Oh when you see an alien bundle in the shop.....Ya know i have to get

maybe one day I might get that nuke

when you forget the 3rd streak...the other 2 need to put in work

so I painfully did it again ,so you didn't have to lol

I had no choice but try and be the sweat for the team....I gave it all i could

Finally get Jungle ! but it kinda ruined my VTOL... as well as so many hit markers

Let us hope MW2 2022 is as fun as BO4 is....I won't hold my breath lol

Lets heat things up in July....The storm is fast approaching

I almost got half our total score...

Having fun on the last great cod game.

when you actually use a different weapon and it works out

Lets hope the maps on MWII are a little better

Just when you figure china lake is OP...its not

I have a blast playing this fun COD game

Oooof I waste my war machine shots thinking someone was in the room

Lets get ready for MW2 2022 only way we can

Oh some times you cant missand then you are straight up TRASH

Still just trying to figure out these bad maps. Thhey make me Reeeeeee lols

ah this just feels better. Cold war is on my PS5 and even with MW2019 put on PS5 you can tell the difference FOV makes

trying to figure out these maps ugh... its a bit campy but we know this already

I know but ifigured I would give it a go..I am a noob for sure

Come for a ride on my super yacht

Oh my! I rage and the produce gets it! You will see.....

well at least crossroads map plays fast, dont need to go far to get in the action

My streaks went off ! They didnt stand a chance


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