Feb 27th The Only State Never Locked Down S. Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem CPAC Speech Covid19 Coronavirus

Feb 26th Florida Anti-Lockdowns Gov. Ron DeSantis CPAC Speech Covid-19 Coronavirus Masks Curfews

Me Debating Arguing With Patriots About DC Capitol Troops LIE & the March 4th Trump LIE They Believe

High School Band Bubbles Clown World Build Back Better Covid-19 Coronavirus Lockdowns Masks Curfews

Feb 23rd What is the reason for Berlin wall and national guard Senate hearing on DC Capitol attack

Bill And Melinda Gates Interview Clips Covid-19 Coronavirus Lockdowns Curfews Quarantine Masks

Feb 25th Rand Paul Questions Dr. Rachel Levine on Puberty Blockers for Minors

Joe Biden Orders Air Military Strike inside Syria & Previous 2019 Biden Syria Clips

THE NEW NORMAL feat. Felipe & T.Y. Covid-19 Coronavirus Lockdowns Quarantines Curfews Masks Pandemic

Created by Felipe @canadarisingup & T.Y. @_tynicholson_
Video Produced by Felipe
Recorded at Unity Market
Engineered and Mixed by Shane L.S. @LShiphop

UK Home Office Government Vid All gatherings against the law Covid-19 Coronavirus Lockdowns Curfews Quarantines Masks

UK Home Office

Conspiracy Music Guru I Told You So - New Single 12-20-21 Covid-19 Coronavirus Lockdowns Quaranrtine

Conspiracy Music Guru

Cops vs Nurses and They can't arrest us all Covid-19 Coronavirus Lockdowns Curfews Quarantines


Tucker Carlson & Naomi Wolf Feb 22nd Discuss Dangerous Lockdowns Fascist Police State Powers Covid19

Feb 20th Catherine Cummings Victoria Melbourne Australia Millions March Covid-19 Coronavirus Vaccine

Part1 Feb 20th Melbourne Victoria Australia Anti-Vaccine Millions March Covid-19 Coronavirus Lockdown

Good additional footage

Biden Says People Don't Know How To Register And Get Online For The Vaccine

Bill And Melinda Hates Exclusive Interview Covid-19 Coronavirus Lockdowns Curfews Quarantine Masks
Bantics Show

UK England Patient Speaks Inside Covid-19 Death Camp Ward at Queen Alexandra Hospital Hampshire

Episode 71 1-23-21

Episode 74 2-12-21

Feb 19th NASA Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover mission wheels are not the same at Jezero Crater

Oakley California elementary school district meeting Hot Mic F you up smoke marijuana Babysitters

An Oakley CA mother wrote a letter to her local school board to express her concerns regarding the schools not reopening. Later that day, the Oakley CA union elementary school district board was preparing (??) for their monthly meeting--but didn't realize that their Zoom session was visible to real-time...unfiltered. School Board members Lisa Brizendine, Kim Beede and Richie Masadas proceeded to crack jokes and criticized the parents of their district before realizing what had transpired.

Professor Mark Woolhouse Beaches CVdeaths LIE Bournemouth Beach UK England 75+Days 20+Million No Masks Distancing No Death Spike

This video I made on sept 9th 2020 provides rock solid evidence about the issue of mass outdoor gatherings with no masks worn. If +25 million beachgoers in the UK in the last 90 days and no masks were worn and no social distancing practiced all day long in mass gatherings... With ZERO death spikes. Deaths line has actually bottomed out in the UK last 90 days.. worldometers death chart shows that.... This is proof that there is no danger with mass outdoor gatherings in the summertime heat while also not wearing a mask

Part3 Masks Brainwashing Psyop Propaganda Commercials Ads Covid-19 Coronavirus Lockdowns Quarantine

Part1 Masks Brainwashing Psyop Propaganda Commercials Ads Covid-19 Coronavirus Lockdowns Quarantine

Part2 Masks Brainwashing Psyop Propaganda Commercials Ads Covid-19 Coronavirus Lockdowns Quarantine

Fight Like Hell Clips Trump Impeachment Trial


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