The only life-destroying affliction that you don't take home is an STD

The entire show is dedicated to telling young people that they are bad for tearing down the corrupt system of elites who have betrayed and abandoned us and in which their goon squad cops are never punished for murdering us.

00:06 Unarmed dead guys are to blame for getting themselves killed
17:30 Say "2+2=5" or go to jail
18:30 President Kushner throws temper tantrum over censoring him but not over censoring us
24:51 Virus used to kill of elderly "useless eaters"
27:41 Deaths of despair now take children
31:36 DNC hack was Russia-Hoax 2
37:00 Twin Cities riots

00:06 President Kushner promises to save free speech by gagging media
15:39 Minneapolis riots
24:54 Govs hold onto virus powers

00:31 CNN thrives on virus misery
15:31 Mail-in voting hoax
26:15 Musk launches manned shuttle
28:16 College grads betrayed by President Kushner
33:06 Sicko slugs 75YO nursing home invalid

00:06 Psychopaths as elder caregivers
09:42 Fauci flips again
15:43 Biden boasts black backing
19:59 Saudi ties to 9/11
25:07 Muller team confesses
26:48 Memorial Day lockdown
29:28 Right to religion

00:06 What really happened with virus
29:19 Planned Parenthood scams millions
34:02 Momma Kamala's naughty word list

00:06 Black woman for Biden VP
16:38 No law, no order: prisoners released, citizens imprisoned
24:12 Dershowitz on mandatory vaccine
30:53 Flynn investigation a vicious cycle

00:06 Russia-Gate hoax
04:24 China controls everything
12:19 US universities spy for China
14:44 Rice email declassified
22:29 NJ gym patron arrested
23:32 PA nursing home scandal
27:30 Annie Glenn dead at 100
27:48 Planned Parenthood steals millions
30:30 Dems exploit pandemic for power
32:23 Mass quarantine always was illegal
27:28 Pilosi says POTUS too fat

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00:06 14 million jobs gone permanently
13:41 Fauci for Fuhrer
26:216 Obama's Russia-Gate Hoax
35:25 WHO more corrupt than believed

00:06 Obama's Russia-Gate scam
18:25 PA gov claims total power
25:43 ME gov claims total power
28:19 NJ gov claims total power
33:54 Fauci for Fuhrer

00:06 Obama's Russia hoax
19:46 Contradictory lockdown gibberish
27:36 Biden's virtual campaign
33:16 Cuomo stops killing seniors

00:06 Cost of the Russia-Gate hoax
18:30 Farmers destroy food while grocery shelves empty
23:38 MI Congressman sues MI Gov
27:28 Fauci's incompetence
31:23 NY nursing home deaths caused by pols
34:57 Biden sex scandal twists and turns

00:06 Russia-Gate government crimes
21:29 Cuomo killed 5,000 nursing home seniors
25:38 Contact tracing is political control
31:06 Texas Supreme Court frees jailed hair stylist

00:06 30 million Americans unemployed
14:16 After the pandemic
20:34 Biden sex scandal
31:18 Sweden now immune to virus
36:03 Sen Hawley: dump WTO

00:06 Techie tyrants ignore their own rules
15:06 Pols banned needed medical procedures
17:23 Biden sex scandal
24:04 Wendy's out of burgers
25:55 Virus kills mainly long-term care patients
29:43 DOJ investigating NBC sex cover-ups
35:10 Movies cater to Chinese market

06:06 China caused virus deaths
14:59 Free China drones spy for terrorists
17:27 US Cities stay on lockdown
26:27 Biden proxies sued for records
30:15 NBC News head chopped
35:48 "Murder Hornets" invade US from Japan

00:06 Pols abolish US Constitution
21:35 Kim still missing
24:59 WAPO wins Pulitzer for Flynn fraud
26:50 Biden's sex records sealed
33:54 CA barber defies shutdown order
38:15 ME restaurant defies shutdown order
39:32 NY gets better

00:06 WHO flips on Sweden
01:04 Flynn update
10:25 Comey exposed
19:02 Stone prison date postponed
19:46 Pols destroyed US economy
29:49 Maine-iac defies shutdown order
35:18 Kids don't show symptoms, don't spread to adults
38:29 Adam Carolla on coping with shutdown

00:06 Virus dictators destroyed US healthcare
11:48 New FBI docs prove Flynn setup
18:40 De Blasio threatens to arrest Jews
22:51 Institutional feminism is the corrupt ideology
30:24 Ebola and other drugs proving effective against virus
33:50 CA Gov gives $1 Bn to China car company

00:06 Big Tech is new dictator
15:05 HRC flips on believing sex victims
21:28 Testing breaks down
24:54 Dems demand prisoners go free
29:57 Meat shortages
31:32 Virus deaths 1/10th of claims
37:41 Australia & New Zealand controlled virus by shutting down immigration

00:06 Virus is another government scam
16:13 FBI caught in another government scam against Flynn
22:48 Biden's sex problems multiply
30:52 Kim still missing


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