The Spawn´s Of Satan & Their Toys - Addendum Episode.2

The First Addendum to the series Spawn´s Of Satan & their Toys

The Spawn's Of Satan & Their Toys

The Spawn´s Of Satan & Their Toys
Chapter. 2

My interpretation of current events regarding the fake pandemic and what the agenda behind it is.

Is it sequitur Part.3

The Spawn´s Of Satan and Their Toys Chapter.1

The Second Part of the Ulfhednar´s Gulating Series called about the Globalist Agenda and Depopulation.

(apologies for the poor grammar skills)

The Great Recet scamdemic plandemic fraud can be difficult to keep track of.

Democrats mess up at Iowa speech "clovid climate Crisis".

Ulfhednar´s Gulating Presents a series on the DEEP STATE Conspiracy to Rule The Planet.
The New World Order. A Globalist Babylonian Technocratic Dictatorship... Who is Behind it?

A short video made about Stjernen Art & Silver.
Just north of Mo I Rana in Nordland Norway
Øyvind Stjernen sells silver Rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and Necklaces.
A Must place to visit on your trip.

Music By Danheim

Me and my brothers trip to Stormdalen (Storm Valley)
In the summer of 2018


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