Alt Terra Commons
Vision for a Spiritual, Awakened, Communal, and Sustainable Intentional Community.
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Alt Terra Commons is an Awakened, Spiritual, Communal and Sustainable Intentional Community. We are a unique community of free, enlightened and loving people, soul groups, who intentionally live an alternative awakened lifestyle. We have escaped the false, evil and self destructive social, economic, religious, political and materialistic based structures / ideologies that are offered up by the evil / demonically controlled global elite. Other differences include: 1. Spiritual – we believe in the One True Creator God, the source of all that is, 2. Awakened – we have opened our eyes to the truth hidden behind the false public narrative, 3. Communal – we Live, Work, Play, Eat, Worship and Share all things together, Plus 4. Sustainable – we manage the earths resources for both the needs of today and into the future. If you are ready for a paradigm change, are tired of the rat race, and want to live an Awakened, Spiritual, Communal and Sustainable life, then we welcome you here. Join Alt Terra Commons Today!

Help “Kick Start” the Alt Terra Commons project – Donate a House and/or Land with water, power and internet services where we can begin our Intentional Community! For more info please visit our main Website at: