One side took me 3 hours, other side 45 minutes, so here are the tips.

I didn't mention it but soak the bolts with WD40 before removal, it helps.

Worth mentioning that I am more inclined towards conservative content, so I naturally like those and dislike liberal videos. I see no other reason they would censor my account like this but my opinions. It's not just on this video, it's on every single one. This was the first one on which I have discovered it since it has very few views.

To test if your likes and dislikes are censored too, find any video that doesn't get many likes in short period of time and like it and refresh the page. Once you like it, the count will go up, and when you refresh it the count should remain as it was after you liked it. If after the refresh it shows to be liked (darkened like icon) by you but count shows the number before you liked it, then congratulations, you are censored too.


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