wanted to play this game with me. As I had never heard of it, I fully expected to have my ass handed to me. Things are not always what they seem...

The Cato Institute is a Libertarian trust that helps maintain oversight of the machinations of government. You should give them a look.

My nephew shouldn't get me to wake up at the ass-crack of dawn to take him hunting if he's gonna act like this. Uncles are bastards, that's all I'm saying...

The massive influx of illegal migrants seems to be coming from an unexpected area...well, maybe not so unexpected, considering where the migrants used to live.

The Caped Crusader is actually Scottish...and impervious to the cold.

The band Barrenheart playing at the 2017 Scottish Highland Games in Glasgow, Kentucky. Fine times were had by all.

My brothers. Honor them.

Apaches, Apaches, everywhere, and not an enemy in sight...

An honest question to Antifa about the tactics they are using... and why.

My baby sister doing something she is utterly unfamiliar with...firing a handgun. She did surprisingly well.


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