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Hello to all my brothers and sisters of the U.S.A., I'm an artist from Montreal in Canada. I'm a freedom of speech lover and I've heard through «the grapevines» that BitChute is going to be NEXT BIG THING! So here I come! Have mercy on me please! I'm living in a socialist/fascist country. Freedom of speech here in Canada is about to go down the toilet very soon with the Motion 103, it is not a law yet but I'm pretty sure it will be. We won't be able anymore to criticize Islam, we'll be arrested or get fine if we talk bad about the religion of peace soon. GOD help us and we need prayers and support from our fellows American brothers and sisters more than ever now in my country. I'll bring my French Canadian touch here on BitChute, I'm sure you won't resist my frenchy charm! My videos are homemade with a lot of love and sincerity, I don't have a fancy studio and equipment for making videos. But as a visual artist, even if I'm materially limited, I always try to offer an aesthetic result. I want to offer also a bilingual content here so I'll post the best of my Simplement Stéphane vidéos. Stéphane is my alter ego, the man on the street. Join me! Here on BitChute and support me on Patreon: and check also my website:

Salut les ami(e)s! Il faut bien que je publie aussi mes bons coups en français ici! Ici Simplement Stéphane, l'homme du peuple et de la rue, l’alter égo de l'artiste Hermès sur la chaîne Aletheia 333. Joignez-vous à moi ici sur BitChute sur ma chaîne «bilingue»!