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An outstanding video by "Our Nomadic Journal" which wrote:
"Nha Trang is a seaside resort town in central Vietnam and a place we used to call home.
We recently went back to go and soak up some sunshine and met "Nha Trang Jessica". Huong is a truly inspiring woman with a vision of bringing home cooked food to both travellers and locals.
She has a unique style of cooking and combines Vietnamese cuisine with Western specialities.
This is her story and if you are ever in Nha Trang, make sure to check out Aliva restaurant & café."
Some quotes from the video:
— "Good chefs want fresh and clean food - not industrial items"
— "Nutrition & preservation of food's vitamins is important"
— "I was lucky to learn a lot from great chefs in different countries"
— "Home-cooked kind of food is the best!"
— "Guests love a cozy and friendly atmosphere"

small place, GREAT TASTE ☑ Passionate cooks ☑ Friendly staff ☑ Reasonable prices ☑ Home-made Vietnamese & international dishes plus fast food ☑ Vegan options ☑ No gluten used. No sugar added to salads, meat, fish or soups. No water or sugar added to fruit juices ☑ Home-made sauces for meat, fish and salads ☑ Spring rolls & pancakes etc. are hand-made ☑ Enjoy your meal!

Watch the ALIVA song which illustrates what the restaurant stands for ;-)


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