A social worker who called in to The Alex Jones Show told her firsthand account from dealing with a homeless man who was threatened with prison in order to force him to take a microchip implant.

Mike Adams interviews the producers of the film Vaxxed 2, the follow up to the explosive film Vaxxed.

If the Deep State is Already Killing Babies, Sexually Exploiting Children, and Performing Demonic Rituals, They Would be Willing to Do Anything if They Felt Their Power Begin to Slip

Norm Pattis brings his legal expertise to The Alex Jones Show to breakdown the legal structures being unhinged by an authoritarian agenda.

Liberal Attorney Norm Pattis joins The Alex Jones Show to break down the big tech campaign of censorship and suppression of free speech.

Attorney Norm Pattis joins The Alex Jones Show to break down the push for a technocratic takeover of society.

Alex Jones exposes the elite globalist desire to dominate and exterminate humanity.

Alex Jones breaks down the cultural shift to push humanity into the background to make way for the next phase of existence.

The Globalists escalate the scheme to warp the planet forever.

With more and more evidence turning up missing, the case of Jeffrey Epstein's death slips further into obscurity.

30 victims of Jeffrey Epstein testified, and the MSM swept it under the rug.

Sargon of Akkad joins Owen Shroyer live in studio to break down the incriminating evidence that has surfaced after Jeffrey Epstein's untimely death during the investigation into his ties to pedophilia.

Sargon of Akkad and Owen Shroyer tear apart one of Forbes fake news articles about Alex Jones' health products

Sargon of Akkad and Owen Shroyer review stories where 5G towers cause death to carbon based life forms.

Communication radiation is the greatest threat against humanity – we MUST plot a course to counteract

Plus Experts Agree The US and China Are Now At War Reports are pouring in revealing that Epstein was yelling in pain in his cell the morning he died! Americans are now waking up after hearing the ‘official’ narrative of Epstein’s death! Share this link!

The world is waking up to the corruption as the establishment attempts to sweep Jeffrey Epstein under the rug, and they may have succeeded. Tune in to find out how.

It’s the best of times and the worst of times for President Trump – he’s finally taking action to defend the First Amendment, but is he also about to infringe on the Second Amendment? Also, today’s guests include Joe Biggs in studio and lawyer Marc Randazza who reveals new developments in the Jeffrey Epstein case. Alex Jones will focus on Trump’s incredible revealing 35 minute press conference & exclusive information on new Epstein data dump.

Alex Jones Show August 4th 2019 Full Show

The next level censorship that has become the norm in 2019 is actually the first phase in a plan to control what information is allowed to be given to the population after a global catastrophe. Mike Adams breaks down why fighting for freedom of speech can actually save humanity.


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