The insanity continues. Will Americans attack each other for food?

Jeremy Lee isn't Bill Cooper...because - who is? But he has the same spine and insight as Bill in many ways. A little more reserved but with no less strength. Look up his talks on YT. This is from 1991 in Queensland.


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Julianne's audio was a bit low on the original so we boosted it.

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They both have good interviews with Cindy Niles on their channels

...and the Academy declares CABAL ENTERPRISES the winner

If the Australian election follows the same suit as the French & US elections then Gates, Soros, Rothschild, Schwab & co will have reinstalled their minions. The cabal are ratcheting up, wondering when the public will snap. The public have their own plans for the cabal. They focus on their weak spots.

Archbishop Sheen's prediction for 2024.

Hero or villan, folks?

This will never be played on the news. It's the calm before the storm Aussies. Don't fall asleep.

Surf YouTube, Rumble and Bitchute at once.

We're coming for them all!!

Bosi's no holds barred approach is resonating around the world and the Rock Spiders are shitting themselves. The May 21 Australian federal election will be the most contested in its history. If Bosi gets in, grab the popcorn and watch the show. Life will become the vermin's worst nightmare and a truth seeker's utopia.


Rebirth of a song. The future is the past. This song is history. We Love You.

The boss said get vaxd or lose your job? They are screwed. This video is a must share with anyone being forced to take the jab to save their job.

Download and re-upload

When the plandimania was unleashed on the world in March 2020 Wayne Glew and many others saw the agenda ahead. Fast forward to today. These are Wayne's second last and last recordings as of Feb 10, 2022.

Wayne ->
A stitch in time...

Riccardo Bosi answering Q&A in Melbourne

A little escape from the current Blackrock/Vanguard psyop. Funny, harnessing energy from the air was stopped by the same people 100 years ago. For some reason these clown like to lock everything down.

Would you inject an experiment provided by someone who hasn't adjusted their skin suit correctly? Meet the CEO with your best interests at heart.


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