The Big Bang Hypernova Hypothesis is exactly that a scientific hypothesis about the Big Bang theory described using the dynamic pattern of the second largest explosion in the universe; namely the death of massive star, a hypernova. Second as the Big Bang itself was the largest.

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In this first chapter I layout the main idea; evidence for why such a massive undefined star like object exists; introduce fractal geometry as a philosophical foundation and describe the life cycle of a star in answering the question “What exactly is a hypernova?”

Our universe was born as an astrophysical jet from the hypernova of a massive starlike object whose diameter was 330-million light years across, my idea. In this film, I present my hypothesis and case for the retelling of the The Big Bang theory.

From one simple idea I have watched the features and anomalies identified in the Cosmic Microwave Background sky fall into alignment. From the philosophical framework of Fractal Cosmology I demonstrate how a mostly homogenous and isotropic universe can come into being from rotation of the jet and why everything has rotation in the first place.

Looking to the spherical Bootes supervoid I present a full and reasoned argument that this is the shadow imprint upon our verse of such a massive starlike object and how we came to see it as a spherical void whose volume is 0.27% of the observable universe.

Furthermore we begin looking at the fundamental underlying reasons as to how quantum field theory and general relativity came into being. Straight is straight for a reason and so our universe is flat. I layout careful argument in order that the mathematics can be discovered, not invented, as need drives my cause in order to describe what is a picture in my imagination. My canvas, this film.

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I am currently building a new website where I'll post material and provide reference links to the multitude of papers and articles that I cite and show in this film.


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