Re-uploaded from March 2019, Mike Newland's unusual angle on the BREXIT debacle.

The utterly treacherous Conservative Party now seems determined to deliver the ultimate insult to democracy. They intend us to stay in the EU while pretending we have left. After two and a half years of supposed negotiations, it appears that what was really being negotiated was a BRINO (Brexit in name only).

But is this such a disaster? For those who have tramped the streets for years campaigning for a referendum and then winning it the outcome is surely gut-wrenching. In the bigger scheme of things, a different picture emerges. Since the referendum in 2016 the European political landscape has been transformed. All over populist parties are burgeoning. They do not like the EU any more than we do.

Suppose we really left. The population in Britain would feel reassured that democracy works and likely go back to sleep. In Europe, people would feel that they too could leave if they wished it and believe that the fact of Britain's departure might provoke the EU into reform. On the other hand, if we effectively remain after being politically cheated then we join a club of the discontented and add strength to the resistance.

No one will really be free of the EU plan for the eradication of our civilisation until all are. BRINO by CINO (Conservative in name only) is not such a disaster in the new political climate enveloping Europe.

Originally uploaded in May 2018, just after the trial itself.

On Monday 14th May, 2018, at Southwark Crown Court, London, Jeremy Bedford-Turner was sentenced to twelve months imprisonment, six to be in custody, the rest to be served under licence. Better known as Jez Turner, Chairman and organiser of The London Forum, he was convicted of 'Incitement to Racial Hatred' under Britain's increasingly contentious race hate laws.

He was pursued for nearly three years by a charity calling itself The Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) who were determined to make an example of him after he staged an Anti-Shomrim protest near Whitehall in July 2015. The Shomrim are a type of private police force, or vigilante group, formed for the protection of London's Jewish residents. They use cars that look like police vehicles, and its volunteers look like uniformed police officers. Mr Turner asked why no other racially-exclusive group is allowed to form its own private protection force, and behave like an official branch of the police.

This legitimately-organised protest met with no charge of criminality from the Metropolitan police, but the CAA threatened the Crown Prosecution Service with a judicial review unless it agreed to prosecute Mr Turner. This video briefly describes how Britain's judiciary, supposedly independent, can bow to pressure and influence from a racially-exclusive group determined to bend the law to its own purpose. It gives a disturbing insight into how laws supposedly for the common good can be manipulated by certain determined pressure groups.

Originally uploaded in 2018, Richard Edmonds gives a brief update on the extraordinary efforts made by shadowy authoritarian powers to limit the spread of nationalist thought.

Austrian nationalist Martin Sellner and his partner Brittany Pettibone were recently refused entry into the UK, and held in detention for questioning before being sent home. Their intention was to give a speech on the recent clampdowns of freedom of speech in European countries. They have not committed crimes in any country, and yet were treated as if they were guilty of serious offences. At the same time, it is known that many UK citizens with Islamic backgrounds have been allowed to return to the UK after fighting for ISIS. The UK government's hypocrisy on this apparent double standard has not been explained.

After the sudden and unexpected closure of The London Forum YouTube channel, attention has focussed on Google's announcement that they are closing in on any accounts that violate their 'Community Guidelines'. The London Forum had over 170 videos of political speeches removed without any real explanation. None of these political debates could be described as inciting hatred or prejudice of any kind. Yet YouTube allows other videos, some with very controversial content, to remain in place.
Veteran nationalist Richard Edmonds gives a short update on the alarming recent attempts to silence people who wish to openly discuss matters relevant to European societies.

Re-uploaded from 2018: Peter Phillips believes most of Britain’s MPs and the two main parties they largely represent, have become dangerously detached the electorate, and thus so has Parliament.

He explains the many reasons for this; why most of the newer intake of MPs over the last 30 years or so, have become unquestioning clones, and why this is a rapidly increasing danger to our already diminishing democracy.

Finally he sets out essential key electoral reforms that he believes are needed to restore proper representation of the people in Parliament, and thus restore democracy.

Re-uploaded from 3rd April 2018: Mike Newland's 'Are we Winning or Losing?'

