When an rightfully zealous research student want to dig a little deeper to check the validity of a cited claim. Resistance is futile. Paywalls too strong.

"We will build a [pay]wall, and we'll make [researchers] pay for it!" ~ Ronald Pump


Ortiz (2019) "This superbug is a 'serious global health threat.' Here's what you need to know about Candida auris"

Khalil (2018) "Deadly superbug strikes Australia"

McKenna (2016) "Fatal Fungus Linked to 4 New Deaths — What You Need to Know"

Related Video: Calvi (2018) "Antibiotic Resistance: The R&D Conundrum"

TOPIC: 2019. New Year. New You?

Duhigg (2012) "The Power of Habit"
ISBN 978-1-40-006928-6

Clear (2019) "My 2018 Annual Review"

Grey & Hurley (2018) "Cortex #62: 2018 Yearly Themes"

Haviland (2016) "Why I hate New Year's Resolutions"

Frederik (2019) "New Year's Resolutions Suck! Pick a Theme of the Year"

TOPIC: Social Media Life-Cycle - Rise & Fall (Part 2)

Previously: Calvi (2018) "The Social Media Life-Cycle (Part 1)"

Wikitubia (2017) "YouTube Adpocalypse"

Wolfe (2018) "Gab, the social network popular with the far right, has temporarily shut down after GoDaddy pulled its support"

Nash (2018) "PayPal Blacklists Free Speech YouTube Alternative ‘BitChute’"

Russell (2018) "After One More Patreon Ban, Jordan Peterson And Dave Rubin Are Starting Their Own"

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TOPIC: Social Media Life-Cycle - Rise & Fall

Constine (2018) "LinkedIn launches its own Snapchat Stories. Here's why it shouldn't have"

Vranicar (2018) "Facebook Algorith Changes: What Marketers Need to Know"

Lee (2011) "MySpace Collapse: How to Social Network Fell Apart"

Bates (2015) "YouTube is losing money even though it has more than 1 billion viewers"

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Everyone should be able to Freeze Peach.


CGP Grey (2014) "Humans Need Not Apply"

Thompson (2017) "When Robots Take All of Our Jobs, Remember the Luddites"

Conniff (2011) "What the Luddites Really Fought Against"

Luddites200 (nd) "Our heritage, the Luddite Rebellion 1811-1813"

National Archives (nd) "Luddites"

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RB Price (2005) "The Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Swimming" Summary Download Link:

Want me to review a book? Send it my way in the comments!
I'm looking for something with regards to Sports Nutrition!

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(2018) "Chinese Scientist Says He's First to Create Generically Modified Babies Using CRISPR"

Pennisi (2012) "111 Organizations Call for Synthetic Biology Moratorium"

SciShow (2017) "What the CRISPR Embryo Editing Study Really Taught Us"

Sample (2018) "Genetically modified babies given go ahead by UK ethics body"

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TV Tropes (n.d.) "Our Vampires are Different"

Sartore, NatGeo (n.d.) "Common Vampire Bat, Desmodus rotundus"

Mair et al (2016) "Glucose concentration in capillary blood of dairy cows obtained [...]"

Sisson (2010) "Dear Mark: Sun Exposure and Glass"

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TOPIC: The Kilogram is DEAD (Long live the Kilogram!)

Sample (2018) "In the balance: scientists vote on first change to kilogram in a century"

Skuse (2018) "SI gets a makeover"

Veritasium (2013) "World's Roundest Object"

Veritasium (2017) "How we're redefining the kg"

Wikipedia Article for the keen: "Proposed redefinition of SI base units"

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TOPIC: Artificial Wombs

Becker (2017) "An artificial womb successfully grew baby sheep — and humans could be next"

Sedgwick (2017) "Artificial wombs could soon be a reality. What will this mean for women?"

Sandoiu (2017) "Artifical Womb Technology: Who Benefits?"

