Let me know if you think this is real or Memorex.

It's a parody but seems pretty accurate.

Do you vote? Love to hear about it in the comments

I like it when people do what they must rather than what society would like. I uploaded mediocre quality so protect her anonymity.

Thanks for watching!

Looks like we have another new camera out in Colorado...If anyone knows what this one does or who owns it, please share in the comments.
~ Thanks ~

Sorry for the garble - forget I had a big mouth of chew in when I made this : ) cheers
Go see Max at this link please -

Just information to help us navigate the future.

So bombing children is becoming more of a thing with less outrage. Has everyone in government lost their minds?

Men and women of good will ~ this can not stand any longer.

There are so many strang things happening so fast in the digital world but You Tube seems to sell racially motivated commercials with no problem.
Take a look and tell me what you think?

Searching youtube has become a total waste of time. It is driven now by corporate media when it was once driven by content creators. If you make funny cat videos you should be fine but talk about the federal reserve or The Administrative Proceedures Act of 1946 - beware

Space fans - Nasa and Tesla are going to make it happen.

Highway expansion is a necessary evil when you don't make it right the first time! Imagine getting a partial haircut and having to go back a few days later to get the job done.
Colorado knew the population increase way back in the late 80's but did nothing about it - CDOT sucks

So much to say about the phenom of transgenderism but like any social construct, don't blame yourself or an individual - it's the system.
Hippies didn't know they were being controlled when they were hippin out.. More kindness, less brainwashing please

Just a few thoughts

Life is the best thing ever! When I saw this amazing thing, I wanted to share it with everyone.

There was so much more to say but I don't like making long videos, you mostly only watch the first few minuets. We are at a point spiritually where God, Creator of all things is demanding us to take a look at this fallen world and take a side.
Here is some maths about it.

Take a listen to this radio host. He can be found here.....

Truth radio at it's finest!

Do you know what you are participating in when you watch the so called "Royal Wedding"?

Live streaming is moot!

Vince Edwards is doing his best to maintain Liberty in Southern Colorado. Do what you think is best but at least listen to his idea.
Liberty needs those who love it to support it.

Same script, same outcome - don't fall for it.
It is time for the people of America to take back control of how our country operates in the world.
Take a stand

A youtube content maker was told by a (corporate) judge that this shouldn't be seen by his viewers.
Support Vince Edwards and #patriotcybersquad

Thank goodness there is at least one journalist left out there
There is a little commentary at the end of the Carlson clip.
Thanks for watching and thanks for your comments.

It's pretty clear our government isn't in it to win it for America any longer - war in Syria doesn't help us one bit.

Stop this madness
Royalty free music from

Gun Confiscation in the heart of the nation!
The economic reality, the schizophrenic politics and foreign policy and the divide in the nation makes this the perfect time to pull the trigger on the 2ND Amendment. I hope this doesn't push people over the edge but the writing seems to be on the walls now.
*****This book foretold of this and was published Janurary 2018***

Who knows what is going on. Since no one seems to read the description box I may as well just put Bla bla bla bla blata-ti-bla.

Thanks for watching - thanks for your comments


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