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Georg Immanuel Nagel explains why only the emperor and not "elected" puppets should rule.

An addition from Georg Immanuel Nagel to the criticism of the movie "Dead Poets Society", that Andy Nowicki did.

Andy's Video:

Georg Immanuel Nagel explains how the song contest is promoting feminism, multiculturalism and the transgender lunacy and why Netta Barzilai, Conchita Wurst and Cesár Sampson are not representing European nations.

Georg Immanuel Nagel talks about the destruction of imperial Austria due to liberal democracy.

Georg Immanuel Nagel discusses if we should commemorate or celebrate the end of the second world war.

Georg Immanuel Nagel talks about the censoring of his Video "It's OK to be white" on YouTube.

Georg Immanuel Nagel explains why it is OK to be white and why we should celebrate Whiteness.


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I am Georg Immanuel Nagel, an Alt-Right activist and writer from Vienna. I write for a lot of Austrian and German journals and blogs (Zur Zeit, Der Eckart, Blaue Narzisse, etc.). I have so far only written a few articles for English sites (Occidental Observer, Alternative Right). I am the author of two books. Since 2015 I am regulary organizing rallies against immigration and giving speeches about the philosophy of the New Right.