It seems Yahshua is telling us to Come Back... to Return... in a plain actionable way, not to feel feelings of regret or sorrow in hindsight. Here in this video I present tools you can use to uncover meaning in the bible.

To be accurate, Yahshua almost certainly did NOT say the English word "repent" as he began to preach on earth ~2000 years ago. According to the manuscripts presented, he may have said "μετανοειτε" or "חזרו"

Original publication date: 10/31/2012

With Obama and Romney still running neck-and-neck, critics say the close race will make it easier to rig the election.

Some claim the core of America's voting system is flawed, as it relies on equipment which can easily be tampered with - and lacks transparency and accountability, as RT's Anastasia Churkina reports.

Antivirus creator John McAfee published this video in July 2020, calling out the deep state in the US. A week later an arrest warrant was issued and he got arrested in Spain. Less than a year later he’s found dead in a prison cell.
To hear an interview with McAfee, watch
The open source GNU Linux phone. This is the best phone I've ever seen.
"Making the most secure phone demands being able to have full verification of all steps from releasing schematics, using Made in USA electronics, releasing all source code, isolating hardware components, and running an Operating System that is under the full control of the customer–that is not cryptographically forced into Big-Tech’s oppressive and exploitative control–The Librem 5 USA is all of those things." - Purism

I saw the dead, the great and the small, standing before the throne, and they opened books. Another book was opened, which is the book of life. The dead were judged out of the things which were written in the books, according to their works. - Revelation 20:12

I'm mirroring this here because I've studied the subject immensely and I'm happy to share a video that lays it out simply. Follow Jesus, not Paul!
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video mirrored from Veil Lifted Ministries

This is an attempt to upload a video that does not require processing.
This is what I believe BitChute wants: mp4 video file: H264 854x480 25.0fps, 98kbps 48kHz stereo AAC
Result: It did require a small amount of processing, but not anywhere nearly as much as uploading a 720p video or 128kbps audio. I also happened to upload a PNG thumbnail, but I'm guessing it would prefer JPG. IMPORTANT: It is not playable immediately upon going live, like it would be if it actually had to do some format conversion.
Also, I'm not sure what I did to get that tiny black bar on the right.

BitChute audio quality test results:
Codec: MPEG AAC Audio (mp4a)
BitChute audio quality is 97 or 98kbps. This is very low. Cymbals sound muffled, as anything in the 16-20kHz frequency range will not be reproduced.

This video was uploaded with 257kbps audio, considered high quality, nicely reaching a crisp 20kHz. After the mandatory BitChute processing, it is now a dismal 97kbps audio, which is considered very low quality audio, only reaching around 16kHz. Many people complain about 128kbps, which is noticeably worse than CD quality sound. Well, 97kbps is easily noticeably worse than 128kbps.

WAV/flac - perfect
320K - high quality
256K - high quality
192K - medium quality: children can probably tell the difference
128K - low quality: most people can probably tell it doesn't sound as crisp
98K - very low quality: anyone with reasonable hearing can immediately tell it sounds muffled

this video was uploaded as 1920x1080 resolution. After processing it is 854x480.
Codec: H264 - MPEG-4 AVC (part 10) (avc1)

Perhaps using H264 854x480 video with AAC 98K audio will allow the video to get through the "processing" stage faster.

Great album throughout. They're on bandcamp. and
Their latest (2021) album is, in large part, a rehash of this album.

A chiller song from their crazy new indie rock album which bends the meaning of 'in tune'

The chill song of the album. Great album.

A favorite

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Originally published 4/2021.

In this talk, Robert Whitaker reviews the science that calls for a radical change or evidence-based paradigm shift in psychiatric care, and describes pilot projects that tell of a new way.

Starting in the 1980s, our society organized its thinking and systems of care around a “disease model” narrative that was promoted by the American Psychiatric Association and the pharmaceutical industry. That narrative has collapsed. The biology of mental disorders remains unknown; the diagnoses in the DSM have not been validated as discrete illnesses; the burden of “mental illness” in our society has risen; and there is an increasing body of evidence that tells of how psychiatric drugs, over the long-term, increase the chronicity of psychiatric disorders.

The collapse of that paradigm provides an opportunity for radical change. In Norway, the health ministry has ordered that “medication—free” treatment be made available to psychiatric patients in hospital settings. A private hospital in Norway has opened that seeks to help chronic patients taper from their psychiatric drugs, or to be treated without the use of such drugs. In Israel, a number of “Soteria” houses have sprung up, which provide residential treatment to psychotic patients and minimize the use of antipsychotics in such settings. Research into Hearing Voice Networks is providing evidence of their “efficacy” for helping people recover. Open Dialogue treatment, which was developed in northern Finland and involved minimizing use of antipsychotics, is being adopted in many settings in the United States and abroad.

About the presenter:
Robert Whitaker has written three books on the history of psychiatry: Mad in America, Anatomy of an Epidemic, and Psychiatry Under the Influence (the latter book he co-authored with Lisa Cosgrove.) He is the president of Mad in America Foundation, which—through its webzine, radio podcasts, continuing education webinars, and town halls—promotes an exploration of these issues. He is also on the adjunct faculty at Temple Medical School, in the psychiatry department.

This webinar was organized by ISPS-US, an organization that promotes psychological and social approaches to psychosis and extreme states. You can find out more about ISPS-US, and become a member or support our work with a donation, at​​ .

2021-06-02 UPDATE: wool tassels with lapis lazuli blue. see:

Mirrored video. I have used this method. I didn't find large enough needles in a variety pack, so I got the yarn darners.

Numbers 15:38
Deuteronomy 22:12

Credit: or
Qwant is in the lead, and Google is copying what they do

<b>2021-06-12 UPDATE:</b> Visit for the Volla Phone which is my #1 recommendation because you can get it with Ubuntu Touch, which is the best open-source mobile platform right now.
Hydroxyapatite toothpaste seems good.
Lineage OS phones: Zenfone 6, Galaxy A5 (2017), Moto G7 Plus

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