NWO on its head

Mi opinión humilde acerca de ese asunto

Debemos imaginar El Gran Inicio así.
We must imagine The Great Reset in this perspective.

Venus y La Media Luna a las 4 AM Hora Miami

Reflexion de EEUU contra Suiza en ensayo y Honduras en Liga de Naciones CONCACAF

Un reportaje breve acerca de México vs Islandia para fines de Mayo

Dr. Rob salutes the NWO [New World Order] in his way

Restaurante La Carreta En Miami

The Trashy View [Parody Version of The View] Starring The Mask interviewed by Trashy Journalists such as Killjoy Beehive [Joy Behar], Whoopie Cushion Gas [Whoopi Goldberg], and Pamela Mc Pain [Meghan Mc Cain]. The Kitchen Sink cover came from a weird encounter of the gross kind between Elephants and Donkeys

This video was recorded with the intention of preserving a section of history. It was done with the purpose of teaching a lesson on what happens when anyone goes on a power trip. My best wishes and prayers for those involved.

The Moon decided to sit inside the window

A man just converted into a gas pump and talked with Dr. Rob


La misma Kaka aunque quieren pasar por fino

This parody of Game Of Thrones shows Dewino [Governor of Ohio] and Hustler [His 2nd In Command] as Trashcans after trying transhuman change into garbage cans. Grusome [California], Cuomo [New York], Wretched [Michigan] and another did the same thing and converted to brooms. At the same time, they are ignorant on how a kitchen sink functions.

A view of the centipede in a sidewalk

Un aviso para los totalitarios


A Postmodern Photography to identify almost two centurias of oppressive rule by Democrats and Republicans in America

Another example of 21st Century Postmodern Existentialism

Roberto Alvarez-Galloso haciendo Batido de Mamey con Pulpo de Goya. Te invito ver el video entero pues es una sátira de los programas de cocina en Univisión y Telemundo

Lo que debe hacer Real Madrid contra Chelsea en su batalla para los finales en la UEFA Champions League

Cruising Around The Heart Of Kendall Florida

Dr. Rob interviews a man who transformed into a Vacuum Cleaner After A Life Altering Surgery


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AlvarezGalloso Is A Bilingual Sports and Culture Channel which is providing an alternative to the Lamestream [I mean Mainstream] and their attempt to control the narrative. There is El Noticiero RCAG [espanol], The AG News Show [ingles], and The Americana Bistro Grill [ingles]

AlvarezGalloso es un canal bilingue dedicado a los deportes y cultura y una alternativa a la banalidad existente en los Medios Comun y Corrientes [cuya razon de existencia es control]. Hay tres divisiones, El Noticiero RCAG, The AG News Show [ingles] y The Americana Bistro Grill [ingles]