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Al and Roddy review this 70's "Classic" The Naughty Cheerleader starring Barbie Benton

Thomas Reanhauer, the leader of a small cult, collapses from a heart-attack while trying to conduct a ceremony in the desert to resurrect one of his followers. He is rushed to an L.A. hospital but dies in surgery. Afterwards, Sherri Martin, the nurse that tended him, begins to act strangely and talking in a deep voice. She then starts killing people. Her boyfriend Peter Desmond, a doctor on the ward, realizes that she has become possessed by Reanhauer’s spirit.

Here's A Classic Christopher Lee Horror Movie: Terror In The Crypt from 1964

Al and Roddy Review Tales Of Terror starring Vincent Price and Peter Lorre. Directed by Roger Corman

Not A Podcast but a Late Night Horror Movie style show...

Al and Roddy review Comedy Of Terrors starring Vincent Price

Al and Roddy review The Tingler in this Podcast

Al and Roddy review "The Norliss Tapes" starring Roy Thinnes and Angie Dickenson

Al and Roddy review The Wasp Woman in this episode and Thanks to Kyodai Klash for the great new intro!
Kyodai Klash (@KlashKyodai) / X (

More B-Movie Reviews From Al and Roddy..this week "Beast From Haunted Cave"

We review Witchfinder General in this episode. The episode is dedicated to the memory of our great pal CK......

We Review "Attack Of The Giant Leeches" starring Yvette Vickers

Al and Roddy review Blood Of Dracula (1957) Starring Sandra Harrison

A Beatles double feature today when we discuss Magical Mystery Tour and Blindman starring Ringo Starr

Al, Roody and C. K. discuss the 1943 Son Of Dracula with Lon Chaney Jr.

Al and Roddy Review: Son Of Dracula (1974) starring Harry Nillson and Ringo Starr

Al and Roddy review Evil Brain From Outer Space in this podcast

Al and Roddy review Topper Returns in this podcast

Al and Roddy review War Of The Gargantuas in this episode

We review Russ Meyer's: Faster, Pussycat Kill Kill! in this episode...

We review the Hammer Classic Dr.Jekyll and Sister Hyde in the episode...

Al and Roddy review Count Dracula from 1970 directed by Jess Franco and starring Christopher Lee

Al and Roddy review Blood Of Ghastly Horror in this podcast

Al and Roddy review Attack of the Crab Monsters in this podcast


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