'The Polish psychologist Andrzej Lobaczewski proposed that political systems tend to oscillate between healthy government which serves its people and what he termed 'pathocracy'. During the good times people lose vigilance and there is a tendency for regimes to become infiltrated by the pathological. The sick regime is marked by fanaticism and opposition to its own people. The pathocracy may sail under any banner purely for the purposes of advertisement - socialist, conservative, communist, liberal etc  It however lacks emotional intelligence and tends thus to lay the foundations for its own downfall. Healthy government eventually reasserts itself. 

Is this not an accurate description of what is happening to Britain and many other Western nations? The people are gradually becoming aware that their regimes no longer appear to care about them. Alarm is spreading which takes currently the form of what is denounced as 'populism'. All systems to survive require some degree of confidence and belief in their value but this is just beginning to evaporate.'

Originally uploaded in 2015, this appeal was initiated by Lady Michèle Renouf & Richard Edmonds.

It is difficult to believe that in the 21st century, scholars who dare to disagree with certain accepted historical events can receive lengthy prison sentences for doing so. And when demonstrable fact clearly throws doubt on official historical narrative, such punishments become even more absurd. Under some draconian European laws, questioning the accuracy of the official Holocaust narrative will result in severe legal penalties. Many prominent Europeans have had their lives disrupted and their welfare and families seriously affected because they dared to openly declare what their investigations have revealed. Horst Mahler is a qualified lawyer serving a lengthy prison sentence for such heresy, and German authorities seem determined to increase his term regardless of his worsening physical health. In this London Forum video, nationalists Richard Edmonds and Lady Michèle Renouf initiate a fund to fight the grossly unfair punishments being meted out by the German courts to a very sick man.

Originally uploaded in 2012 after the dubious convictions of Gary Dobson and David Norris, which many consider to have been based on the flimsiest of evidence. This video highlights some of the reasons behind these very unsafe legal verdicts.

The recent convictions in the Stephen Lawrence trial have caused some controversy. It seems no effort will be spared to bring the killers to justice. However, some serious questions need to be asked of media coverage of the case. Was a fair trial even possible, given the level of frenzied media reporting? Newspapers have jeopardised the outcome of trial proceedings before. And it is becoming increasingly obvious that editors shrink from covering violent crimes by ethnics because of fears of accusations of racism. The suggestion is the huge media attention was accorded the case simply because Gary Dobson and David Norris happen to be white.

Originally uploaded in 2011, this clip illustrates the increasing violence in a small area of London's northernmost borough of Enfield. On August 31 2011 there was yet another fatal stabbing in Edmonton, north London. Stephen Grisales was stabbed to death after being taunted by a group of youths. The clip was made in mid-2008, by which time there had already been five fatal stabbings since January 1st that year. Four of these killings were teenagers. Despite the usual rumblings from our government huff-and-puff, I don't think things will change much. Years ago, when I was a youngster, knife crime in most areas of the country was an extreme rarity.

Originally uploaded in 2009. For some reason, the BBC and media in general did not wish to cover this event: an Islamic demonstration against the Israeli bombing of Gaza in January 2009. The demo took place in Corporation Park, Blackburn, Lancashire. The main speaker was Lauren Booth - sister-in-Law of former Prime Minister Tony Blair. The two amateur cameramen who captured this footage did so at some personal risk.

Originally uploaded in 2013, this glimpse of mob violence on British Streets spans several years. Isn't there a principle of physics that says for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction? I think this must surely apply to us as human beings. Those who baulk at the presence of the EDL should perhaps see it as a logical and natural order of things. When people try to interfere in a natural progression, there are often unforeseen consequences. This video really needs updating. But I can't bring myself to go out and film ruined buildings and violated living areas. We should all remind ourselves of what has been happening on our streets -- areas that we all have a right to walk safely through.

An unusual BBC News clip originally broadcast during 2013:
A government Parliamentary committee report clearly stated that immigration to the UK brings 'little or no benefit' to the nation. The government's argument in favour of it is deeply flawed, it is claimed. The key point is that individual prosperity remains unaffected, therefore the benefits of large scale immigration are negligible.


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