You want to know what the truth is? It's right here in this lecture by Michael Tellinger and the late Jim Marrs (RIP).

See the other related videos for links to more information.

See the book by Ralph Epperson: New World order.

Population control otherwise known as eugenics. In an extreme example, turn the entire population gay and in one generation no one will be having children, thus the human species ceases to exist. Clever way to eliminate your competition if you're someone trying to maintain control over a species (and planetary resources).

See also, the Tavistock Institute of human relations. This LGBT movement that has grown exponentially in the last decade is social and chemical engineering.

We see it embraced by Hollywood and the mainstream media, it is embraced by most major corporations of whom are owned by the NWO conglomerate whose board of directors and CEO's consist of people who are members of think tanks and secret societies such as the council on foreign relations, united nations, and freemasonry, to name a few. This is not a theory, you can look at any company who are embracing the LGBT agenda and trace their CEO's names to these organizations and "fraternities".

Also linked to the LGBT agenda is the chemical DDT. Read more about it in a book by Rachel Carson, called, Silent Spring.

Also linked to the LGBT agenda is diet/food consumption, particularly the heavy advocacy of soy. Soy contains many dangerous substances one of which is synthetic estrogen which is one chemical responsible for the large increase in breast cancer over the last couple decades as more Hollywood loons such as oprah winfrey endorsed soy and her gullible followers literally ate it up.

So disrupts the thyroid glands ability to produce hormones naturally by polluting the glad with a synthetic plant estrogen. Synthetic as in created by manipulating plant genes. Soy is not a naturally occurring alkaline plant.

Fast forward to today and we see the men being feminized and the women with a destroyed thyroid gland and young girls growing breasts at the age of twelve.

Soy is not a health food, it is a poison that is subsidized by the government and is found in most packaged "foods" at your local grocery store be it the average grocery store or even the designer store such as Whole Foods, for example. And most people are clueless, especially those who work in the food industry, most of whom have been brainwashed into believing that soy is good for you. In order to receive a paycheck and remain liked by their coworkers, employees of the "food" industry must tow the line however false and dangerous it may be, while pleading ignorance as their out.

See this website for more information:

Additional links to support the theory that DDT chemicals have helped to create the LGBT community with gender confused people:

And some other articles on the topic, one article talking about how Nike (shoes) supports abortion and LGBT. How ironic that they profit so much from people buying their product but at the same time they believe in population reduction tactics. Essentially they are reducing their profits if there are less people to buy their crap product. But, the Nike logo is Saturn worship as the "Swoosh" is literally like looking at the rings around Saturn. Saturn worshipers are basically the same dark witches running "Holly"wood. Holly wood is the actual wood tree that witches of the old ages would use to make their wands from.

Another link:

This article talks about the Obama Admin and the United Nations also supporting abortion and the LGBT agenda. As if we needed a link to an article to guess that the UN supports eugenics of this kind.

Whenever a foolish person says to you, the new world order is a conspiracy "theory", laugh in their face and then show them this video. It's not a conspiracy -theory-, it is a conspiracy FACT.

Also see the lectures he gave at the Granada forum, many are still found on youtube, where he talks about ritual sacrifice and the missing kids. This is Pizzagate before it was known as "Pizzagate". Also see the Franklin Credit Scandal and John DeCamp, and the lecture by Phil Schneider on Deep Underground Military Bases (D.U.M.B.s), and also Alex Collier's many lectures.

Amazing that this lecture is still on Youtube considering that Breitbart drops many names of the radical left.

So as you can see, after watching this video, it is not, "the Jews" like so many ignorant people claim. Those who travel the internet parroting, "it's the Jews" are either ignorant scared little men who lack the intellectual capacity to understand the information in this video, or they are agents of the Illuminati whose sole purpose is to keep people believing fallacies like, "it's the Jews".

Do the research and you'll see.

People of interest:

Alex Collier

Dr. Bill Deagle

Simon Parkes

Kerry Cassidy

Max Spiers

Graham Hancock

Michael Tellinger

Jim Marrs

Mark McCandlish

David Adair

All of these people will give you giant pieces of this vast puzzle so you can see the bigger picture.

The fact is, the Illuminati, or rather the most powerful people, they have had access to the greatest technology for decades if not centuries that has allowed them to travel not only to other planets, but also other galaxies. This is a fact that is difficult for most people to comprehend because it is not shown to them on the Television (Tell-a-Vision) or taught to them in the Western "Education" system. Thus humans remain a slave species for as long as they deny this information, while believing that they are free simply because they are able to practice consumerism and materialism.

Webster Hubbell is apparently, allegedly, the father of Chelsea Clinton. In the photo I uploaded, she looks a lot more like Hubbell than she does like Bill Clinton back then, but over the years she has had several plastic surgery procedures to hide her relation.

And allegedly Bill Clinton is the son of a Winthrop Rockefeller who was once Governor of Arkansas which would make sense as to why Bill Clinton rose to power in AR.

See more of Max Spiers on Miles Johnston's Bases series.

The fascinating life story of George Green, interviewed by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot.

The late Michael Ruppert presents the evidence and facts of September 11, 2001. Never Forget (that 9-11 was an inside job).

Another oldie but goodie video exposing the Sandy Hook Elementary "school" "shooting" as the BULLSH1T that it was. This entire event also proves how worthless and corrupt the US "justice" system is as we witness judges side with the alleged "victims" who have used stolen money to file lawsuits against those who have uncovered their LIES.

Craft International, the contractor company started by Chris Kyle, the Marine sniper worshiped by so many ignorant brainwashed Americans. Why was Craft International at the Boston Marathon "bombing" and what is that device seen being held by the one man who also bears strange resemblance to the cop who was at the Sandy Hook "shooting"?

The earlier days of Antifa around 2015.

Crisis Actors dummies whose parents failed to teach them how to be productive members of society.

Former Minister of Defense of Canada discusses UFO's, ET's, Roswell, and related content. Please stop telling everyone that "it's the Jews".


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