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I got the closest I have ever been to a nuke and I should have had one this game, but COD timing just got me. Or I just blew itūüė≠

perfect map to try knifing some fools

picked up someones gun and it was awesome

me being a RAT in the opening clip, that was fun

One of my teammates adds some colorful commentary lol I thought I muted them.

I re-found the FARA and this camo is cool

The one thing I can say about this COD is...almost all the weapons feel good to use unlike coldwar. Coldwar I only like using maybe 2. Thanks for watching

I guess all videos are a Throw back now. Thank you for watching

First game back on cold war and I tried my best , but it wasn't going to be enough

Thanks for all the views I appreciate you. I will be waiting to see if MW3 looks good. and goes on sale lol

I got a snipers nest but my team was full of sweats and I couldn't use mine

Will have a BO4 video for this Thursday. Damn it is still full of sweats

This is my light house

So I finally did it and got those 1,000 souls

I was going to knife the whole game, but....I didn't. It does make an appearance though

They made the jug indestructible, the one streak done right

I hate it when I forget to mute the PS5 remote. I usually don't say much when i play but any other noises may get picked up, like the dog barking. she is a beagle after all

Trying to think of something to write in the description be like......ūü¶ó I got nothing. my brain went blank....uh thanks for watchingūüėÖ

You would think I was challenging myself with the 2 worst reloading weapons, but no I thought it was a good setup lol

2 against 1...I just happened to have a faster draw

Had to take a phone call for a few seconds, but no one found me

The HAUNTING event is Okay i suppose. At least there is an Alien blueprint for an award

I never played these maps before. I had the OG game but never knew I could play on line until BO1. I could use less sweat though

Can't keep skipping all the bad maps. Have to play them at some point

To bad they couldn't add some new score streaks


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