Dr Pierre Kory and fellow peer review doctors have news several pharmaceutical companies don't want made public.

0 deaths this year from Covid in Australia yet 7 million people in Victoria are once again locked down for 7 days minimum. Extension likely. What will it take for the police to stop these criminals from destroying thousands of lives? What part of 3 million people that have now taken an experiment (in every sense of the word) doesn't worry them? If these experimental vaccines go south many of our leaders and those associated with them should be charged.


I wonder in May 2021 what Paul and Ringo think of this? John could be living now because all he reveals is relevant more now.

Morgan C Jonas is an excellent reporter and political activist based in Melbourne. In this show he pulls no punches on a variety of issues Aussies and people around the world are facing.

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Violated By Pfizer - (excellent report)

Bill Hitler Gates is committing major crimes against humanity. The police and security forces are too gutless to arrest him. We are in a mass extinction event. Here's why.
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Victorian Premiere Daniel Andrews and his government are a psychopathic hypocrites. Make no mistake. This week on Sunday Australia celebrates ANZAC Day. A day Aussies say thanks in street parades to soldiers past and present, many who paid the highest price for their country so that other peoples kids would have a better future. What a sacrifice.

Fast forward to today and the Andrews Labor government revealed its full disdain for the military and the people of Victoria and Australia. First they told vets only 5000 could march in the annual parade provided they "scanned" in. At the same time they are allowing 75,000 people into a football match across the road at the MCG. Priorities right!?

To add insult to injury this dystopian government has fenced off the Shrine Of Remembrance, where the march culminates till AFTER the weekend. What respect.

Andrews is a criminal who is doing everything in his power to avoid accountability. So far he's been successful too. From scuttling investigations into many dubious coove practices to even "having an accident" the day before he was to front an investigation into foreign influence he has allowed shape Victoria for the worse. No guesses which government we are talking about but if you need a clue, they are big and communist...kind of.

The hardest part is there are a lot of Victorian sheeple, rusted on Labor voters who haven't had their businesses destroyed by Andrews and his litany of mistakes. They put on the face diapers (nappies in Australia). They submit to all government dictates without applying any critical thinking but some are waking up. Hopefully enough.

We've seen the destruction of western society taking place in the US, UK, Canada, NZ and especially in Australia. Many Aussies never believed it could get this bad. Most aren't accustomed to fighting for their freedom. But, as the coove bio weapon makes its way into peoples bodies and they unwittingly ensure their life spans won't pass 5 years, the Melbourne of 2025 could look very different. And not in a good way.

It will in large be thanks to Andrews and every Victorian politician who have imposed such draconian measures on the people of Victoria that they all deserve long stints in a small cell. Firstly, Victorians need to vote them out in 2022. Then hold investigations into their disgusting conduct over the last 2 years.

Del Bigtree's tireless efforts to raise awareness about the dangerous experimental vaccines being administered en masse is to be admired. This may be scariest 17 minutes you'll have watched. Pass it on to anyone still on the fence about taking the vaccines. Their life depends on it.

In a sign of the madness of the times, Russia are getting ready to deploy robots. Russia will measure how forces counter them then upgrade and adapt. Here comes the terminator.

In a few years, after the catastrophe that is the vaccination comes to full light, people will have forgotten how it began. But we won't. These 3 are shaming and guilting people into the kill shot. They belong in a prison.

Max's full episode

Despite all the evidence as to the caution that should be taken with the experimental vaccines, greedy corporations are throwing caution to the wind for the sake of profits. The animal trials with these vaccines were catastrophic. The manufacturers know this but still they roll it out en masse.

Today we are faced with a challenge humanity has never experienced. We face this because criminals in government and business weren't investigated for their crimes.

All politicians from established parties need to be removed. All corporations in PPP deals need those deals made public. Any corporation threatening government should be dissolved and thoroughly investigated.

If not now; when? 3-5 years may well and truly be too late.

Last year was their turn at causing us pain. This year it's our turn to respond.

Find a group of like minded people and light a fire under your politicians.

They work for us.

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Sydney Powell looks worried. She has every right to be. She has seen the swamp up close and personal. In this frank interview with Dinesh D'Souza she brings us up to speed on the state of the coup. It's not pretty.

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As the criminals roll out their plandemic charade in order to infect humanity, Joseph makes some pertinent observations.

After publishing, Bitchute decided to stifle the video. Apparently drawing attention to the criminals causing this mess displays where Bitchute's loyalties lie. You may need to go to the original if this hasn't loaded yet.

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The GIF that keeps on giving. It was only a matter of time.
(recently updated)

As governments around the world continue to commit malfeasance on a grand scale, people are asking; where are the police? Investigating these people now could save millions of lives. Please do your job or find a new profession.

A dive into the interview between Corey Feldman and Shaun Attwood. Feldman has been under constant attack ever since he began outing the rockspiders (pedo's) in Hollyweird.

The lengths the rockspiders and their protectors went to to shut down Feldman is a testament to how big the problem is and how much they want it kept hidden. Lock them up and we remove the problem.

Feldman IMDB

My Truth IMDB

Feldman/Atwood Interview



My Truth Documentary

Feldman on Twit​

ANR Player

Broadcast Planner

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Karen and the fake stream media think everyone is stupid.

Hello, welcome, and thanks for watching.

I've resisted getting in front of the camera 'till now. You won't find many pics or vids outside of FB. But here I am.

Why? I'm not camera gorgeous. I like good looking, produced content. I was travelling along fine behind the scenes until 2020. But then the biggest swindle in history occurred.

This is the episode I unpack some of that.

Quick caveat. I'm running the show (presenter/switcher/etc) and doing it on a 2012 Macbook with not a lot of grunt so forgive the jilt. I need a bigger boat. Next time maybe.


How To Rig An Election

The Gene Code Injection

Dr Simone Gold Interviewed By Michelle Malkin

Australian Open Vax Boo

Invest in my bigger boat

Over to you ;)

How far out of his depth is Dan Andrews?

Does Bill's world raise living standards?

This just gets funnier and funnier.

Question: If the Biden presidency is illegitimate are any orders signed legitimate?

In case Time's article blowing the lid on what really happened at the 2020 election was a bit TLDR, listen to it here. Included are poignant observations from Tim Pool, Jack Posobiec & Dan Bongino

How will history judge anyone ignoring this? There is a battle but the enemy is in the boardrooms. Identify them and vote with your wallet.


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