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Jordan Peterson on Channel4 (UK) with Cathy Newman

Jordan Peterson on the Rubin Report

Animated Book Summary (InsightJunky)

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TOPIC: Antibiotic Resistance

Kurzgesagt (2016) "The Antibiotic Apocalpyse Explained"

Groleau et al. (2016) "Watch antibiotic resistance evolve ¦ Science News"

Gross (2013) "Antibiotics in crisis"

Sukkar (2013) "Why are the for few antibiotics in the research adn
development pipeline?"

Kimpkin et al. (2017) "Incentivising innovation in antibiotic drug
discobery and development: progress, challenges and next steps"

Solanki (2017) "Dutch doctors prescribe the least antibiotics"

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TOPIC: Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain.

FINANCIAL DISCLAIMER: I do not recommend or disuade from investing in any crypocurrency. Any curriences mentioned in this video are for illustrative purposes only.

Howard (2018) "What is Blockchain Technology? A Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners"

Brosens (2017) "Why Bitcoin transactions are more expensive than you think"

Qamar (2018) "Cardano and Ethiopian Government to Introduce Agritech Blockchain"

See a lot of cryptocurrencies here:

Mihov (2018) "How BitConnect pulled the biggest exit scheme in cryptocurrency"

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TOPIC: CO2 Reduction and the IPCC Special Report 1.5

IPCC Special Report 1.5 (all links)

TED2010: Bill Gates - Innovating to zero

More information on the Kaya Equation:

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TOPIC: Colony Collapse Disorder

Klein (2017) "Ten years after the crisis, what is happening to the world’s bees?"

Entine (2018) "The Bee Apocalypse Was Never Real; Here's Why"

Agnos & Agnos (2014) "How Wolves Change Rivers"

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TOPIC: DEBT - Public vs. Private.
Some initial thoughts about debt and distinguishing between public and private debt.

A short starter article on how bonds work.

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My Thoughts on Ocean Plastic Pollution and the non-solutions (aka "Eco-fads").

Video on Youtube:

G. Monbiot's Guardian Article on Disposable Cups and "Fighting Capitalism" with Links to ~46% of Pacific Garbage Patch "Fish Nets".

A. Berezow's ASCH Article (with Peer-reviewed research Link) discussing Eco-fads and 95% of Ocean Plastic from Asia and Africa.

Thoughts about the real effectiveness of this directive, and some positive precedents for the future.

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Link to Wired Article by G Volpicelli on the EU Copyright Directive:

Link to IlFattoQuotidiano's Article by An Anonymous Collaborator on Italy's Gun Control that defies the EU Directive


Trying this unscripted format, let me know what you think! Tried to keep it brief and focused on one aspect of how driver-less cars could develop in future.

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Link to Guardian Article by A Smith:

Link to MindField S2 E1 "The Greater Good"

Videopresentation of the Scientific Moment (04-08-2017) in Chemical Engineering. We discuss CO2 capture in a broader sense and an initial analysis of the constituent parts of CO2 capture, transport, and storage. I envourage you to reasearch the topic and to ask me questions below, if you are interested.

Videopresentazione del Scientific Moment (04-08-2017) in Ingegneria Chimica. Si parla di cattura di delle CO2 in senso ampio e un iniziale analisi sulle parti costituenti della cattura, trasporto, e stoccaggio della CO2. Vi incoraggio a ricercare altre informazioni a riguardo e di farmi domande nei commenti, se vi interessa.

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Videopresentazione del Scientific Moment (27-12-2016) in Ingegneria Chimica. L'argomento è lil funzionamento dei frigoriferi e per capire ciò andremo a vedere le differenze trsa stati della materia (id est, vapori e gas) e come questi siano indispensabili al funzionamento del ciclio frigorifero. Ho preparato questa presentazione per chiarire qualche concetto sui vapori e gas che potrebbero non essere poi così intuitivi e spero di essere chiaro abbastanza.

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