Jan Eikelboom schaam je! En met jou de hele Nieuwsuur
redactie erbij. Ga lekker zelf naar het front om te vechten in plaats van een 19-jarige emotioneel te chanteren dat hij de loopgraven in moet.

Waarom ze Gideon echt in de CEL willen: De ONTMASKERING van Rutte & Klaus Schwab!

3:21 / 16:55

Oh SH*T, What Russia and China are doing will change everything, and the west wants WAR | Redacted

It cannot be that asymmetrical damage causes a symmetrical collapse.

blckbx today special | 9/11: Wat zijn de feiten?

Missing Children School Bus Mystery Maui Massacre

IT JUST GOT WORSE. “Napalm-like” Injuries | The Maui Massacre

DEW you believe it? Oprah’s $1,200 Stimulus | Maui Fire Massacre

BlackRock is Buying Bitcoin Miners: Is it Looking to Control BTC Ecosystem? – George Gammon

Remember when they all promised that the mRNA injections would stop the spread of the virus? This is why the can start the QR apartheid.

Wat is de echte grondslag van de angst die nu wordt gecreëerd

Lahaina FIRE - Inside the RESTRICTED Area - The MIRACLE Neighborhood that Survived !!!

Ole Dammegard attack in Lahaina, Maui energy weapon

Maui D.E.W: Evidence of Direct Energy Weapon?

MORE EVIDENCE - 2 Miles from Lahaina Fire A Melted Car Surrounded by Gravel!

They know all ready there is a crisis coming?> How?

Andrew Tate X Alex Jones - NEW PODCAST


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